Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-03C: Government Panic/Permission

Government permission, or liberty in food
Virginia Bill Would Expand Farm and Food Freedom


Nathan: Sure, it sounds catchy, but aren’t they doing this all wrong?  Maybe I’m just being too simple-minded, but rather than listing all the foods that it is okay to make and sell without five or ten different permits and inspections and nanny-state nonsense, Reason and the other interested parties should pass a very simple law:  Anyone eighteen or older who is not under the care of someone else, and anyone responsible for anyone, has the natural right to buy and consume whatever they are voluntarily willing to do so, based on information they and the grower/preparer/seller of the food agree to share as far as its source, origins, contents, and methods of preparation and preservation.  Period.  Virginians survived for hundreds of years without the nanny-state and thousands of bureaucrats to protect them, and without refrigeration, high-tech sterilization and sealed packaging, and without detailed “nutritional reports.”  We can have all these things and DO NOT need government to provide or demand them for us.  THEY are the ones that need to do something to panic every time a potential voter gets a tummy ache from something that they are sure is in the food.

Mama’s Note: Who needs all that verbiage, and why in heck should there be an arbitrary age limit? I have the perfect law for this: No human being has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, nor to delegate such initiation of force. Every human being has the absolute right to self defense.

What more could we need?

Islamic wars: Afghan front
Pentagon Map: Afghanistan an Eldorado of Mineral Wealth and Natural Resources

(Blacklisted News)

Nathan: Thanks to Scott for this: his comments:
Scott: 95% of the world’s poppies are grown in Afghanistan. How many of the drugs come to the U.S.?  Remember the “Opium Wars” [UK versus China, to force China to allow opium to be imported], as the same thing still goes on…if you only knew. The U.S. will never totally pull out as, it’s business and business is good. The former China U.S. Ambassador said the day after the U.S. military moved into Afghanistan, China moved in to mine. Make you wonder, it should. He said it during 1 of the first presidential debates. If we could talk…

So, grow the poppies in the Great Basin, already! (But totally decriminalized, so the Great Basin don’t become a huge, military restricted zone.)

Nathan: Afghanistan is probably an Eldorado, but SO is North America – and the folks here are friendlier and don’t submit to Allah.  But because of NIMBY and BANANA and all the other environist head-space timing problems, we literally go around the world to find this stuff.  Because the politicians panic every time someone screams about damaging the earth or showing disrespect to a tree.  And too many of us don’t think of Afghanis as real people, or that beautiful land as real world.

Home front – Stupid media/politicians
Cities Fear Railroads Carrying Crude Oil

(Wall Street Journal)

Nathan: Do newspaper “reporters” ever bother to investigate and learn the truth and the details about something any more?  This sort of “panic journalism” does no one any good, except the fanatics who want to return us all to XIth Dynasty Egypt.  Bakken crude oil is lighter and sweeter than most other oil from the north and east – like Permian Basin (better known as West Texas Intermediate) and therefore is more flammable and flows more easily than other crude oils.  Which means that you have to be prepared to handle it differently.  Just like you have to treat cotton seed differently from sunflower oil and differently from corn or wheat or many other ag products.  We KNOW that politicians are not going to do anything to prepare for any disaster that does not reap handsome benefits.  Can’t ANYone prepare for problems?  Nope, they just panic, and the news media feeds on their panic.

Home front – Economy & Liberty
America’s Dwindling Economic Freedom

(WALL STREET JOURNAL/HERITAGE FOUNDATION ) After seven straight years of decline, the United States has dropped out of the top 10 most economically free countries…

Nathan: I have a sick feeling in my stomach.  Yes, I live with this every day, and I see clients and friends and vendors burdened more and more, but it still gnaws at me to see it quantified like this.  Of course, one of the big reasons is taxation and government spending, as the next article brings to mind.

Theft by government
State Sales Taxes and Exemptions

(MERCATUS CENTER )As tax rates rise, lobbying — and ultimately tax exemptions — increase, because those facing higher taxes have an incentive to lobby in an effort to get them lowered…

Nathan: It is a vicious cycle of terror – used intentionally.  Chicago, for example, has a sales tax of more than 10.5 percent: something that only VATs in Europe used to hit.  Of course various industries and groups lobby to get exemptions. For example, South Dakota has low sales taxes: 4 percent state, up to 2 percent local, and 1 percent added for “tourist items” (like motels and tourist attraction fees and books), but they are very broad: even engineering and medical services are taxed.  But we are constantly bombarded with attempts to make this and that “exempt.”  Food, clothing, baby medicine, tuition, etc.  Exemptions, and the process of carving them out and defending them, give power to legislators, making them MORE of a burden on the economy.  IF we must have taxes (and I am NOT saying that), the broader and lower rate a tax the better, especially if it is supposed to be “voluntary.”  For one thing, it makes it easier on the businesses who have to figure this out.  For another, it spreads the burden more equally.  I realize that selecting the kind of taxes is like selecting the way you want to be robbed:  in broad daylight, or in a dark alley at night; by a simple stick-up or an actual mugging with such niceties as pistol-whipping and a boot to the groin.  Still, some ways are easier on the victim than others.

Mama’s Note: None of these studies or indicators include the black and gray market, however. People have been finding ways around the problem of government theft and micromanagement for a long time. I suspect that smuggling is actually the “oldest profession,” or a close second. And the black/gray market is not all “illegal drugs” either. Things like raw milk, home made sausage, hair braiding, and now the services of doctors – anything “prohibited,” taxed, and regulated may be found available – if you know the right people and are prepared to pay cash.

There would be no politicians, regulations, taxes or vast numbers of people kept in cages if the general population could get rid of the insane superstition that these psychopathic “rulers” have any legitimate authority over them. Those who live in and trade with the black and gray markets already understand this, to a great degree.

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