Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-41B: Federal Evil On Parade

The War on the West – Stupid government tyranny
Kid Cages at School Bus Stops Spark Outrage

(Townhall) Serious problems with wolves are not limited to their capacity to kill. They are known carriers of disease that can cause severe problems and even death in both animals and humans. In Alaska 300 people have contracted the deadly hydatid disease from encountering wolf scat and tracking it into homes. This disease has been identified in over 60% of wolves in Montana and Idaho. Wolves spread anthrax, brucellosis and other diseases throughout wildlife and livestock populations, causing infertility, miscarriage and death.

Mama’s Note: Incentive for serious SSS. (For those who do not know this acronym, may I suggest a visit to Claire Wolfe’s website. )

Nathan: This is wrong on SO MANY levels.  I and many of my neighbors have to live with the ESA on a daily basis: it costs us money and time and other resources.  The “kid cages” remind me of an incident in Aurora, CO, several decades ago, where they put up wire mesh to keep kids “safe” when going to school and crossing a freeway.  The mesh made the narrow pathway into a bully-haven: older children could trap and bully younger and weaker children as much as they wanted to, unobserved and with no where for the bullied children to flee.  That might not be the case in Catron County (one of the most rebellious of New Mexico’s counties), but it presents many other dangers.

The two most simple solutions for the parents is (1) GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THESE SCHOOLS, and (2) ARM YOUR CHILDREN.  My own sons, during one of the brief periods we had them in a public school and using a school bus, had a problem with feral dog packs while walking to and from the school bus stop and at the bus stop.  We could arm them and cache the weapons (no weapons on buses, even then, of course).  It seems like if the Sheriff (and the County Commissioners and School Board) are as concerned as they claim, that they could help parents arm their children with more than pepper spray.  In fact, the Sheriff could coordinate teaching the children to deal with wolves with shotguns or pistols…  Yeah, even in Catron County there might be a few liberal parents who panic over armed children – let THEM homeschool to protect their little ones.  But the real issue of the article and the real cause of the problem is the ESA and the huge bureaucracy and special interest community that supports it and drives the abuses it has created and sustained.

The very legitimacy of the ESA is problematic (to use a weasel-word): there is not just NO authority for it, but its real purpose and objectives are suspect and the regulations spawned by it even more so.  It causes millions if not billions in damage, especially to the West.  It has made the FWS and various state wildlife agencies even more thuggish than they started out to be, and this article barely touches on the evils it has caused.  Attempts to protect animal species on federal lands (assuming that the lands in question should be in federal ownership and control) might be only obnoxious, but even by limited constitutional analysis, the ESA assumes FedGov authority over private and state lands and actions which do nothing but confirm the FedGov as the master rather than the servant of the states (and their people).

Understanding this in turn points out the hideous power and growth in power of the federal government in the last 115 years:  The FedGov is more powerful in the states today than it was when they were just territories, and its control of land is an increasing burden on the liberty of the people.  The ESA is just one facet of this evil.  Indeed, the gray wolf is a better symbol of the FedGov today than the eagle: vicious, killing with no need or reason or remorse (or recourse), growing explosively, and protected from the predation it so richly deserves.

Back to MamaLiberty’s suggestion.  Yes, it is possible to deal with the wolves this way – keeping in mind that collared, tracked wolves are pretty common and it takes some imagination to deal with that.  People in South Dakota and Wyoming have shown a bit of ingenuity in dealing with collars on mountain lions.  But the real SSS solution might need to apply to the human predators walking among us, especially in those game refuges like the District of Criminals.  And THAT will take concentrated and coordinated defensive action and very great care.

Mama’s Note: Rope, lamp post, politician… some assembly required.

World wars – Stupid US government tricks
US weighs end to spying on leaders

(Bellingham Herald) “The Obama administration is considering ending spying on allied heads of state, a senior administration official said, as the White House grappled with the fallout from revelations that the U.S. has eavesdropped on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The official said late Monday that a final decision had not been made and an internal review was still underway.” (10/28/13)

Mama’s Note: I doubt they’ll stop, of course, and ALL governments spy on the mundanes. More kabuki theater.

Nathan: That is the point I made in the comments last week:  everyone freaks out when the “leaders” get spied on but it is business as usual when the hoi polloi are spied upon: like the 60 million phone conversations a year in Spain. Once again, THIS cabal in the WH is making MORE of a mess: surely this has been going on since January of 1942 – and probably before, in Berlin and then Bonn and now Berlin again.  Everyone is willing to conveniently overlook it, but they have made such a fouled-up mess that everyone’s noses are getting rubbed in it.  This “considering ending” comes out as “null content” to anyone with a good meter: the “messiah” is up to his usual tap-dancing campaign trips: appear to promise everything and do nothing.

If there were truly an international or world system of justice, the US action would be seen and designated as what it is: unwarranted AGGRESSION against nations which are NOT threats and against which the US does NOT need to defend itself.  And those other nations – even and especially their individual citizens, have every right to defend themselves against this unprovoked aggression against them by the NSA (and other US government agencies).

How do you get restitution for someone spying on you with no moral (or legal) justification?  Frankly, I don’t know.  It has to be a complex and difficult process.  But I do know what the FIRST necessary action is: Get them to STOP doing it.  And that applies for Americans as well as Germans and Dutch and Schwitzers and anyone else.  That time has come.

Mama’s Note: The tighter the fingers are squeezed, the more leaks out between them. The more the lid is nailed on, the more cracks appear in the body of the containers they are attempting to close. Pandora is NOT going back into the box.

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