Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-14C: Other than bombings…

Two days past the “horrific” Boston Bombing – and that is of course virtually ALL the news media -mainstream or not- has been talking about for the past 48 hours.  And I will talk about it – to a point.  But there is more. Here are some other things to talk about:

1.  More hoplophobic/hoploclastic incidents, including:

a.  A veteran in Texas arrested for “rudely displaying” his AR-15 while with his son on a hike (to earn a merit badge) by a cop who announced his presence by tackling and handcuffing the soldier.

b.  The Senate was supposed to vote on the “compromise” gun registration bill today (Wednesday the 17th) but it was apparently blocked by some Senators that got cold feet after squashing the filibuster.

2.  More government meddling is in the works or getting publicity, including:

a.  A vet (animal doctor) in Texas is having his license taken away (confiscated, sound familiar?) because he is giving animal medical advice over the internet.

b.  At least one piece of work in Congress (and a GOP type at that) has called for merchants to report ANYthing that can be made into a bomb or weapon to the federal government, including beauty products and ball bearings.

3.   The growing immorality of America is showcased by various events, including:

a. Around the world today, Americans (troops and government agents and contractors) continued to kill innocent men, women, and children all in the name of protecting OUR freedom, and very very few people said a thing.

b.  The media coverage of the Gosnell trial in Philly increased, but much of it was the self-serving justification for why they didn’t report on it and  it wasn’t important from such sterling publications as the Huffington Post and New York Times.

c.   Meanwhile, of course, the media was more concerned with reporting which celeb slept with whom, what they wore (or didn’t wear), and where they vacationed: and millions watch advertising for these important stories to fund the immoral actions directly or indirectly.

That out of my bile ducts, on to the news:

Islamic wars: Mesopotamian front – Hypocrisy
Iraq’s Bloody Monday: 75 Killed, 356 Wounded

( via Freedom’s Phoenix) At least 75 Iraqis were killed and 356 more were wounded in a series of attacks across the country.

Nathan: Even with the hideous event in Boston, it is WRONG to forget that that would have been a relatively calm day in Mesopotamia, Pakistan, or Afghanistan.  For the event in Boston to even compare to what happened on Monday in Iraq, the death toll would need to have been about 900 dead and 4272 wounded, or three hundred times the deaths and twenty-five times the wounded. We do not understand that we are still so incredibly BLESSED by God – or it would be Boston and Los Angeles and Denver and Minneapolis with these kinds of death tolls.

Home front – Self-defense
Home intruder fears owner has gun, calls 911

Gareth (via Nathan):  Actually, the police SHOULD be acting as backup to citizens in a situation like this.

Nathan: This guy is a real nut case! Of course, she SHOULD have had a gun just for situations like this.  Let him stew (or steam!) until the cops get there: after all, isn’t that what they claim they are getting paid for?

Mama’s Note: Oh, that IS funny. I do wonder how he was using a phone if he was in the shower… Maybe jumped out when he heard her. He was lucky she DIDN’T have a gun, actually. I wouldn’t have shot him, obviously, but he might have been in a coma when the sheriff got here… just from looking into the bore of this .45.

Congress in action – Hoplophobes and Hoploclasts
Bill in Congress No Bargain (see links in text)

(JPFO)  When the Manchin-Toomey Amendment first appeared, it was promoted as being pro-gun and essentially benign — it has not however taken long to discover it is anything but. As so often the devil is in the details and sometimes more importantly, what is NOT in there. One particular example is the apparent total lack of an audit trail for databasing operations — leaving records open to any and all use and abuse. Alan Korwin, JPFO advisor, author and owner of, has written an extensive piece about this amendment and registration issues in general. He leaves very few stones unturned as he looks at numerous important aspects and ramifications. It is an important exposé of things it was hoped you wouldn’t notice as well as blatant infringements, along of course with the inevitable ‘sweeteners’.  Be sure to read Korwin’s detailed article, and share it widely, along with an equally important late addition on the subject from David Kopel — “The “Pro-Gun” Provisions of Manchin-Toomey“.

Nathan: The problem is, we didn’t need to have Korwin’s or Kopel’s analysis to KNOW that ANY law which requires “registration” of firearms or firearms owners is a BAD, ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ANTI-LIBERTY, ANTI-HUMAN, RACIST, UNAMERICAN, law put together by a bunch of murdering aristocrats who will compromise us all into an even deeper slavery than we are now in.

ANY law that requires registration of ANYTHING that has to do with basic, human rights of ANY kind is VERY BAD because the registration is GOVERNMENT CONTROL and leads, sooner or later, to MORE restrictions, and in most cases, confiscation – indeed, with weapons, it ALWAYS has led ultimately to confiscation.

Mama’s Note: No non-voluntary government has any legitimate authority to impose anything at all.

The “messiah” – Culture wars: killing babies
White House Ignores Racial Aspects Detailed by Gosnell Grand Jury, But Weighed in on Past Legal Controversies


Nathan: Look, people (and I am addressing the editors of CNS News as well as too many other people), when are you going to get it through your head:  there is NO SUCH THING as black-on-black racism.  Any more than there is such a thing as black-on-white racism.  For Gosnell to target poor black women is NOT racism, because his skin color means that he has no “power” to treat them unfairly and therefore be a racist.  The poorest, barefoot, illiterate white cracker redneck sharecropper can be a racist if he or she does ANYTHING to a person with skin darker than theirs, because they have POWER because their skin is white.  And their actions are ESPECIALLY racist and sexual discrimination if that sharecropper or his wife or daughter is on their knees in front of an abortion mill praying that the black women walking in the door six or eight months gone to have that “powerless” black doctor with the mansion and the ear of every politician in the state take that black baby out of that black woman’s womb and KILL IT.  Not IT, but her or him.  Because THAT is “empowering” that black woman.  Is this one messed-up land?  Now, just remind me, what color does the “messiah” claim his skin is?

Mama’s Note: Sarcasm alert, for those of you on nerve overload… as I am today.

Now, you know I can’t leave Congress alone, so lets look at bombing and Congress:

Congress in action – Home front – Stupidity (four stories)
Rep. Pete King: Merchants Selling Ball Bearings, Beauty Products ‘Should Notify the Police’

( “For instance, merchants, if they’re selling any components that can be used for a bomb, everywhere from ball bearings to beauty products, they can all be used to make bombs. They should notify the police.”

Nathan: A very stupid tyrant – just what we need from a GOP seatwarmer.

Mama’s Note: Oh, I can just see how much fun this would be! Let’s DO IT!! Let’s do it voluntarily. If millions and millions of people suddenly call in like this, the police will all implode – they’ll go NUTS. Do you have any idea how many billions of nails, BBs, etc. are sold in this country in a day’s time? This could be the answer!! Shut down every phone line and 9-1-1 operator, overload every police department and LEO outfit in the country. They’d BEG us to stop! They’d probably pass a law AGAINST it… call it false reporting or something. This could be huge!

Boehner Calls Boston Marathon Explosions ‘A Terrorist Attack of Some Sort’

Nathan: Once more, the brilliance of this piece of human debris astonishes me.  No wonder the GOP elected him Speaker.  Even in Congress, he brings the IQ down.  It is not only the failure of the GOP to keep their “moral compass” but the abject stupidity of the leadership AND the backbenchers that accelerates the rot.  With people like this, it is a wonder we aren’t in WORSE shape than we are.  But there is more.

Cornyn: ‘Number One Responsibility’ of Federal Government Is to Keep Americans ‘Safe and Secure’

Nathan: Funny, I can’t find ANYthing at all about that in the Constitution.  This guy must be reading that kid’s homework:  “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights so I can be safe.”  But stupidity is even more widespread in Congress, as we see in the next story.

Boston Bombing Proof Sequester is Bad, Says Dem
(CNSNews) House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) decided to politicize the bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon on Monday, saying that they were “proof” that some of the sequester cuts were “irrational.”

Nathan: All these startling revelations (sarcasm) make me think that not only are we dealing with the most incredible collection of stupid people in American history, but makes me wonder if the bomb plot actually originated 394 miles to the southwest, so that all these threats to government as we know it could be dealt with as a package.

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