Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-32E: Stupid government and more government-ruined schools

Stupid government – Environism
CDC: Environmental Justice Is ‘Access to Healthy Homes, Healthy Food, Transportation’


Nathan: Hmm.  First, get rid of the cities, then.  And get rid of government.  Not what the CDC means, of course: they want this to get MORE government, and force MORE people into the megapoli.

Government-ruined, theft-funded schools
Average Public School Teacher Paid More in School Year Than Median Household Earned in Full Year


Nathan: ONLY the median?  That is hardly worshipping the molders of our children’s minds in an appropriate way, is it?  We can hardly do enough for them, can we?  After all, they have in many ways replaced the clergy as the source of all wisdom and knowledge.  Surely they should be part of the upper 10%?  That way, the children have something, excuse me, someONE, to look up to.

Government-ruined, theft-funded schools – The “messiah”
Obama’s College Affordability Plan? Base Financial Aid on Government Formula


Nathan: Yes!  More power, more dependence, more gratitude.  Forget bread and circuses, let us go all out for institutional perversions and a full 18+ years of indoctrination and mindwashing.

Home front: Border Jumpers
Napolitano: DHS Has ‘Deferred’ Deportation of 430,000 Illegals; Approved 98.3% of Applications Reviewed


Nathan: Then why even bother to “reform” immigation: why not just declare the borders are officially totally open and go from there?

Theft by government
U.S. Taxpayers Still Down $19.1B From Obama’s General Motors Bailout


Nathan: Perhaps, but supporters of the “messiah” and his ilk in Congress are up at least $19.1 billion: sounds like a winning deal to me – for them, that is.  And it is not like if the FedGov hadn’t spent the money on GM, that they wouldn’t have spent it on something else equally as stupid.  Look, we shouldn’t get upset at what the thief spends the money he steals from us on; but on him stealing it in the first place.

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Christians, Other Egyptians Protest Perceived Pro-Muslim-Brotherhood Bias of White House, Media, CAIR


Nathan: Who cares about the christians or other Egyptians that don’t have secret information and influence?  Egyptian christians are SO 7th Century, anyway.  People were hoping, a few years ago, that the Occupy Wall Street movement would be an Arab Spring for the United States; what hated minorities (other than “wealthy people”) would the Occupiers have gone after, the way the Muslims of Egypt are going after followers of Christ Jesus (or who at least claim to be following Him).  Indians (AmerInd)?  Nah, too few, no significant impact on modern society.  Southern “Rednecks?”  Possibly.  Westerners?  A definite possibility:  we have all that oil and minerals and gas and open spaces.

Theft by government
Rep. Van Hollen Announces IRS Suit – Says Tax Collection Agency Is Notorious for ‘Wrong Reasons’


Nathan: There are RIGHT reasons to be notorious?

The “messiah”
President ‘Disingenuous’ When He Says GOP Has No Alternative to Obamacare


Nathan: “Disingenuous” means lying.  Now, given their lack of a moral compass, the GOP probably DOES NOT have a real alternative, because all they would do is make ObummerCare Lite:  a little less government interference here, a little less government money there.  The only REAL alternative to the socialized medicine that the “messiah” and the rest of the Tranzis want (and which exists in most of the world) is a free market: a MEDICAL free market.  Including a free market for health insurance, for institutions, for providers, for drugs and equipment, and for patients and families.  What would that be like?  It would be based on a fundamental moral principle:  NO ONE can be forced to buy or sell ANY GOOD OR SERVICE: all transactions must be voluntary.  And two more basic principles:  The value for something is set by the price a voluntary buyer is willing to pay, and fraud must be paid for.   Of course, it is not just those who have “private” insurance now that need a free market:  those who now depend on government programs, whether it is Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Affairs, Public Health Service(Indian  Health Service) or Military  medicine must all be able to enter the free market.

And we know with the GOP and the Dems in control, this ain’t gonna happen.

Mama’s Note: A free market in medicine can’t happen in a vacuum, of course. There will have to be a completely free market for everything else as well. Only in a free market can people effectively use their talents, property and time to create the wealth needed to live and trade. Human beings have come pretty close a few time, in limited locations, and it is just so hard to understand why more people can’t see the incredible, actually almost unlimited potential for peace, joy, prosperity and comfort for every human being alive… if they’d only live free and leave everyone else alone to do the same. And, what’s maybe even more important, stop believing that anyone on earth has ANY authority to prevent it.

Abominable Act
Dem Cites ‘Donut Burger’ as Reason Kentuckians Need Obamacare


Nathan: Sounds to me like it is the stress from ObummerCare and other government spending (and the related theft of money from taxpayers and the future) that causes people to try to eat themselves to death.

Mama’s Note: I heard about this “donutburger” thing a while back. Can’t recall reading about very many food combinations that sounded more disgusting. But, what the heck? If someone wants to eat such garbage, it’s none of my business.

The “messiah” – African collapse
White House, State Dept. Temper Obama’s Praise of Mali Election After Coup Leader’s Promotion


Nathan: Amazing, a dictator (elected or not) that they DON’T like?  Guy sounds as corrupt as DC’s leadership is – wonder where he learned it from?

The “messiah” – Culture wars: mainstreaming perversion
White House to hold closed-door session on bisexual issues next month

(Washington Post) The White House will hold a closed-door roundtable discussion on issues facing bisexuals Sept. 23. The event, described in an invitation by White House LGBT liaison Gautam Raghavan as a session focused on “issues of importance to the bisexual community,” was first reported Thursday by the Washington Blade.

Nathan: Figures.  Wonder who will smuggle the video recordings out:  expect that a lot of XXX web sites would pay a fortune for those, no?  Apparently, bisexuals are increasingly discriminated against (and even attacked physically) by homosexuals; so much for “tolerance.”  The homosexuals claim that the bisexuals are just refusing to admit that they are really homosexual (and give up their evil heterosexual activities).

Decades ago, Joe Haldeman wrote “The Forever War” which was supposed to be a counter to Robert Heinlein’s “fascist, glorifying-war” novel “Starship Troopers.” With no FTL drive, time dilation was a severe problem, and Joe postulated a period in which not only was the vast majority of humanity “homosexual”, but heterosexuals (the lead character was called “the Old Queer” by his troops) were actually persecuted and sometimes prosecuted.  For one thing, they could have “unlicensed” babies.  In “The Forever War” that period was twenty centuries from now:  guess society is “progressing” more quickly than even Joe (an incredible antiwar liberal) could hope.

Mama’s Note: Well, no… after that much time there would be no humans left at all under such circumstances. Given the really small numbers of sex deviants of all kinds today (however much they hog the “news” spotlight), I don’t look for this to ever be a real problem. Homosexuals self select for the Darwin award.

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