American Cities: Cesspools of Evil

These three stories passed across my desktop and point clearly to the hideous nature of cities, especially in America.  Liberty does not thrive in cities: indeed, it may not be possible for liberty to survive in the long term in urban areas, even of relatively small size.

Home Front – Stupid government
Washington State: Second Teen Arrested in Killing of WW2 Vet

(NBC News) A second teenager was arrested Monday in the beating death of an 88-year-old World War II veteran in Spokane, Wash., where the chief of police said the community must take action to keep more kids out of trouble. … “Race was not a factor. Additionally, there was no gang activity that was associated with his incident,” [Spokane Police Chief Straub] added, apparently responding to some commentators who had seized on the fact the teens were black and the victim was white. “These are two young men who just spun out of control.”  Belton was found wedged between the two front seats. His family said doctors told them he was battered so badly he would have sustained brain damage and had lost too much blood to survive.  “Our information is that the individual fought back and that may have made this a worse situation,” Straub said when asked about the viciousness of the beating. …  Three other juveniles who had helped Adams-Kinard elude capture were also arrested and charged with felonies.  Both Glenn and Adams-Kinard had previous arrests, including assault convictions.

Nathan: There is so much wrong with this.  First, no race factor?  An 88-year-old Anglo man is assaulted by two black teens and there is no race factor?  Spokane is supposedly 87-92% (depending on source of data) white: Anglo.  Only 3% are black, yet it appears that blacks commit far more crimes than any other race.  Supposedly there are no “gangs” involved, yet the two perps were aided by at least three other juveniles?  Is five people NOT a gang?  And seemingly a racially-based gang?  When it is budget time, Straub says most crime in Spokane, especially assaults and robbery, are gang-related, with more than 1,000 known gang members (out of about 200,000 people) , but now he claims otherwise. (Spokane, by the way, is one of the 3 most dangerous cities of the top 100 in the nation.)   Of course, he also says that the problem is that the “children” are not being “kept out of trouble.”  It ain’t their fault, mister, it is OUR fault.  And also, that this vet was “hard-wired to resist” and therefore is responsible for his own beating death because he RESISTED!  So much wrong, not just with THIS event and tragedy, but with the City of Spokane and virtually every major urban area in America.

Mama’s Note: You can be very sure that if the old man had been armed, and had been successful in defending himself, Straub and all the other parasites would have zero doubt  that it was racially based and that these poor, misunderstood “children” were the only victims.

Home front: urban killings – Stupid cops and media
Maryland: 15-Year-Old Dead, 6 Shot After Dice Game Goes Bad

(CBS Local) The violence that has triggered across West Baltimore has residents sick to their stomachs. They’re begging the criminals to put the guns down.  Shootings in Baltimore have seen a frightening increase into the double digits. The extra police on the streets—not enough to bring comfort to those in the middle of a war zone.

“Everybody just needs to get together. Police, everybody,” a woman said.

Mama’s Note: Such idiots. Begging the “criminals to put the guns down.” Sure thing… And go ahead and “get together” with them, woman. I’m sure that will work out well. Don’t even think about defending yourself, of course.

Nathan: So typically liberal: the idea that people can just set aside their own self-interests for the “good of society” and everything will be hunky-dory.  When you strip people of their liberty, responsibility, and accountability, you get the urban cesspools of 21st Century America, like Spokane and Baltimore (although Baltimore’s history as a cesspool date back more than 150 years).  Getting together?  How about parents and children?  Start there – forget about cops and politicians and community groups (including gangs):  just families are the essential first step.  by the way, this appears (although the news does not touch on this) to again be black-on-black violence: West Baltimore seems to be about 99% black, and except for a few cops, everyone in the news story is black.  Meanwhile, as the story tells us, the city of Baltimore is basically an occupied city:  its garrison may be keeping a lid on things (being sarcastic): its murder rate is only SIX times the national average.

Home front: self defense
Michigan: Pawn shop owner shoots at two armed robbers; no one injured in incident

( GENESEE TOWNSHIP, MI — A pawnshop owner shot at two would-be armed robbers on Monday morning, according to police. Police were called to Dave’s Pawnshop on Saginaw Street near Rex Avenue for an attempted armed robbery. The owner said two armed men came into his business and he shot at them. The two suspects were not hit, police said. Police were searching the area for the men, and at last check the pair had not yet been arrested.

Mama’s Note: Glad everyone is ok… but this shop owner might consider a little range time and training. As always, I would like to know where the bullets went… they hit something. And that is never trivial.

Nathan:  No, it is not, and I know that concern has caused me not to shoot more than once.  Hmmm.  Do they really know that the thugs were not hit?  Or is this typical movie-type “reality” in which bullet wounds always squirt blood all over, knock the person down, and that the hit person stays down? As I recall, Genesee Township is a suburb of Detroit (or was, at least), so the broad daylight armed robbery is pretty typical.  Detroit, like Baltimore and Spokane, is a cesspool – indeed, Detroit is in the bottom 1% (Spokane is in the top 3% and Baltimore in the top 4%): Detroit has the highest violent crime rates of any large city in the US.  At least this store owner recognizes the dangers he faces.

Cities are where the worst of humanity gravitates:  not just “official” criminals but the political and other criminals who prey on their fellow humans:  the wardheelers and bullyboy cops and all the rest of the scum of humanity.  That is one reason that civilization is so overrated.  Yes, once in a while something good comes out of cities but that is more IN SPITE OF their nature, rather than because of it.  And the development of technology, especially in the last quarter-century, means cities have less and less excuse for existence.

Mama’s Note: I don’t know if cities or close quarters are incompatible with liberty or not. There don’t seem to have been any serious conflicts at the space station, for instance. Heinlein, in “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” seemed to lay out a viable free society in such cramped conditions. I suspect that space travel will present humans with a great many challenges, and not all will involve speeding through a vacuum in a fragile tube or landing on hostile planets.

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