Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-03A: Regulators (stupid government)

Stupid government – Regulators
West Virginia Chemical
Spill Site Avoided Broad Regulatory Scrutiny

(Wall Street Journal) The site of a West Virginia chemical spill that contaminated the water supply for 300000 people operated largely outside government oversight, 

Nathan: It is not hard to imagine what the response to this chemical spill is.  It is of course the usual panic, and with lots of screams of “we MUST have more government control,” and “we MUST pass new laws to prevent this from ever happening,” and of course, “We MUST punish this company and all the people that let it happen.”

But that is NOT going to solve the problem:  this plant was under government oversight at the county, state, and federal level for more than 20 years, in one of the states with the highest concentration of government agencies and regulators in the nation, and subject to tens of thousands of pages of regulations.

All these regulations and oversight were SUPPOSED to keep something like this from happening.  And they failed.  As with gun laws that do NOT prevent aggressive gun violence, and harm peaceful and innocent people, these laws, most on the books for forty years or more, have FAILED.  It is time for something different.  The best way seems to be private insurance companies, who can keep track of their clients and would be liable for ANY actions.  When there are companies who have a vested interest in NOT letting things like this happen – where profits and jobs are on the line – and where the companies canNOT just get “permits” to allow things to happen that would otherwise be illegal, then this won’t happen nearly as much.

Stupid government – Regulators
DOE Plugs Energy Rating for Homes, Similar to MPG Rating for Cars


Nathan: This makes sense only if you wish to see government expand, still more, into more and more of the economy, and have people grow more dependent.  It will NOT result in more energy-efficient homes, just in more paperwork and blather.

Stupid government makes stupid companies
Ford Introduces a New F-150 Made of Aluminum


Nathan: This is NOT “Ford has a better idea,” but rather, “Ford is getting beat on by government.  It is also crazy: doing the same thing over and over again.  Aluminum has been tried, time and again, and it just does not work.  It is not the strength, it is also the durability, and the cost.  And a whole host of other issues.  MAYBE Ford will get it right where they and Chrysler and General Motors didn’t in the past.  And maybe pigs will fly.

Mainstream Media
Study: Network News Viewers at All-Time Low; Half under Age 30 Never Watch News


Nathan: This should come as no surprise.  More and more of us are sick and tired of seeing the MSM cooking up nonsense to serve to the adoring public.  Of our family of four, my wife watches more news than the rest of us: maybe an average of a whole five minutes a day – most of which is weather.  We can listen to radio on or off line, we can READ.  And I dare say we are more familiar than 95% of television watchers – indeed, the public – with what is going on and going down.  As with newspapers, network news is less and less useful, and less and less tolerable, as time goes on.

Theft by government
New Rule Could Cut Into Restaurant Workers’ Tips

(Watchdog.Org) A new IRS rule now requires that gratuity automatically collected for large parties be added into payroll, which means that workers will have to pay taxes on the tips and wait up to two weeks to get them…

Nathan: Oh, taxes are not going up, are they?  Of COURSE not – because this isn’t a “tax increase” but just “better enforcement.”  It is STILL theft, because that is what government does.  While trying to get through a “minimum wage” increase, they steal with the other hand.

Mama’s Note: The whole “tip” thing is a grotesque joke these days in so many ways. A “tip” was originally supposed to be a gift, a way to thank an especially helpful servant. This was basically destroyed when the “tips” became part of their wages, and ludicrous when they became “automatic” and expected. I don’t go out to eat much, and I don’t travel anymore, but I have never given in to the pressure to “tip” that way, and tip only if I actually feel it is appropriate –  putting the cash into the hands of the person I believe merits it with my verbal thanks.

The “messiah” – Tyranny at work
Obama Plans to ‘Mobilize’ Americans Around a ‘National Mission’


Nathan: This is right on the checklist of “how to be a successful tyrant.”  Napoleon did it, Bismarck did it.  So did Lenin and Stalin, Il Duce (Mussolini), Onkel Adolph, and all the rest.  A “national mission” becomes a jihad, a holy crusade, which allows MORE money and MORE liberty to be stolen from the people.  Making government fatter (in both gut AND head) and giving more power, and more reason to crack down on anyone who is not on board.

Stupid people and ideas
Carrier Pigeons Eyed As Way to Foil Hackers, Government Snoops


Nathan: This is what we are back to?  Give into the NSA, the FBI, all the other alphabet agencies and government contractors and private firms that want to (or have to) suck up to government? Does it surprise any of us to hear that this stupid proposal comes from a UN bureaucrat?  Or that the article talks about ancient Egyptians, Julius Caesar, and the failed “Bridge Too Far” attack in 1944?

Mama’s Note: Really, really dumb for anything beyond very local applications. The pigeons must first be taken TO the area from which the message is to be sent. As useful as they were at times in the past, that was always one major limiting factor.

Report: U.S., Canadian Energy Resources Could Provide 100% Domestic Liquid Fuel Needs by 2024


Nathan: This assumes, of course, that the various governments will allow the fuels to be produced, and allow people to burn them.  A look forty years back to the “Energy Crisis of 1973” shows that the potential has always been there for this “100% domestic liquid fuels” but that various agencies and people have worked incredibly hard to keep it from happening.  No reason to expect that they will not continue to do so in the next 10 years.  It won’t be a direct attack, but where are the new pipelines?  the new refineries? the new rail lines and off-load facilities?  All locked up – some for decades – by bureaucracy and NIMBY-nuts who will NOT go away.

Politics 2014
Republican Party Chairman: ‘We’re a Young, Fresh Party’


Nathan: Isn’t that what they advertise for hookers?

Mama’s Note: Indeed. Good grief, if “young, fresh” was all that was needed, we could install five year olds in every government office and reap far superior results.

Politics 2014 – Theft by government
Rubio: ‘Significant Number of Americans’ Don’t Have ‘Equality of Opportunity’


Nathan: That is undoubtedly true:  MOST Americans don’t HAVE much opportunity any more, equal or not, because government has stolen that along with everything else.  And the GOP has done MORE than its fair share of that theft.  Here, I assume, he is talking about just “economic” opportunity.  But let us consider some OTHER opportunity that government has stolen:  the opportunity to get a decent education, the opportunity to get good medical care of your choice, the opportunity to keep all the money you earn, the opportunity to do what you want with your property, and of course, the opportunity to defend yourself and others.

Mama’s Note: All of those things are part of “economic opportunity,” as well as every other kind. Obummer isn’t really concerned with “opportunity” at all, but with outcome – as are all statists and socialists. And the outcome is only important to them as a measure of what they can use to inspire envy and hate among the “have nots,” while whipping up the false guilt in those who “have” a bit more. It’s a ploy as old as the hills and, unfortunately, about as effective at divide and conquer as it ever was.

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