Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-15C:

Islamic wars: Arab Street revolt
House Report: Al Qaeda in Maghreb and Al Qaeda-Linked Ansar al-Sharia Did Benghazi


Nathan: Listening to or reading Congressional reports is like reading months-old newspapers:  the obvious takes forever to make it through the computers and committees – and the gray mush that has replaced the little gray cells in the 535 of them.  (Not to mention aides and staffers and lobbyists.)  And of course, beCAUSE it is stale news, it gets buried and no one remembers all the thugs and thugettes that lied and lied about how some idiotic tax-dodging Armenian C-grade movie maker got all the wonderful, loving, peaceful, decent, heavily-armed population to go attack the embassy while all the authorities were playing golf or writing their autobiography or the next day’s lies for public consumption.

Theft by government  – Congress in action
Congress Prepares $100 Million Bipartisan Flu Tax

(Weekly Standard)  Along with taxes on other vaccines, this tax would fund the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.  The fund is a “no-fault alternative to the traditional tort system for resolving vaccine injury claims that provides compensation to people found to be injured by certain vaccines.”

Mama Liberty: Well, gosh… one MORE reason not to allow anyone to inject you with poison “vaccine.” This farce has gone on long enough. For whatever reason, I’ve never had the “flu,” and have never had a “flu shot” either. Really glad about that.

Nathan: Any excuse to rob people, I guess.  And to put fear and terror in the hearts of those you rob, so that they don’t squawk as much:  “Government could save us from these horrible diseases.”  From long experience in trust funds and how they work for landfills and fuel tanks in Colorado (and else where), it goes like this:  A hundred million dollars a year builds up over ten years, and there are no claims (at least none that are acceptable) for compensation from the fund, so the legislature says “we can raid this, and let it build back up again.”  So they pass a law to steal the billion, and then add insult to injury by raising the tax to “replenish” the fund, lest we have a major problem. Neat scam, huh?

Energy – Government goofs (2 stories)
Increased Natural Gas Production Lowers Emissions

(Wall Street Journal) Carbon dioxide emissions from energy production has fallen 12 percent between 2005 and 2012, according to the U.S. Energy Department…

Nathan: Amazing what wonders a crash can do, eh?  Or new technology.  Or private business to INVEST in new technology that government agencies will not touch.  Never fear, government will come along to steal it soon enough.  Especially since their own pet windmill scheme is falling FLAT on its face, as the next story relates.

Wind Energy Cannot Compete in Free Market
(  The cost per megawatt-hour (MWh) of combined capital and operating expenses of the lifetime of a new wind energy unit is $96/MWh versus $66.1/MWh for natural gas…

Nathan: Put simply, “free wind energy” costs 50% more than cheap, abundant, low-carbon-footprint natural gas.  And this is not talking about all the nasty stuff that wind energy does:  the carbon footprint is huge, the birds are dead, the landscape (or seascape) is permanently changed   And of course, the government both profits from AND subsidizes it with billions stolen from you and me. But never fear, it is GOOD for the Environment, and the kiddies LOVE it.

Mama’s Note: Oh, almost nothing is “permanent.” The machines can be dismantled and the components used for other things eventually.

War on some drugs – Celebrity twits
Susan Sarandon: ‘I Would Like to See Everybody Be Able to Smoke Pot’


Nathan: I assume she means (a) “legally” and (b) “voluntarily.”  But with people like her, you never know. Besides, all the cool people, like the “messiah” already done smoked all the weed you can imagine.  And you KNOW (whatever she says) that it would be majorly uncool to have a fat couch potato in a white knit wifebeater swilling his Bud (or – gasp, Lone Star) with one hand and holding a doobie between tokes in the other hand.  Even if it does keep the nausea down from the chemo for his lung cancer.  By the way, according to her the “War on Drugs” is racist – BIG news flash, in 1969 maybe. (When she was 23: I had to go look her up, as I vaguely recalled she was an actress: 125 movies, a typical Baby Boomer liberal and child of the 60s.  One of those whose parents gave her a big bustline (which she likes to still display to the world at age 71, apparently) and met budget by shorting her on brains. (I am assuming she didn’t buy the 20 or so pounds of extra body fat, but that much silicon surely could increase processing power a foot or so higher, right?) Sad that so many people worship people like her.)

Islamic war: State Department front
Kerry’s ‘New Paradigm’ to Deal With Terrorism Includes Job-Creation for Palestinians [sic]


Nathan: So, excessive unemployment causes terrorism, except of course in the United States where it is people with guns who cause terrorism.  Notice his “paradigm” doesn’t include disarming the “Palestinians” in any way.

Mama’s Note: “Disarming the Palestinians?” Oh, that would be interesting… Not that ENOUGH of them are truly adequately armed, of course.

Congress in action – Tranzis
Harry Reid: “Government is Inherently Good”

(Breitbart, via Conservative Action Alerts) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he can’t understand why the tea party remains popular, given its similarity to the anarchist movement and its steadfast opposition to the “inherently good” government. Mr. Reid, Nevada Democrat, made the statements during floor remarks in the Senate earlier this week, expressing dismay over legislation stalled because of tea party opposition, Breitbart reported.

Nathan: Tranzi babble – evil words about an evil institution.  Reid (and 98 or so of his colleagues) neither knows nor cares about the philosophy which led (however badly it turned out) to the American system of government – a philosophy that said that government is inherently evil but probably a NECESSARY evil that we must control and limit in every way.  (Yes, I know that they were wrong: to believe that evil is necessary is a huge step (or leap) towards Hell – and hell on Earth.)  It is Reid’s position that leads to the gulag and Dachau and the Khymer killing fields.  The enemies of liberty have seldom been so forthright as this – but usually they are sneaky, like that thug Holder.

Mama’s Note: But Nathan, that depends entirely on the premise and goal of the beholder… if the total control and subjugation of all human beings to the collective is the goal, then here is no question but that “government” is necessary – and not evil at all. You either is or you isn’t… this compromise business is stupid.

The “messiah’s” minions – Tranzis
Holder Calls Amnesty a ‘Civil Right’

(Conservative Action Alerts) During a April 24th speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Attorney General Eric Holder said that creating a “pathway to earned citizenship” was a “civil right.”

Nathan: Yes, this is ANOTHER Tranzi babble – there is no “right” to become a citizen except by birth – and that should not be a right.  Even if you believe in government, citizenship is an obligation that comes with certain necessary privileges that should be chosen voluntarily and earned by proven performance in fulfilling those obligations – or at the very least, demonstrating your ability to perform those obligations.  But it is certainly no right the way that free speech or bearing arms or innocence (until proven guilty) is: no more than food or shelter or clothing is a “right.”  Of course, Holder does not believe that things like arms and speech and innocence ARE rights: he’s an evil thug who recognizes no law of God nor man except the law of might makes right.

Mama’s Note: Well now, “amnesty” indicates a general forgiveness for something wrong… Since arbitrary borders and “citizenship” are artificial things, the whole question is easily answered by universal self ownership and self responsibility. When the whole question resolves around imaginary lines on a map, and insane “entitlements” provided for by theft… the whole discussion devolves into insanity.

The “messiah” – Tranzis
Obama: Citizenship ‘Expresses Itself Through Our Government’
( President Barack Obama told donors at a Democratic National Committee fundraising event at a private residence in Dallas, Texas, on Wednesday that Americans express their citizenship and obligations to one another “through our government,” among other areas.

Nathan: Excuse me while I throw up.  After the Senate and the racist scum in his administration, we have this bilge.  It is not that he is necessarily wrong (there are a lot of definitions of “citizenship” and “citizen” out there which are revolting to me and other lovers of liberty and freedom.  (Webster’s first definition may be the best for citizen: “an inhabitant of a city or town; especially : one entitled to the rights and privileges of a freeman”; the first two for citizenship: “1: the status of being a citizen, 2 a : membership in a community.”

But this not what this man is talking about: not whether I am a freeman, a member of Whispering Pine community or Pennington County or the Black Hills or South Dakota: he is talking about “federal citizen (subject)” and no doubt “world citizen (subject)”

Mama’s Note: I belong to ME, without any strings except those I freely accept (with family or community.) My “obligation” is only to those I recognize as mutually acceptable and beneficial.

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