Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-29A: This and that

Slow start to the week on commentary, too much happening in Colorado and South Dakota that isn’t newsworthy to anyone but me!

Mexican civil war
Mexico: Five killed, seven wounded in attack on non-state police

(ABC News) “At least five people were killed and seven were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a group of community self-defense members gathered Monday on a plaza in the western state of Michoacan, authorities said. Michoacan state prosecutors’ spokesman Alejandro Arellano said about 300 masked community vigilantes wearing similar T-shirts arrived at city hall in the town of Los Reyes and announced they would take over policing the town.” (07/23/13)

Nathan: My oh my, did we think this Mexican civil war was slowing down?  Of course, the question is, WHO really opened fire?  Was it some drug cartel’s enforcers, or was it the regime’s enforcers?  The article does not say, and also does not indicate how many (if any) of the “vigilantes” were armed.  We can expect THIS sort of thing to spill over into the States soon.

Islamic wars: Mesopotamia Front
Iraq[sic AND sick]: Hundreds escape in coordinated prison attacks
(CBS) “Hundreds of Iraqi inmates escaped after insurgents armed with mortars and machines guns launched coordinated late-night assaults on two high-security prisons, sparking gun battles that left dozens of people dead, officials said Monday. In a separate attack in northern Iraq, a suicide car bomber targeted an army convoy on Monday, killing 13 people, officials said. The jailbreaks targeted prisons in Taji and Abu Ghraib, which are home to thousands of prisoners including convicted al Qaeda militants.” (07/22/13)

Nathan: Oh, dear, I was even wondering if “Iraq” might actually be a country (or two or three) again.  Obviously not.  What a joke: deadly, admittedly, but still a joke.

Islamic wars:  South Asian front – Stupid US tricks
Pakistan: Leaked records say at least one in five drone victims confirmed civilian

(Russia Today) “Leaked internal data produced by Pakistani officials documenting drone strikes on the ground reveal a high civilian death toll, countering US claims that the targeted assassination campaign results in ‘exceedingly rare’ fatalities. … A 12-page report, titled ‘Details of Attacks by NATO Forces/Predators in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas)’ describes 75 CIA drone attacks between 2006 and 2009 …. The numbers show a death toll of 746 people, 147 of whom were confirmed as civilians. Of those civilian deaths, 94 are children.” (07/22/13)

Nathan: This is what happens when you not only let politicians DICTATE war, but let them RUN the war: direct the minutia of combat from the other side of the planet, and turn combat into a video game for psychotic little monsters. This makes the Paki rulers out to be less villainous than the West, and makes the Islamic nightmare worse.

Home front – Self defense
Indiana Woman tells police she shot man defending herself, son

(Indianapolis Star) “A 30-year-old woman who shot a 54-year-old man Tuesday at her Eastside home told police she fired in self-defense after the man hit her child in the mouth and then attacked her. … The shooting victim walked to the ambulance, Lt. Chris Bailey of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said Tuesday, and was initially listed in serious condition at Wishard Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to his hip.” (07/17/13)

Nathan: No idea why they were attacked, but THIS is why women (especially mothers) need to be armed.  This newspaper story uses the word “victim” for the wrong person.  “The attacker, though shot, walked to the ….”

Mama’s Note: The lady obviously needs some range time, but good for her.

Stupid people – stupid government
New Mexico: “Environmental” bureaucrats block horse slaughter

(USA Today) “The New Mexico Environment Department on Monday dealt a new blow to a Roswell company’s hard-fought attempts to begin slaughtering horses next month, declining a request to renew Valley Meat Co.’s wastewater discharge permit. … The NMED says it won’t renew the permit without a public hearing, noting it has received more than 450 comments against letting the former cattle slaughterhouse open as a horse slaughter plant.” (07/22/13)

Nathan: The arrogance of state regulators coupled with the self-righteousness of “animal lovers” and people who know how to use laws and regulations as hammers against anything they disagree with is again shown.   These “comments” are not about whether or not the plant meets environmental regulations (preventing pollution that is not permitted from being discharged into waters of the state, but about political thugs sticking their nose into other people’s business, and regulators who gleefully go along.

Culture wars – Nazgul
North Dakota: Federal judge delays state abortion law

(Fox News) “A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked a new North Dakota law that bans abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected — as early as six weeks into pregnancy, calling the law ‘clearly invalid and unconstitutional.’ U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland in Bismarck granted a temporary injunction that blocks the law from taking effect on Aug. 1.” (07/22/13)

Nathan: This was expected, of course.  But North Dakotans, like many other Americans, are sick and tired of the fedgov – especially the courts – telling them what to do.  And of the arrogance of the sleazy men and women in black robes who make the Nazgul look tame.

Self Defense?
Texas: Rifle-toting woman shoots, kills man outside gas station

(KHOU News) “Surveillance video shows the shooter, described as a 23-year-old woman, retrieving a rifle from the trunk of her car and pointing it toward the ground near a man armed with an umbrella and a pocket knife. Then it shows the man swinging at the woman as she steps back and fires the weapon. … According to police, the shooter claimed the man had made unwanted sexual advances and refused to leave her alone. She also told police she feared for her life.” (07/22/13)

Nathan: This is why we have juries.

Mama’s Note: Of course I wasn’t there, but the video I saw makes it very clear that he attacked her – some accounts said he had a knife – and that she did everything she could to discourage him before she fired. The only thing I can see she did that wasn’t smart was drive away before the police got there. And that’s probably all she would be charged with, if anything.

Her majesty’s subjects – Tyranny
We shouldn’t subsidise the new political class

(Adam Smith Institute by James Lawson) “In 1911 MPs began receiving a salary. By paying MPs it was hoped the general population could independently enter politics, rather than simply leaving it dominated by a wealthy elite. MPs compensation has since betrayed this vision. The system now supports a new political class. In the 1970s MPs’ salaries were comparable with average UK income, today they seek triple the average, putting them in the top 2% of earners. Not to mention the abuse of expenses or even illegal activities by some of this political class.” (07/22/13)

Nathan: This “new” political class is not really all that new – a continuation of the squirarchy and the rotten boroughs system of more than a century ago:  even as they lost some of those privileges, they made sure that they created replacements, and then ran and pushed to the current situation.  Blame the monarchy, especially the current monarch for at least much of this: if she had been as zealous for her subject’s liberties as her ancestors, this would be less likely to have happened.

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