Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-30A: Scummy government

Scummy government
Even Before Memorial Defacement, Nat’l Park Service Was $11.5B Short for Maintenance


Nathan: This refers to the spray painting of the Lincoln Memorial, obviously a protest against the Lincoln administration for failing to have a SINGLE Islamic political appointee AND refusing to give ANY foreign aid to any Islamic-majority nation.  (Although I do recall someone claiming it  was an environmental group protesting that the Lincoln administration refused to do anything to force Grant and other Union generals to take ANY action to protect the environment in any of the battles or campaigns of the War against the South.

Seriously, the NPS and every other government agency out there claims that they are short billions and billions of dollars “necessary” to carry out their “missions, while at the same time, the fedgov’s spending goes up and up and up – and no, it isn’t accounted for by military spending, which is dropping like a rock, supposedly, with the Afghan withdrawal and major manpower cuts.  So where is the money going?  We would all like to know.

Scummy government
Sue and Settle Disrupts U.S. Checks and Balances

(Capital Research Center) Daily Policy Digest) Sue-and-settle has resulted in numerous regulations being passed without congressional approval…

Nathan: This putrid little scheme has been going on for decades, especially in the EPA, Department of Labor, and other regulatory agencies:  a “friendly” lawsuit allows the Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch (with their environist or labor-unionist and other supporters) to sneak around the Congress (I know, it isn’t hard to do) and implement “regulations” by court order to do what Congress refuses to let them do blatantly.  Of course, Congress REALLY does know about this – but they don’t care; not really.  So MORE tyranny, MORE  theft, and MORE abuse goes on and on and on.

Home front – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Groups Opposed to Chicago School Closures Seek U.N. Intervention, Claiming Human Rights Violations

( In the latest in a number of appeals by U.S. civic organizations to the world body, the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights this week submitted a letter to the U.N. human rights apparatus in Geneva, asking that it “investigate and take preventative measures to address the potential domestic and international human rights violations that may result from these school closings.”

Nathan: What a grand idea?  UN Peacekeepers keeping the peace in Chicago: preventing the gangsters and gangbangers from gunning each other down – usually by doing it themselves, I admit.  Investigations about how the evil United States has colonized Chicago and made it into a festering third-world pesthole, and how decolonization would end this state of horror.  UN blue helmets escorting poor defenseless black children through the mobs of gun-clutching KKK terrorists to and from schools fully the equal of schools in sub-Saharan Africa, teaching the glories of black culture and anti-racism.  All paid for by American taxpayers supporting the UN because they are ashamed of what their nation has done to the world, especially ethnic enclaves in places like Chicago.  What a wonderful future!

Congress in action – Slimy TRANZIs
Pelosi Advises Private Therapy for Democrats Caught in Sex Scandals


Nathan: Why should Democrats need therapy at all for these things: this is, after all, what the Tranzis, including the Democrats want, right?  Total sexual freedom for all ages for all acts for all time.  They should be CELEBRATING the likes of Weiner and Filner and HONORING them and DEFENDING them for fondling women and sexting and encouraging the opposite sex to loosen up.  Instead of attacking them.  IF they are true to their ideals, that is.

Environists – Stupid government
Hydraulic Fracturing Doesn’t Contaminate Water Supplies

(CBS News via Daily Policy Digest) A landmark federal study on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) shows no evidence that chemicals from the natural gas drilling process moved up to contaminate drinking water aquifers…

Nathan: The only reason to believe the fedgov in this is because the study totally undermines the rationale for federal regulation and/or prohibition of fracking – which several states have now implemented.  Of course, I don’t think that the fedgov will pay any attention to its own study, because it has not paid attention to the last dozen or so studies over two decades.  As with man made global warming, the effort will be to produce data that contradicts it, or excuses for why this study is wrong.

Self defense
Georgia: Waffle House customer  opens fire on robber

UNION CITY, Ga. (AP) — Authorities say a customer at a Waffle House outside Atlanta shot and wounded a suspect who was trying to rob the restaurant. Police say the shooting happened early Monday, when a gunman tried to hold up a Waffle House in south Fulton County.

Nathan: Waffle House aficionados tend to take the place seriously, and defend it against all sorts of attacks, but usually NOT robberies: good for him!

Congress in action
House Refuses to Fund ‘Atheist Chaplins’ at Defense Department


Nathan: How politically incorrect can you get?  This is clearly violating separation of church and state, and attacking peaceful and passive religions like atheism and humanism and the like.  And this is Congress that is doing it, just like it was Congress that prohibited homosexuals from serving in the military and homosexuals from marrying other homosexuals and didn’t provide for a natural outlet for men like Filner and Weiner for their deep-seated sexual needs.

World culture wars:
Pope in Brazilian Slum: Life and Family Are ‘Fundamental Pillars That Govern a Nation’


Nathan: What a slap in the face to the NorteAmericanos, who know that life is only a privilege to be granted by Congress and the courts when appropriate, and that family is defined by the state in terms of maximizing campaign contributions and justifying state control of every aspect of life.  Where does this guy get off?  People would accuse him of claiming to speak for God, but everyone knows that is just a myth: the dirty old man staring down from a cloud and making threats if you don’t do what he wants.  Everyone knows that the “fundamental pillars” of governing a nation are (1) democracy: the voice of the people IS the voice of God (when suitably led and influenced and directed by the elite, of course), and (2) force:  only government can and must use force and the threat of force to make people do what government decides is good for them to do (except, of course, for the elite who control that force).

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Boehner: Arm the ‘Right Set of Rebels in Syria’


Nathan: And just WHICH is the “right set?”

Mama’s Note: I still say the best would be an air drop of care packages for the ordinary people. A simple gun, instructions, and some ammunition would go a long way toward helping the common person reclaim their lives. It is insane to further arm any group that merely wants to control everyone else.

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