Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-24B: Environism and cannibal government

Liberty and environism
The U.S. Doom and Gloom Obsession

(Project Syndicate) The authors of “The Limits to Growth” predicted that before 2013, the world would have run out of aluminum, copper, gold, lead, mercury, molybdenum, natural gas, oil, silver, tin, tungsten and zinc…

Nathan: I’ve lived with this all my life.  But today I realize that much of what passes for political dialogue today has the same characteristics as this rabid environism that has infected the world for the past 50 years. Terrorism is NOT just actually going out and killing or blowing up someone: it is the THREAT of doing so.  “If you don’t do this and that, nature will kill you or harm you” can be a simple statement of fact, or twisted to become a terroristic threat.  Rachel Carson and her political allies and descendants did this, and their legacy is carried on by governments and NGOs and do-gooders of all sorts today.  NONE of this has come true, and is very unlikely to do so, but we have allowed ourselves to be chained into slavery because of it.  The same thing applies to social events and political actions as to natural “threats.”  “If we don’t treat this group and that group as special (enemies or friends) then we will be destroyed.”  “If we don’t prevent (or do) so and so in Congress (or legislature or council), then this horrible thing will happen and we will all (a) live in rags, (b) die miserably, (c) live in slavery, …”  Governments even use things like this to eat each other, as the next story relates.

Abominable act (ObummerCare) – Theft by government (Cannibalism)
Local Governments Reeling Under ObamaCare Costs
(Investor’s News Daily) …local governments across the country have been quietly doing exactly the same thing [as private business] — cutting part-time hours specifically so they can skirt ObamaCare’s costly employer mandate, while complaining about the law in some of the harshest terms anyone has uttered in public. The result is that part-time government workers — many of them low-income — face pay cuts that can top $3,000 a year, and yet will still be left without employer-provided benefits.

Mama’s Note: Nice to think that local government will take some hits as well as the rest of us.

Nathan: Those who work for local government (like ALL government workers) tend to think of themselves as better, more secure, and immune from both economic reality and governmental regulations, but the Powers That Be don’t care anymore about a low-level town or county worker than they do a burger-flipper or waitstaff or convenience store clerk.  This bogus law is not about health or care, it is about power and control and paying off certain support groups.  And the FedGov has never been shy about stealing from other governments: foreign, state, and local.  Wow!  If they are too busy eating each other, maybe they’d leave us alone?  I know, a false hope at best: they use what they steal from us to be able to attack (and defend) against the more voracious predators.

Mama’s Note: All very true, but I’m pretty sure the bottom line for Obummercare goes beyond even that. I strongly believe that this “reform” was written specifically and deliberately to fail miserably, as it will. The intent is clearly to get the general population demanding the single payer “national” insanity that has contributed so much to the death and ill health in Canada and everywhere else it has been implemented. As I warned nearly ten years ago, conscientious medical professionals are leaving the field at an unprecedented rate, increasing every year. Far, far too few new people are assuming those positions (whatever their level of competence might be), and it will eventually be almost impossible to find adequate medical care in rural or poor, inner city situations.

Congress in action – Border jumpers
CBO: 75% of Illegal Immigration Would Continue Under Senate Immigration Bill


Nathan: So why bother?  We all know the answer to that: it gives Congress and the White House yet ANOTHER opportunity to steal more liberty away from the 300 million of us that are here and NOT border jumpers.  That, and because the Senate thinks it will get them reelected next time around.

Stupid government tricks – Islamic war (Afghan front)
Notorious Haqqani Network to Be Represented at Taliban-US Talks


Nathan: Why not?  After all, we have OUR criminal class represented at the talks (although they couldn’t dig up Jimmy Hoffa to get him to participate), so why not their bad element?

The “messiah” – New religions: global warming
In Berlin, Obama Warns of Famine, Floods, Refugees, Vanishing Coastlines


Nathan: Gee, do you think the teleprompter got mixed up?  This should have been his jeremiad that he could give at Jerusalem:  “The end of the world is at hand!”  Or is this because he just got briefed on the latest HAARP testing?

The Messiah’s minions – Culture wars: homosexuality
Holder: More to Be Done for LGBTs, No Matter How SCOTUS Rules on DOMA, Prop 8


Nathan: In other words, it isn’t about freedom and liberty, but about an agenda to push some things and prevent others.  Notice that the German homeschool family has no “fundamental right” to educate their children because what they want to teach them is not what the Tranzis WANT taught.  Now, if they were a homosexual couple abusing the kids, well, of COURSE they’d get asylum.  Some animals are more equal than others: African Americans over Asian Americans, homosexuals over heterosexuals, union members over non-unionized workers.

Congress in action – Hoploclasts and hoplophobes
Biden: Senators Who Voted No on Gun Control Want to ‘Revisit’ Issue


Nathan: Hmmm.  The arm-twisting seems to have been successful.  And no indications that he had to get out the tongs and red-hot pincers.  (Of course, money sooths many pains – even (or especially) campaign money.)

Congress in aciton – Killing babies
Rep. Won’t Say Why She Opposes 5-Month Abortion Ban Even If It ‘Saves One Life’


Nathan: The person testifying made a very good point indeed, but one that most of her audience (the ones on the upper level behind the table) will continue to ignore.  She cannot use logic like this to confound them: they are too “smart” for that.


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