Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-14A: Bombings and other murders

The terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon on the “official” observance of Patriot’s Day is a horrific act and most likely involved multiple people of unknown affiliations.  Indeed, in any unprovoked and evil attack like this, it is very likely that the real perpetrators are attempting to hide their true allegiance (other than their clear allegiance to evil).  My heart goes out to those who are wounded and to the families of those killed, but even more to those whose lives will almost certainly be destroyed by misguided and panicked responses to this attack. My prayers and that of my family on their behalf are heartfelt and we include those who inevitably will have their names and their words and motives attacked and blackened.

Death is in the news this week.  Too much, and for reasons often still unknown.

Home front – Urban gang warfare
Gunfire in Pomona: Two teens killed, third person wounded
(NBC News)  A makeshift memorial continued to grow Saturday evening for the slain boys, who friends said were “always together” and not in a gang.

Mama’s Note: I used to have to see patients in Pomona, along with much of the rest of eastern Los Angeles, and it was always a bad area. I was always very cautious once I got off the freeway- anywhere down there. It’s surprising we don’t hear about much, much more murder and mayhem from that part of the state… twenty years ago it was wall to wall gangs, deteriorating buildings and infrastructure, homelessness, poverty and all the rest. I can only imagine what a hell hole it must be now downtown. Of course, there are the ritzy homes in the hills, but even that area was already deteriorating when I worked there. Pasadena is the same way now, along with Whittier and a lot of other sub-sets of Los Angeles on the eastern edge. We’re only starting to hear about it, I think.

And yeah, sure… these poor innocent boys were not in a gang… I guess. It’s a remote possibility, but I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it.

Nathan: Like Mama Liberty, I find it hard to believe that teens in Pomona, especially the “bad parts of town” are not affiliated in some way with a gang, out of self-defense if for no other reason.  And because that is the way teenage boys think and act: peer groups and running in packs is part of the way humans behave: the reason for Boy Scouts and 4-H and other organizations to exist.

Congress in action – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
Broadening background checks may be bonanza for gun stores

(NBC News) A Senate proposal to expand criminal background checks to people who buy firearms at gun shows and online would increase sales at traditional gunstores, many retailers agree — and perhaps even hand licensed dealers a “sweetheart” boon that amounts to “an Obama tax,” according to one industry leader.

Mama’s Note: Gun and ammo manufacturers are not the only ones who will merit boycotts at some point, it would seem. I hadn’t even thought about this angle. The hard part might be how to tell friend from foe…

Nathan: We must remember that like ALL licensing schemes, BATFE federal firearms licenses (FFL) are by their very nature a form of trade restraint, just like NYC taxi medallions, PE licenses, medical licensing, admission to the Bar, and requiring certification of hairdressers and barbers.  This would be perhaps compared to passing a law saying that no one can cut or wash anyone else’s hair, whether they charge anything for it or not.  Or that no one in NYC can give a ride to anyone else in their automobile.

Mama’s Note: After reading other things and talking with people about this, it would seem this is a serious two edged sword for the gun dealers… Remember how very eager the BATFE goons are to jump on any microscopic mistake or misunderstanding in the paperwork… and how much more easily some could be targeted with this large increase in the paper shuffle. I don’t think the dealers could possibly charge enough more to make THAT worth their while.

Home front – Stupid government
Louisiana Disabled Vet denied gun purchase for bogus reasons

(Freedom Outpost) Disabled Vietnam Veteran, award winning author and contributor to Freedom Outpost Leon Puissegur was turned down for the purchase of a weapon he was going to use for hog hunting by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The peculiar thing about the denial was that it was based on an incident that never happened, but since the denial more fabricated charges have come up in the NICS system against Mr. Puissegur.

Nathan: Those who think that background checks are either moral or constitutional or will do anything to keep criminals from owning guns while NOT preventing people from getting the means of self defense they need are sure to try to ignore incidents like this.  The reality is that government is incompetent in virtually EVERYTHING that it tries to do, and that includes any kind of effort to restrict purchase of guns: a power that the Founding Fathers never gave the FedGov.

Mama’s Note: And thank GOD that government is incompetent, really! A truly “competent” and efficient government would be a terror indeed.

The fact is that these background checks could not stop criminals from obtaining weapons, no matter how competent or thorough government was or who was in charge of the system.

No self-defense – Home front
Virginia: 2 victims in Christiansburg mall shootings in stable condition

(Times-Dispatch) Neil Allan MacInnis, an 18-year-old student at the college, has been charged with two counts each of malicious wounding and using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Authorities said Friday that they do not know what motivated the shootings and have not said what type of gun was used.

Mama’s Note: I can’t remember one of these incidents where there was not at least speculation on the type of gun used. And if it had been a rifle of any kind, every paragraph would be shouting “assault rifle,” of course.  Some reports said he left a social media post telling about his plans, and that he was taking a shotgun – with which he was not familiar. I suspect the injuries would be much, much more serious if he’d used a shotgun… and very obvious. So, I wonder what really happened here.

Nathan: Mama Liberty asks if they may have overmedicated him into incompetence.  Reports are it was a shotgun, and that the would-be killer sent text messages saying what he was doing…  Who knows?  This will drop off the radar with the Boston bombing, except as yet another reason to disarm potential victims in the future.

Home front – Murderers and more
Grand Jury: Abortionist Murdered ‘Hundreds’ of Children; M.E.: Adam Lanza Murdered 20


Nathan: (And the killers in the Boston Marathon bombings killed just three and wounded just a hundred or so.)

I read a detailed story on this just minutes before the bombings in Boston.  This bloody-handed killer of innocents was allowed by the city, state, and federal agencies that supposedly exist to prevent such things.  Hundreds of people – including dozens of employees – were involved and knew what was going on.  Nazi Germany has NOTHING on Philadelphia, the “city of brotherly love.”  It now stinks as badly as Dachau or Bergen-Belsen and  should for all of time.

Bloomberg: If You Sell a Gun to Your Son, ‘There’s Something Wrong in Your Family’

Nathan: Ah, the attitude of the elite:  to him, a hundred bucks is something to use like toilet paper, so of course a family of HIS rarified rank and class wouldn’t worry about a measly $100 for a son to pay his father for a pistol or rifle.

New religions: global warming – Stupid government
‘Anthropogenic’ Climate Change Is Kerry’s Priority in Asia

Nathan: Forget North Korea, forget China’s buying gold and more gold, forget bird flu, forget that little dust-up between China and Japan over some islands, or the simmering-for-decades China-Vietnam land claims, forget the again growing Islamist menace in the Philippines, or the tug of war between “democracy” and “dictatorship” in Burma and Thailand.  Our priority is dealing with myths and legends and fiction.

The “messiah” – Theft by government
Charity ‘Loophole’ Lowers Obama’s Effective Tax Rate to 18.4%


Nathan: When “charity” is a loophole, you know that the government is desperate to steal EVERYTHING.  Confiscation of not just 2% or 5% or 10% of bank accounts and land and other property is a growing possibility – and not just at the federal level.  I was pleasantly surprised that the family living at 1600 PA gave 20-25% of their fabulous income to charity, though I suspect I might not be so pleasantly surprised to see WHICH charities they gave to.  Compared to a few years ago, clearly they’ve learned something.  Of course, this isn’t really their total income, since they get so many “employee expenses” and normal household expenses paid for.  If your company or your employer provided you a palatal residence rent-free, YOU would be paying income tax on that “income in-kind” – ditto for company cars, free helicopter rides, and everything else.  To say nothing of the money you would pay to hire the chef when you ARE NOT holding business dinners.  I suspect that when you put all those perks together, only people like Bloomberg and Buffett and Gates get paid anything close to what the “messiah” actually gets paid; and that therefore, the effective tax rate is probably nearer 1% than 18%.

Home front – Persecution
Amish prosecuted because scissors ‘crossed state lines’

(WND ) What does the federal hate crimes law inspired by the murders of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. have to do with an internal dispute among the Amish in which the beards of men and the hair of women were forcibly sheared? “The scissors used to cut the hair were manufactured in one state and used in another,” explained Edward Bryan, defense lawyer for Amish bishop Samuel Mullet Sr., who was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

Nathan: So why isn’t GOSNELL being charged with federal hate crimes?  You KNOW Pennsylvania didn’t manufacture all (if ANY) of the knives and scapels and scissors he used to kill hundreds (more likely thousands) of innocent babies.  I agree that what these people did was wrong, but the sentence does NOT fit the crime, and the involvement of the FedGov in this prosecution/persecution is not just immoral and unconstitutional, but a warning that increasingly, faith of ANY sort (except that espoused by Islamists and the radical atheists) is a target of the government.

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