Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-33A: This and that

Stupid government
Massachusetts: Over 40,000 Cases Tainted By “Rogue Chemist”

( Martin W. Healy, chief legal counsel for the Massachusetts Bar Association referred to the “unconscionable level of gross negligence at the state drug lab.” Everybody’s outraged, now. But back then, the police were happy, the prosecutors were happy, and the drug lab bosses were happy. The drive to convict those who have been arrested pressures the lab technicians to produce the desired results. Prosecutors are corrupted by their ambition and passion for convictions. Woe to those who stand in their way. Dookhan “was the most productive chemist” at the lab testing up to 500 samples per month while others tested 50 to 150 samples.

Mama’s Note: To all those who talk about “due process” as if it were something sacred and assured…  Depends entirely on who is doing this process, and what sort of evidence, witnesses they are relying on. A lot of people turned a blind eye to the potential for abuse here, and a lot of people have suffered for it.  I hope they turn all 40,000 of them out of the jails and even compensate them somehow. Nobody can give them back their lives….

Nathan: Like all other human rights, “due process” is protected ONLY if there are people willing to take action to expose and force the evils to be eliminated.  The police, the courts, the various agencies of government cannot and WILL NOT govern themselves: they will constantly seek MORE power, MORE control, MORE relief from being held to account.  Only people who are intelligent, educated, training, armed and courageous will be able to prevent this kind of murderous abuse of power from happening, or end it when it does.

Mama’s Note: Seems clear to me that it is important never to give that kind of power to other people in the first place. “Due process” in a voluntary society would be arbitration among peers. And self defense, of course.

The “messiah” – Congress inaction
‘Nothing More Impeachable’ Than War Without Authorization, Says Constitutional Scholar


Nathan: This is hardly news, but it is a strong contrast to the insanely weak position taken by a lot of Congressmen who are supposedly very much opposed to the policies and actions of the “messiah.”  They claim that  the man’s actions have “not yet risen to a level” that is “impeachable,” and that they want to give the man the benefit of the doubt.  But there IS NO DOUBT.  This is but one more proof that the Constitution is a dead letter, and that ALL of the FedGov is a huge criminal organization, and those in leadership and in power are forsworn felons who have committed (and continue to commit) treason on a daily basis.

Islamic wars:  sparks of world war again?
With Syria Decision Possibly Looming, Defense Chiefs Meet in Jordan


Nathan: One more war – a decision which, theoretically in the United States (and most other nations), is supposed to be made by the legislatures and NOT by the military leaders.

Mama’s Note: None of the “wars” in the last century and a half have been about defense, by any means. Any actual attack on the people of America wouldn’t need a “legislature” to tell them whether or not to fight.

Government-ruined, Theft-funded Schools – the “messiah”
Obama Plan Encourages College Admissions to Discriminate Against Families Earning $60,000+


Nathan: ANY government plan to subsidize education will (a) discriminate against SOMEone, (b) dumb down education still further, and (c) create inflation of college tuition, while (d) offering more opportunities for corruption and similar bad things.  OF COURSE, the “messiah” wants to do this, and steal more power for the FedGov and his cronies.  And even the Tranzis and the media recognize this (next story).

Government-ruined, Theft-funded Schools – the “messiah”
College Costs Will Keep Rising Under Obama Plan

(BLOOMBERG) If the key to federal funding is raising graduation rates, colleges may lower already abysmally low standards…

Nathan: See my arguments elsewhere:  even these people recognize the stupidity of the White House Plan.  Reagan pointed out, I believe, that what the government subsidizes, it creates more of: the stupidity of college students and graduates is being subsidized big-time.  Even “for-profit” colleges have already dumbed down the curriculum to keep those federal dollars flowing.

Mama’s Note: The “tranzies” may well be recognizing more and more of the problems, but I don’t see any effort from them to actually stop or reverse the process. Talk is cheap, and they’ve all got their fingers too deep into the pie. The next story is a perfect example.

The Abominable Act – Congress in action
Ted Cruz: ‘Grassroots Tsunami’ Needed to Defund Obamacare


Nathan: Even if we give Mr. Cruz the benefit of the doubt, there is NO reason to expect that (a) HE will try to create this “tsunami” or (b) that such an outcry will do anything.  ObummerCare has NEVER had a majority of Americans in favor of it, and has been recognized from the beginning as a piece of garbage yet STILL got enough votes to pass, and any attempt to defund, bizarrely, NEVER has any chance of getting enough votes.  Yes, I know, spending bills are SUPPOSED to have a majority in favor, but they have twisted the entire process.  They are corrupt, they are in power and they will stay in power until someone finally says enough is enough and rebels – and I see no way that a rebellion can be successful without violence.

Mama’s Note: As long as most people believe that the government… ANY non- voluntary government, has legitimate authority to do these things, nothing will change. They will whine, cry, rebel in small things occasionally, but in the end they will accept whatever “compromise” is offered – simply because they don’t recognize that they own themselves and have the only rational, legitimate authority that exists.

No violent revolution would be in the least necessary if all the people simply took back their natural and rightful authority over themselves… completely. Unfortunately, far too many people have no idea how to control their own lives and property. It’s been done “for” them so long they actually believe that is the way it must be. So, any actual rebellion will likely result in the formation of yet another non-voluntary government, with a new set of criminals in power. That’s exactly what happened after the “American Revolution.”

The Abominable Act – Congress in action
Coburn: Not a ‘Smart Strategy’ to Shut Down Gov’t for Obamacare


Nathan: Coburn is being “reasonable” of course, as well as fearful. He knows that the GOP does not have the guts to stand up to the attacks and screams of the dependent people of the nation AND the government unions AND the NeoCons who will respond negatively to any attempt to do without the FedGove even for a few hours.  People who want liberty, who fight for freedom, are NOT “reasonable” and often not rational:  it is just the way we are.  Being reasonable results, sooner or later, in slavery.

Mama’s Note: Well, that would depend on your definition of “reasonable” and “rational.” By their definition, no. “Reasonable” to them means thinking as they do and agreeing to whatever schemes they want to enact. I don’t think any of them have ever had any contact with “rational,” so that’s completely out of the picture. I think we need a “sarcasm” smiley.

Islamic wars: Arab street uprising – World war?
Russia, Iran Warn of ‘Devastating’ Consequences if the West Attacks Syria


Nathan: Admittedly, warnings from both Tehran and Moscow are to be taken with a grain of salt, but there IS a good chance that they are right.  A lot of things could go wrong, not the least of which is that the Assad regime could fall, and yet another Salafi regime take control of a large population and region.  Paradoxically, these warnings are likely to make both DC and London (and even Paris)more eager to take down Assad and punish him for his evil.

Stupid government tricks – Crash of 2009
Welfare Pays More than Minimum Wage in Most States

(Fox News/Cato Institute) Welfare pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, creating little incentive for Americans to take entry-level work and likely increasing their long-term dependency on government help…

Nathan: it is an old, old story, and works a lot better than “let them eat cake.”  It seems to be working again: the 51% that depend on the government are willing to keep those in power who provide an adequate amount of bread and circuses.

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