Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-41A: Stupid government

Government-run, tax-funded schools – Families
Military parents embrace homeschooling

(Associated Press) A growing number of military parents want to end the age-old tradition of switching schools for their kids.

Nathan: Thanks to Debby and MamaLiberty for this.  This is near and dear to our heart, as we barely avoided having to deal with this sort of constant move for our children.  In the “old days” when the school system on large military installations, stateside and overseas, was DoDDS (Department of Defense Dependent Schools) or the earlier single-branch systems, the level of teaching and the curriculum were good quality and the officers and NCOs which coordinated the schools were parents and generally honest and forthright.  Turning the schools on post over to local districts and state educrats meant the same thing as for all other schools: deterioration and decline.  But even though more military families tend to be one-income families in which the WIFE (and mother) is at home mostly, homeschooling was frowned upon as being elitist and antisocial.  That attitude is changing, even though the military is being corrupted ever more rapidly by the administration and societal pressure.  Why home schooling now?  Because of that deterioration and the increasing isolation of military personnel and families, they see a need to share as much as they can with those of like mind, both religiously and politically.

Stupid government
Burned out: Obama’s first land auction for solar goes bust

(Washington Times) So much for the White House dream of solar selling like hotcakes. The first federal auction run by the Bureau of Land Management to sell chances to build solar power projects on public land went completely bust on Thursday. Nobody showed to bid.

Nathan: This cabal in the White House has this oddly naive idea concerning the free market.  They hate and despise it, but they think and act as though it is always there for them to manipulate and use, and that people will buy anything: health care, pollution credits, rights to use empty desert, and such, just because it is “on the market.”  And they won’t learn from this – they’ll go do it again.

Mama Liberty points out the many comments to this story at the Washington Times website.  If you get past the usual fussing and stupid name calling, a lot of people point out the obvious (which BLM and the other minions of the “messiah” carefully ignore):  after the way private operators were treated on federal land during the 16-day shutdown, no one with the money to invest who does NOT already have their hands in the government’s pocket is willing to risk billions with such a fickle partner.  And those who already have their deals sewn up because they are insiders didn’t have to participate in this very bogus auction.

Congress in action – Abominable Act: ObummerCare
Don’t Like Obamacare? It Was the Republicans’ Idea, Says Liberal Democrat


Nathan: Yes, in large part it WAS: both old parties are to blame.  The GOP tried to (and got) a sweetheart deal for the big Pharma and big Health: especially the insurance companies.  The Dems went along with them on that (they get a rakeoff, too) and then the GOP went along with them and the administration on the rest of this piece of junk. The GOP, based on its history, its attitude, and most especially its leadership for decades, is as tyrannical and evil as the Democratic Party, for the same reasons: greed for money, lust for power, and everything else that government gains for its adherents and the elite more easily than in any other way.

Congress in action – Abominable Act: ObummerCare
$174K-Per-Year Rangel: ‘No Question About It’ Taxpayers Should Help Him Buy Obamacare Plan


Nathan: Rangel represents about the worst of Congress in every way: he is an uber-statist who believes that everyone should be required to not just pay taxes (30, 40, 50% directly apparently) but also be a (paid) slave of the state for two years or more, through the reinstitution of that most evil institution, the draft.  But as his attitude in this matter shows, he is also an entitlement and privilege junkie:  it is HIS right to have all these congressional privileges, with more each year.  Keep in mind, Congress HAS health “insurance” – full and free medical treatment and “health maintenance” on your dime.  Applying the subsidies in this case is just frosting on the cake: proof that they are the elite and can demand and get special, worshipful treatment in every way.

The “messiah” – Border jumpers
Obama: ‘It Doesn’t Make Sense to Have 11 Million People Who Are in This Country Illegally…’


Nathan: Funny how selective he can be.  He uses this argument to urge legalization of all the border jumpers.  Now, apply the same argument to those in prison for federal drug offenses.  Does it make any more sense to imprison millions who used something that was illegal but harmed only them?  By the way, if he believes that people should be able to cross borders without any restraints or concerns, why should those people not be allowed to take (or send) money across borders without restraints, concerns, OR reporting it?  And why should ANY good or service not be able to be brought or sent across borders without restraints?  Once more, the hypocrisy of this man and his puppetmasters is obvious.

War against religion
Army orders stand-down on anti-Christian briefings

(American Family Association) The Pentagon has announced it’s putting a halt to U.S. Army briefings that label evangelicals and pro-family organizations, including the American Family Association, as domestic hate groups. Read the Army’s directive here.

Nathan: Thanks to Darryl for this.  The problem is, the AFA is NOT telling the truth.  That is NOT an Army (or DoD, as the title claims) directive.  And it does not say what the AFA press release/article/fundraising letter says it does, without a LOT of reading between the lines and fond hopes. The “directive” is nothing but a very sanitized version of what appears to be a memorandum probably published by III Corps in Fort Hood, referencing (improperly – probably that part of the memo was stripped off) a FORSCOM directive.  It is NOT a “DoD” directive and absolutely no proof of all the things that AFA is claiming.  It doesn’t apply to anyone but III Corps units: less than 1/10 of the Army, and doesn’t apply to other services at all.  I don’t know who is advising the folks at AFA about military matters, but if someone is, they aren’t listening. I suspect that we will continue to see more and more incidents of shaming and warning and blackballing, on an increasing scale.  This is no indication that either the White House or the Pentagon have changed their basic hostility.

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