Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-38A: African Collapse and Islam, Fake Scientists, and Ducks

Islamic wars: African front – African Collapse
Don’t Disregard Religious Factor in Kenyan Mall Attack, Say Experts on Radical Islam


Nathan: FORGET the “experts” and just look at the reports and the statements and the pictures.  It is clear and demonstrated that Al Shabaah separated out, targeted, tortured, and murdered non-Muslims.  It is clear that the Kenyan government FAILED to protect its citizens, and FAILED to take action BECAUSE the attackers were Muslim.  It is clear that the Kenyan government ALLOWED its citizens and visitors to be tortured, maimed, and killed, and businesses to be destroyed because they took away the means of self-defense from everyone who was even half-concerned about obeying the law, while the outlaws: the murdering Islamic Jihadists who had planned this attack for more than a year were armed and ran wild.  It is CLEAR that the Kenyan government was incapable of responding in an effective manner and that its response was poorly planned and executed and did more damage and may have killed more innocent people than the attackers did directly.

And even to the most unpolitical and unobservant of people in America, it is plain that THIS KIND of attack is coming to America very soon, and that we have already seen the precursors to it at Fort Hood, in South Carolina, in the Aurora theatre, and elsewhere.  And just as the Kenyan government FAILED, I expect that we will see local, state, and federal governments FAIL to protect any of us.  It is, for instance, CLEAR that Prisoner Hasan was a traitor to his nation and turned against his own comrades in arms because he was a practicing member of an immoral, death-worshipping, evil religion created by a pedophilic robber/killer chieftain who had either grand delusions or was also a pathological liar.  A religion which has led directly to the murder of tens of millions of people over fourteen hundred years, not because the religion was PERVERTED by those who claimed to follow it, but because the religious was practiced FAITHFULLY in the same way as its founder taught and practiced.

Stupid “Scientists”
The Scientific Debate About GM Foods Is Over:

(Popular Science/AAAS) They’re Safe Now it’s time to have a better public debate.

Scott: No mention of promoters (e.g., cauliflower mosaic virus).

Nathan: Thanks to Scott for this one.  Both of these organizations/publications are “political scientists” – that is, not that they practice something called “political science” (a bogus science by its very nature: impossible to reproduce results of experiments or quantify factors), but that their practice of science is based more on political considerations than on the truth of the matter:  in politics as normally practiced, EVERYthing can be argued, including the definition of “truth.”  It is all situational ethics.  In science, as in religion, we may not agree on what is true, but we KNOW that truth exists and something is either true or it is NOT.

Although I know people who are very passionate about the dangers of genie food (and other things), I pretty much stay out of it.  But when PS and AAAS come down with a pronouncement from Mount Olympus that “the debate is over” then it is clear that the debate is NOT over but someone is trying very hard to squash ANY argument.  Concerns about GMO are NOT equal to flat-earth theory or spontaneous generation of life: there are questions which need to be answered.  This smells of “climate change” and “macroevolution” and other such establishment garbage.

State Stupidity – Local Tyranny
Quack! Wisconsin bill would legalize duck races

(Billings (MT) Gazette) State Rep. Andre Jacque circulated a proposal Thursday to legalize the races. He says the village of Mishicot was warned by the Wisconsin Department of Justice that its annual rubber duck race amounts to illegal gambling.

Mama’s Note: We all know that “gambling” is the end of the world… well, if the local thugs don’t get their “cut” anyway. And rubber ducks? The horror…

Nathan: Wow, it appears that for once, Wisconsin (We’s con (that is, without) sin) is behind in the race to maximize regulation of everything under the sun.  Many other states already “legalize” rubber duckie race contests with prizes and all, provided the promoters are “legitimate charities” and able to provide the cut demanded. Of course, I’ll bet that most people doing this and sponsoring a duck didn’t really think of this as gambling, just fun and a bit of spice to win ‘something” in support of whatever charity was putting it on.

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