Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-40A: Shutdown, Protests, and Historic Moments

This weekend may have been a milestone in American history, or may be just another speed bump in the galloping run downhill to oblivion. The great “Government Shutdown” continues (into a holiday weekend and now Day 14) at an 83% totally bogus level (based on workers, higher when you consider total spending) and the government continues to collect billions in taxes each day (because people are apparently still afraid of NOT paying even when they are supposedly receiving nothing for their payments).  At least 3,000 trucks circled and tied up traffic in DC in a protest, while media ignored them or claimed only a few dozen trucks arrived (CNN).  At the same time, more veterans showed up on the National Mall to take down barricades and again mostly be ignored.  Even taking the barricades to place in front of the White House was dismissed as “unnews” by the mainstream media.  Meanwhile, the Electronic Benefits Transfer system (providing for SNAP (food stamps) for millions) shut down “accidentally” due to computer problems in a bunch of states, and riots almost developed in a bunch of places as shelves were stripped bare.  This disgusted a LOT of people – especially those whose taxes pay for the EBT in the first place.  And more and more civil disobedience was taking place across the nation: DC was not the only place barricades or cones were removed in defiance of federal edicts. Are people finally waking up?  Or just protesting feebly against the inevitable? Congress seems increasingly divorced from reality, and the White House seems stuck on blaming the GOP:

Politics 2013: Government “Shutdown” – The “messiah”
Obama not allowing govt to borrow more would amount to new tax

( President Barack Obama used his Saturday radio address to press for an end to “this Republican shutdown” and for an increase in the debt limit. “It wouldn’t be wise,” he said, “to just kick the debt-ceiling can down the road for a couple months, and flirt with a first-ever intentional default right in the middle of the holiday shopping season. Because damage to America’s sterling credit rating wouldn’t just cause global markets to go haywire; it would become more expensive for everyone in America to borrow money. Students paying for college. Newlyweds buying a home. It would amount to a new tax — a Republican default tax — on every family and business in America.”

Nathan: The man racks up an incredible number of lies in a few short sentences.  The “shutdown” is not the fault of the GOP (or at least not SOME of the GOP), since we know that the House passed multiple bills and sent them to the Senate which refused to take any action.  Not raising the debt ceiling is NOT a “default” – only an inability to take on MORE debt, but while there are still billions of dollars in tax and other revenues to pay the “credit card bill.”  America’s credit is not “sterling” but is seen as more and more tarnished each day, thanks in large part to lies like this.  It would not become more expensive to borrow money for people who pay their bills – indeed, logically, in a free market, an end to massive government borrowing would free up more money for business and families to borrow.  To claim that for government to stop borrowing money would be a “new tax” is about as Orwellian as you can get.  War is Peace.  Slavery is Freedom. Debt is Money.  It goes on and on.

Mama’s Note: And, furthermore, it is just possible that some of those college students and brides could put off instant gratification and work to save up for their education and weddings, as we used to do. Households might just stop borrowing quite so much and live with last year’s car and TV. The idea that the economy will crash and burn if everyone stops using credit they often cannot repay is another big lie.

Politics 2013: Shutdown – Congress in action
Stalemate in Washington? Wasserman Schultz Suggests That Men Are the Problem


Nathan: HUMANS are the problem.  Yes, once upon a time people thought that with more women in Congress and on the Cabinet and such, we’d have more rational and peaceful government.  People like Wasserman-Schultz, Clinton, Jackson Lee, Boxer, Pelosi, and others long ago disproved THAT little bit of myth:  they are vindictive, corrupt, greedy, and often just plain stupid. No different than the men.  They are parasites, takers, power-hungry, lovers of the state and tyranny (however sugar coated it may be) and are willing to steal, lie, cheat, abuse, and kill others for their own power and wealth.

Congress in action – Politics 2013
Rep. Peter King: ‘We Have to Start Going After Ted Cruz by Name’


Nathan: Oh, and what have they been doing for the past several weeks?  There are MULTIPLE Senator Cruz?  He is, in the words of many Democrat spokesmen and women, evil incarnate.  But now they are going to really trash him?  The man is a typical politician with a few good things to day, but he is NOT the anarchist or libertarian or radical that they want to paint him.  Would that he WERE!!!

Congress in action – Theft by government
Portman: ‘Greatest Act of Bipartisanship’ Is Both Parties’ Overspending

( Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the impasse in Washington that has led to a partial government shutdown, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.”I would say the greatest act of bipartisanship over the last few decades has been Republicans and Democrats alike overpromising and overspending.

Nathan: Truth – but only reported by one side, and only believed by one side.  However, despite continuing and louder efforts by the mainstream media to prove it is all the GOP’s fault, more and more people are blaming them all.  And demanding that they ALL go away.

Culture Wars: Killing babies – Congress in action
Pro-life Leaders Urge Boehner To Protect Americans’ ‘Conscience Rights’
( Leaders of more than 40 pro-life groups delivered an urgent letter to House Speaker John Boehner Friday imploring  him to protect Americans from being forced to subsidize abortions in any deal he makes with the White House to fund the government or raise the debt ceiling.

Nathan: Just like the rest of them, the “pro-life” politicians what to take advantage of the debt and shutdown situation.  But they don’t have the votes OR the guts, because it is more about their power than about saving lives or doing the right thing.

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Stupid US tricks
US military aid cuts not expected to hit Egypt hard

(Boulder Daily Camera) “The U.S. decision to suspend delivery of tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to Egypt is more of a symbolic slap than a punishing wound to the military-backed government for its slog toward a return to democratic rule. Egypt is awash in the tanks and planes it would need to fight a conventional war, and spare parts from U.S. manufacturers will continue to be delivered.” (10/13/13)

Mama’s Note: Aren’t we just so glad that Egypt is “awash in tanks and planes” so it can go to war just any time it wants…. Fondest dream of every dictator in the world to be “awash” with the tools of murder – especially if they can get Americans to pay for it!

Nathan: The price of empire for America, I guess.  We arm all sides to the teeth to indebt them to us, and we find that we are all too often their target, later if not sooner.  And so we must buy and give MORE arms to various enemies or supposed friends.  Forty years ago, another high school student called for a Pax Americana and a world American Empire in his original oratory speech given in the waning days of the Vietnam-American Phase of the Great Eastern War, and I hope he is happy with having gotten his wish.

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