Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-29B: Stupid government theft and more

Stupid government
No more mailman at the door under US Snail plan

(Chicago Tribune) “Under a cost-saving plan by the U.S. Postal Service, millions of Americans accustomed to getting their mail delivered to their doors will have to trek to the curb and residents of new homes will use neighborhood mailbox clusters, the agency said Tuesday. The Postal Service has been quietly phasing in the change with some aspects starting in April, and it has given no timeline for the shift. It’s unclear if delivery to the door will be eliminated entirely.” (07/23/13)

Nathan: This is NOT all that big a deal:  MOST neighborhoods (especially those in Flyover Country) have centralized mailboxes or (if they are lucky) mailboxes at the curb or end of the driveway.  I and my neighbors in SD have our mailbox at the main road, a quarter of a mile or more away.  New neighborhoods have been forced to go farther and farther.  Of course, most small towns in America – the REAL America and not the Jersey or LA suburbs, don’t HAVE in-town house-to-house mail delivery:  we have to PAY for the privilege of having a post office box and have to go in to get our mail – and if we have a package, we better do it during THEIR hours. That said, it is clear that the USPS is on a downward spiral and the end is near.  Very near.

Mama’s Note: I wouldn’t have an unsecured box on the street for anything. They are ripe targets for thieves and vandals. The locked “community” boxes at the end of the road are much better, though the mail does get wet if the wind is from the wrong quarter. There has to be a better way… and just as soon as the USPS finally chokes to death on it’s own idiocy, I’m sure someone will figure it out and open up for business… many someones, with competing and locally adapted ideas. I can hardly wait.

Self-defense – Mainstream media
Florida: Two suspects shot after home invasion

(WTSP News) “Pasco Sheriff’s deputies are currently investigating a shooting that may be the result of a foiled home invasion and robbery attempt. … The two men suspected of the break in were the ones shot. They have since been taken to a local hospital.” (07/19/13)

Nathan: Oh, don’t you love the weasel words?  And the stilted delivery?  News readers’ education and skill levels are dropping.  As are the break-in artists.  This is Florida, and yet they are invading homes…. stupid indeed.

Border Jumper Criminals
U.S. Border Patrol Deporting Illegal Alien with 37 Criminal Convictions in USA


Nathan: Are we not being mean to the country that has to take this thug back?  More American arrogance, what? <grin>

Mama’s Note: How ridiculous. Why send him back? He really should have been dead the first time he attacked someone.

The “messiah” – Licking boots
Obama on Winning Coach: ‘He Didn’t Do Any of This Alone’


Nathan: Of course not: bet he got free student grants and cheap loans from the government to go with his college scholarships, and bet he had a help line to the White House to get good, solid advice.  And imagine: he was coaching a TEAM.

The “messiah’s” consort – Nanny state?
Michelle: ‘While Food Might be Love, the Truth is We Are Loving Ourselves and Our Kids to Death’


Nathan: Is this nothing but a justification for the government to become the parents of ALL of us?  No, you can’t eat that, No you can’t eat that much, No, you can’t fix it like that…  Not the Nanny State, but the Nanny-GOD state.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, she has a lot of company. So many people with passionate opinions, trying hard to make it into “law.”

Government-run, theft-funded schools – Would-be nazgul
Obama Judicial Nominee Calls Abstinence Education ‘Unconstitutional’

Nathan: This is a bizarre twist: what the NSA is doing is “constitutional” but for a “public school” to teach that an alternative to life as usual is abstinence is “unconstitutional” – not even Cracker Jacks would give this guy a law license, and the “messiah” wants to put the guy on the bench?

Mama’s Note: Not to mention that the “constitution” is one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on earth. I couldn’t care less what any of them think.

The “messiah’s” minions – Tranzis – Self-defense
Van Jones: ‘Silent Majority’ of Conservatives ‘Heartbroken’ about Chicago Killings


Nathan: I am a self-governor and NOT a conservative, though many people think I am.  And Jones is right: many conservatives and libertarians ARE heartbroken about the Chicago killings, for the following reasons:  (1) Many of those killings could be prevented if (a) the victims or their families or friends were ARMED, (b) there was no War on Some Drugs, (c) Chicago cops were anything but blue (or black-)clad gangsters themselves, and (d) Chicago wasn’t such a rat cage.  (2)  The wrong people are being killed, all too often. Yeah, I know a lot of the deaths are of gangsters (or gangbangers) but not the ones at the top of the chain, including City Hall and the various other “public” administration offices and agencies.

The “messiah” and his boot-licking sycophants
Cornel West: Obama ‘A Global George Zimmerman’


Nathan: Is this supposed to be a GOOD thing or a BAD thing?  I don’t have the foggiest how West feels about Zimmerman, but I certainly can’t picture the “messiah” going out and risking his life to help someone in an accident.

Mama’s Note: I’d say an awful lot of people are making pretty incredible (and downright silly/stupid) comparisons over all this, including the president. The thing to remember is that if both those young men had been one color, NOBODY would ever have heard of the incident. And that’s partly because it’s so common… it happens all the time, but someone decided to turn this one into a media circus.

Theft by government
Republicans Open to $600-Billion in ‘Revenue’ to Reach ‘Big Fiscal Deal’


Nathan: Who is stealing from us?  Not JUST the Democrats, obviously.  Who is lying to us?  Not JUST the Tranzis and Progressives and Democrats, clearly.  Who needs to be retired?  You know who.

Stupid Government tricks
U.S. Assures Russia Snowden Will Not Face Death Penalty

(New York TImes By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT and STEVEN LEE MYERS)  WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a letter sent to the Russian minister of justice this week that the United States would not seek the death penalty against Edward J. Snowden, and would issue him a passport immediately so he could travel back to the United States.

Nathan: Such generosity on the part of this thug?

Mama’s Note: Well, alrighty then, I’m sure that’s all Snowden was worried about. And, of course, we all know what a paragon of virtue and truth Holder is… would he lie? Nahhh…

Debby: They are signaling that the Feds ARE treating this as a capital crime.  Of course we can believe Holder; when did he ever seek the death penalty on anything?

Nathan: This smells like a last gasp attempt to get Putin to give him up.  When will the American people wake up to the fact that Holder and his “boss” and their apparat are more our enemies than Putin’s Russia?  And that Snowden deserves honor and praise for standing up for liberty?

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