Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-25B: Border jumpers and Congress

Congress in action – Border jumpers
Corker: If Bill Says ‘Immigration Reform,’ Some Senators ‘Won’t Support It’


Nathan: Don’t you think that is better than supporting every bill that crosses their desk?

Mama’s Note: Indeed… Doing nothing, gridlock, cross purposes, big hairy fights on the house and senate floor, shutting the whole thing down and forgetting about it… any of those will work for me.

New Religions: Environism and Global Warming
Gore: ‘Energy Release’ Equal to ‘400,000 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs Going Off’ Every Day


Nathan: Whew! Good thing someone turns that thing off every night, huh?  Or does it REALLY go around to the other side of the planet?  Of course, we all know that the earth and the sun and everything else revolves around His Green Highness Algor…

Mama’s Note: Good grief. How does someone that stupid manage to draw the next breath?

Stupid Congress tricks – Border Jumpers
Feinstein: ‘I Can’t Remember How Many DUIs Somebody Can Have’ and Still Be Legalized Under Immigration Bill


Nathan: Sounds like she’s had a few too many DUIs to be legalized herself.  We now send people to prison for as few as three – and just ONE if someone is killed or injured as a result, so of COURSE we want to give a free pass, as the next story relates.

Stupid Congress tricks – Border Jumpers
Senate Bill Will Legalize Illegal Aliens Who Have 2 DUIs


Nathan: This is no different than the passports. I could lose my engineer’s license for even ONE DUI, and certainly counterfeiting just ONE passport (or any other government paper) would land me in jail AND disbarred.  Unless I can change my name and get an accent!

Mama’s Note: What a silly thing to hinge it on anyway. One would assume that a record of armed robbery or assault, etc. would be much more important.

Stupid government – Islamic wars: Afghan front
Air Force Secretary Touts ‘Gay Pride’ Events in Afghanistan Where Homosexuality is Illegal

Nathan: The cultural blindness of so many of our “public servants” – regardless of their sexual orientation – is very difficult to comprehend.  But this is NOT unusual:  consider that the US routinely denies federal aid and “humanitarian” and military assistance to countries that refuse to abide by US standards (as the Tranzis define them) for things like abortion and “gay” rights and such – EXCEPT for these Muslim countries.  Notwithstanding, this minion of the “messiah” is likely going to encourage a good number of fundamental-radical-Islamofascists to go get themselves some “gays.”  It is a twofer, after all: both a ferengi AND a homo all in a nice camo uniform!

Stupid government – New religions: environism – Lies and more lies
Obama: No Keystone (XL) Pipeline If It Increases Carbon Emissions


Nathan: There you almost certainly have the bell toiling for the entire project.  Who cares about a few million people in the Upper Great Plains, or a few trillion dollars in savings: and never mind that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t gone up by a single measurable one-tenth degree Celsius in 15 years while carbon emissions have (outside the US, naturally). We HAVE to cut carbon emissions to “save the planet” for the Tranzis.

Mama’s Note: And, of course, never mind that “carbon emissions” have nothing to do with climate change, real or imagined. Just another excuse for control and the destruction of the economy.

Congress in action – Lies and more lies
Rep. Moore: GOP Demands ‘That You Work Else Your Children Can’t Eat’


Nathan: What planet is HE from?  That hasn’t been the case for 99% of Americans for a VERY long time – they may not get all the great food, but…

The “messiah” – Lies and more lies
Irish Parliamentarian: Is Obama ‘Going for the Hypocrite of the Century Award?’


Nathan: Well, he already has five “Hypocrite of the Year” awards, so…

The “messiah’s” minions – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Kerry: No Saudis Fighting in Syria


Nathan: My, the man is amazing: he and his staff personally quizzed every combatant in Syria to determine that there are none!  Or does he mean there is no one of the House of Saud, that tribe-mob-plutocracy that Saudi Arabia is named for?

Mama’s Note: Or… he just asked the Saudi king about it and he said no, so that settles it. Personally, I don’t really care. They can all kill each other if they wish. The US taxpayer shouldn’t be getting the bill for it, that’s all.

The “messiah’s” minions – Politics 2013
Holder: SCOTUS Decision on Voting Rights Could Negatively Affect Millions


Nathan: Indeed, millions of parasites and scam-artist politicos and other lowlife types.  And a few innocent folks here and there, I’m sure.  But this decision is too little, too late: the American electorate has been reduced to a mob long ago, and the Voting Rights Act was a major part of it: the states reduced to mere agents for an ever more powerful government, using this law for nearly 50 years to gain more power.

Congress in action – Border jumpers
Bill: Only Someone Who ‘Counterfeits, Alters or Falsely Makes 3 or More Passports’ Has Committed Crime


Nathan: Funny, funny.  You ever read all the fine print on ANY government form you have to fill out and sign?  Ain’t no “three strikes and THEN you are out” on those for American citizens or for HONEST people who have immigrated to this land.  Only the border jumpers…

World wars
US Taxpayers Fund UN Human Rights Council Activities Which the US Opposes


Nathan: Which SOME people in the US oppose.  Obviously NOT a majority (or at least not a majority with GUTS) in the Congress, or the people who vote for them time and time again.  This is, certainly, NOT the only or by any means the most important action the US is doing that a great many people find acceptable.  But you can be sure that the squatter in 1600 PA doesn’t care.

World wars
BBC Poll: World’s Opinion of U.S. Lowest Since Bush Presidency


Nathan: My oh my, isn’t that sad.  I don’t think we should really care, because what the rest of the world thinks about the present squatter in 1600 PA isn’t really of great importance.  As long as there is a majority in the House and the Senate who refuse to charge, try and convict him of the evil crimes against liberty and humanity he and those working for him have committed, the US and the world will continue to plunge downward.

Quote of the Week

Day by day, brick by brick, we are losing our country. It’s demise looks inevitable.
– Matt Allen

Mama’s Note: I guess that depends on what you call your “country.” If that is the constitution and the “republican” form of government, I would agree. But my COUNTRY isn’t the same thing as any government. Instead, I think the inevitable demise of the government presents the ultimate opportunity for individual sovereignty and a truly free market to develop.

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