Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-41C:

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – State tyranny
25 States, Unfortunately, Expand Medicaid

(The Daily Beast) Twenty-five states, plus the District of Columbia, have now signed on to take part in an aspect of the Affordable Care Act that is both optional and ill-considered…

Nathan: It all depends on HOW YOU DEFINE “ill-considered” – the entire objective is to increase government control, so for the states to participate (much less DC) makes great sense.  To them.  A CNS Story (Jindal: 41% of Louisiana Residents Would Be in an Expanded Medicaid Program) shows the huge impact of this, so it is easy to see just why so many politicians are willing to be gauleiters.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Politics 2013
The Next Headache from Obamacare

(Politico) On Nov. 1, the health law’s malfunctioning enrollment system is supposed to send reams of data to states so they can begin placing thousands of people into Medicaid, but the transfer system has barely been tested and could be vulnerable to technical failures…

Nathan: Based on the way many states are seeing a slow-motion collapse of their various agencies and regulatory bodies, this could be the stress that REALLY causes a crack-up of the system.  In many states, bureaucratic processes are slowing, no, grinding to a halt – and here we are, adding multiple layers of NEW bureaucracy within a very short time.  Could be fun, people.

Economy 2013 – Energy
Natural Gas Causes Energy Debate

(Forbes) The [switch] from coal to gas is not without its critics, especially those who say that the shale-gas boom is preventing the escalation of much cleaner fuels [sic] such as wind, solar and even nuclear energy, says Ken Silverstein…

Nathan: Well, my oh my, folks.  This is the way the free market is supposed to work. “Clean” is just ONE of several factors that influence buying decisions on the part of individuals and businesses.  And there is “clean” (as in less hassle to use, no soot, etc.) and there is the fancy-Dan “environist” clean (less “greenhouse gases,” less environmental damage in obtaining, transporting, and processing it, etc.)  I am NOT convinced that a TRUE and OBJECTIVE environmental assessment of wind OR solar is going to show it is “cleaner” than natural gas, conventional or unconventional.  And admit it, people, if the government hadn’t stuck its nose in and muddled and messed around for 60 years, no one would probably have ever developed fracking because we wouldn’t NEED it: we’d have reactors – specifically Thorium reactors in every neighborhood.  But because they put Thorium on the bottom of the back shelf in the walk-in freezer, we don’t have the nearly unlimited energy that would let us have a REAL 21st Century economy AND be free of most government.

Government-run, Tax-funded schools (upper level)
Transforming Teacher Colleges

(Wall Street Journal) Four months ago, the National Council on Teacher Quality released a report asserting that approximately 1,100 of the nation’s 1,400 teacher-preparation programs are inadequate…

Nathan: Notice, people, they kept this buried for FOUR months.  Not only that, but notice, this is a bunch of educrats stating that 80% of their OWN schools are “inadequate.”  Imagine just IF – it was a truly objective and neutral group doing this evaluation.  I suspect that the total would be more like 98% – but I’m being generous.  What are the standards to which “teacher colleges” (most of which now claim to be real, honest-to-goodness “universities” now – and don’t even really know what a university is supposed to be!) are compared?  How well they teach the latest teaching fads?  How well they mold the future teachers into robotic dispensers of the party line of Transnational socialism?  How badly they mess up their students’ minds and lives? There is no transformation possible of the evil institution that public schools have evolved into, from PS all the way to 20+.  The best thing is to drive a stake through their hearts and start over.  It is time for truly private and homeschooling of TEACHERS – teachers who can provide technical advice and assistance to parents to teach their own children.  Fourteen HUNDRED of these places?  Graduating what, a thousand teachers a piece, each year?  1.4 million teachers?  One in every 200 people?  How on earth do the med schools give that many lobotomies each year?

Stupid cities – Crash of 2009 – Theft by government
U.S. Cities Grapple with Finances

(Wall Street Journal ) American cities’ fiscal health is lagging behind other sectors of the economy as the recovery slowly takes hold, says the Wall Street Journal…

Nathan: Why?  Because the average city government has been riddled with unionism, cronyism, a belief that they can continue to steal and steal and steal from their voters and visitors and federal and state governments (which is, of course, just more stolen money) and grow and grow and grow.  And most especially because there IS NO RECOVERY.  Economies in virtually EVERY state are still grinding ever slower and slower, descending into a slow-motion death spiral.

Mama’s Note: As I see it, one of the core problems is the ever increasing debt, in addition to what you noted here. The endless round of theft and destruction of commerce with mindless regulations and taxes is second, but just by a hair. The fact that anyone still manages to stay in business, especially in the cities, is a miracle – and one that won’t last much longer.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Stupid government
Sebelius: ‘We Do Not Have Any Reliable Data Around Enrollment’


Nathan: How very comforting to those who have enrolled, or tried to.  One more reason to kill this program.

Mama’s Note: Someone asked me the other day what I planned to do about this insanity. I told them I had no intention of allowing anyone else to control my health, any more than I would allow them to control my guns. Molon labe.

Stupid government – World wars (2 stories)
Seriously? US Embassy Offering Free Tickets to Movie Exposing US Covert Ops


Nathan: This and the next story expose (again!) the stupidity of our intelligence and diplomatic operations around the world.  Free tickets to an expose, and the same agency that worries that crippled grandmothers and tiny children might be coerced into carrying bombs or nasty chemicals on board aircraft isn’t worried about Libyans working in aviation and nukes who probably do have relatives back home, even if their own background is pure as the driven snow!  Can you spell s-t-u-p-i-d?

Stupid government tricks
DHS Proposes Lifting 30-Year Immigration Ban for Libyans Working in U.S. Aviation and Nuclear Fields


Nathan: This idea is so incredibly stupid that we KNOW it has to be a political decision.  Yes, we all understand how important the Libyan-American vote is to Democratic efforts to regain control of the House of Representatives, and to their efforts to take “homosexual marriage” nationwide and keep religion out of schools, but surely there is a limit?

Congress in Action – Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Boehner: ‘We Want to Repeal Obamacare’


Nathan: What?  Are we to believe him?  Why should we?  This is just another lying incident in the career of this piece of Republican garbage.

Mama’s Note: Well, of course he is… but heck, if he could figure out a way to dump this stupid pile of horse poop, I’d be cheering.

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