Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-41D: Abominable Act (ObummerCare) and the “messiah”

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – The “messiah” in charge
Administration Grants Itself 3-Month Exemption from Individual Mandate


Nathan: So why are we funding Congress?  Is it for the entertainment value?  The “messiah” can do whatever he pleases, and then tell Congress and us. Many folks would LIKE to get a permanent exemption; this is just insult to injury.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… and I’ve heard so many people say seriously that if this is such a wonderful deal for all of us, why are all of THEM exempt? Sort of like all the other “laws” that don’t apply to them.

Nanny-Thug state – Home front
Census: 49% of Americans Get Gov’t Benefits; 82M in Households on Medicaid

Nathan: Well, this explains most of my relative’s tenants – every one seems to be part of this 82 million (she doesn’t get a DIME in direct government benefits: no Social Security, no Medicare, nothing, but it seems everyone else in her town does).  And this explains why more and more drop out of the workforce.  You can still lead a pretty comfortable life these days on government benefits:  food stamps, SSI, Social Security, and indirectly via food banks and everything else that government seems to subsidize. Another relative sent out that hoary old joke about the man whose 1040 keeps getting rejected because he claims too many dependents: the 47 million on food stamps, the 3 million getting free drug treatment from the government, etc…

Government-run, tax-funded schools (higher ed) – The “messiah’s” minions
Duncan on New College Ratings System: ‘I Can Promise You, We Won’t Do It Perfectly’


Nathan: Surely a rare promise from a politician – one certain to come true! What was wrong with having private business (US News & World Report) do this?  Because, in Duncan’s view (and that of his chieftain, the “messiah”), government should do EVERY thing in education, from pre-pre-school to post-doctoral studies, and continuing education, and all the rest.

Abominable Act – Congress in Action
Pelosi: Obamacare’s ‘Going to Be a Beautiful Thing’


Nathan: Yes, in HER view and those of Tranzis and Statists and thug government types around the world.  In the eyes of those who have to live with the mandate (or die because of it), well… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

World wars – World Thugocracy
U.S. ‘Is Not  Monitoring’ And ‘Will Not Monitor’ German Chancellor’s Cell Phone


Nathan: Yes, and if you believe this lie, you think that Uncle Adolph was good for Germany. Dozens of other nations’ “leaders” (and tens of millions of other nations’ peons) have been monitored by NSA and other US FedGov agencies.  Along with tens of millions of American “citizens.”  Why not Merkel?  Queen Elizabeth?  The Pope?

Home front – Politics 2013: the “shutdown”
WashPost Poll: 78% Didn’t Miss Government During Shutdown


Nathan: What shutdown?  All 17% at max?  But despite the efforts of the White House to make it as miserable as possible for as many of us as possible, it really did NOT affect 90% of Americans.  WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT GOVERNMENT.  Unfortunately, THAT lesson did not get through: we did not stop paying taxes (remember fuel excise taxes on gasoline and diesel), we did not start disobeying all the stupid federal laws about “discrimination” and education and health care, and we did not go out and rape the environment.  Again, THIS WAS A JOKE.

Abominable Act – The “messiah’s” minions
Sebelius: I’m Not Signing Up for Obamacare


Nathan: Yes, and of course, she doesn’t have to: she has that incredibly luxurious and full-coverage federal employee health care insurance. NObody in the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of the FedGov need to do so.  Which is ONE reason ObummerCare is such a hideous thing.  But it should not distract us from the fact that government has NO business being involved in the health care business.

Government-run, Tax-funded schools (higher education) – Theft by government
Failing Grade for Student Financial Aid Programs

(ECONOMIC POLICIES FOR THE 21st CENTURY) The U.S. Treasury Department found that for every dollar provided in tax-based aid, scholarships fell a dollar — shifting the burden from students and schools to taxpayers…

Nathan: This is not news, just that the Treasury is WILLING to admit it.  Real observers and real (not government or statist) economists have understood this for years: it is a form of Gresham’s law: government (bad) money drives away private (good) money.  The theft is a vicious circle, and it is students, parents, and the taxpayers (now and future) who lose.  It is college administrators, faculty, contractors, and of course government agents that all benefit.  We know this is going on: a major reason (together with lack of competition) that college prices have skyrocketed such in the past four decades.

Mama’s Note: I had one small student loan in my first year of college, and so many scholarships that I actually had money to give back to the various donors when I graduated. The scholarships I had were only good for education related expenses, not for cost of living, but I was able to work part or full time while I studied and never worried about it. I paid off the one, small student loan within a few months of graduation. That was in the 1980s, before this became such a scam.

Stupid people tricks
New Mexico: Chili powder cloud brings out the hazmat team

(CBS via MSN News) Habanero devotees would have you believe that if you’re not wearing a hazmat suit, you’re not cooking chili. But the high heat wasn’t a laughing matter to workers in the Santa Teresa Industrial Park in Las Cruces, N.M., who finally called 9-1-1 when a cloud of chili powder began gave them bloody noses, irritated eyes and breathing problems. The hazmat crew discovered the particles emanated from Deli-Food Chile and Spice LLC, which grinds habanero pods into powder, and lingered in the air long enough to get into ventilation systems. One woman with a previous breathing issue went to the hospital and 30 others were treated on the scene.

Nathan: What CAN I say about this?  Panic and fear over nothing?  Or a serious and real problem.  Oh, for some common sense: if something doesn’t seem right DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Don’t just depend on government!

Mama’s Note: One of these days I’ll have to tell you the funny story about my very first experience with growing Jalapeño peppers – and the miracle cure for the burning.

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