Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-08A: Hoplophobia

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and welcome all the government officials back to work after their third three-day weekend in less than seven weeks (four if they had a hangover after SuperBowl and took a sick day).

Mama’s Note: I’d be delighted if they took 365 “sick days” off a year… without pay, of course. The very best bureaucrat and politician is one who sits around all day and does nothing.

In New Hampshire, at better than 2:1, their lower house voted down expanded background checks for gun purchases, shocking hoplophobes and hoploclasts.  The law would have been similar to the one in Colorado, which seems to be failing.  More and more people are smuggling guns and magazines into and out of and back into the state, or just ignoring the law.  (For those near the state borders, if they WANT to go by the letter of the law, they can just hop across the line to Wyoming or Kansas or New Mexico or where ever, trade or buy/sell to their heart’s content, and then go back home.  Or just go down to Five Points or Aurora west of Fitz and north of Colfax, wait until someone tries to sell you some drugs, and find out where you can go buy a gun without a FFL or $10 background check.)

New Hampshire isn’t the only state in New England with serious problems (at least for the Hoploclasts).

Connecticut: Scofflaws or Just Sick and Tired of Tyranny? According to the Courier, there may be as many as 300,000 “military-style” or “assault weapons” unregistered and out on the street and in houses, just waiting to burst into a school and gun down teachers and children because their “owners” (or is that “guardians”) are scofflaws and refused to register them by January 1st.  Less than 50,000 were registered, and the State Police estimate that 50,000 or 100,000 residents of Connecticut are now felons – which I find very odd, that these people would AVERAGE three or more rifles?  Semi-automatic rifles?  So there might be 200,000 or 300,000 evil criminals who are abusing their guns.  Shocking.

Not everyone in the former “Constitution State” is willing to stick around to be arrested, tried and imprisoned, or to fight it out with the thugs.  For instance…

A man, fed up with the post Sandy Hook stupidity in the State of Connecticut says gun control sent me packing.  With Mama Liberty, I agree, ” Good thinking, and it’s about time.”  The guy’s comments are worth repeating, in part:  “It was time to leave Connecticut. It’s a state riddled with political corruption, which has ripped Second Amendment rights from citizens while taxing them to death and redistributing wealth to illegal immigrants and nanny state freeloaders.

“We are not alone in our decision to leave Connecticut. The exodus has begun in earnest as people clamor to move anywhere where there is more economic opportunity, smaller government, less crime and more freedom. Their children have already left the state because there are no real career jobs to be had. Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Tennessee, North Carolina are some choices for people who are leaving, but we decided on New Hampshire.”

I don’t know if Wyoming has anyone escaping from New England, but does have people fleeing from other places.  I expect their numbers to grow quickly.  At the same time, I really hope that 20,000 or 30,000 will STAY and fight for their liberty.    Honestly, do we really want someone in Wyoming or Montana or South Dakota who did not have the courage of their convictions and stayed and fought?  With less than 240,000 people during the revolution, the state had 13,000 fight against the British: a modern division’s worth, and more than 5%.  Today, it has 3.6 million people: cannot even ONE percent fight for their own liberty?  That would be 36,000: just three times that of 240 years ago.  I doubt it.

Mama’s Note: First, most people are not yet questioning the actual “authority” of government to do these things. They have jobs, families, full and busy lives just trying to make ends meet. They are not usually part of any group that both questions “authority” and has any rational idea what to do about it. And they are not apt to find that in Washington DC, Boston, NYC, etc. They are simply outnumbered.

If you live in a swamp, you are not apt to be able to get rid of all the snakes and alligators yourself, or with a few friends. It makes a lot of sense to move away from the swamp and find like minded friends in a friendlier climate. That makes fighting for your liberty far more practical and possible.

I could not do much of anything to “fight for liberty” in So. Calif. I had to leave there, and came to a place where many things are possible to promote liberty. Staying in the swamp was not a good option.

For the great luxurious state dinners at the White House, even the dogs eat better than most Americans. (And I suspect that they live better than many two-legged Americans, year round.)  And the White House BOASTS about it, with cute puns: “bone appetit.”  Pretty little bauble on that one dog’s neck, eh?  The comparisons to Louis XVI are not wrong, and we know that worse is yet to come.

We read that in California, an armed man allegedly threatened to ‘kill everybody’ inside restaurant — he likely didn’t know an off-duty officer was right there.  As MamaLiberty said, “Yes indeed. If this cop had not been there, people would probably have died – because nobody else was armed or prepared to defend themselves. At the very least, the bartender should have a shotgun as they always used to have. It is just so hard to understand why more people can’t make that connection. Like the ‘legal’ gun issue, or the ‘valid permit.’ Without those sanctified things, the victims just need to lay down and die quietly…” Of course, we know that too many people DO just lay down and die.  California is on the forefront of disarming everyone they can – INCLUDING off-duty cops – and the consequences of that stupidity (as well as immoral and unconstitutional) should be evident.

I hope that YOU are as shocked as I am that people are actually proposing that the US get more economic gains by eliminating Travel Visas, as the Cato Institute suggestions.  Imagine, millions and millions of Americans could sneak out of this country and escape to places with more freedom and more economic opportunities, and beggar us…. whoops, sorry, it seems that I got this backwards.  Cato wants to get the US to STOP requiring tourist travel visas so that we can get an additional 45 to 67 MILLION tourists a year to come to the US, spending an additional $90-$123 billion…  That is even MORE shocking:  we want the government to STOP doing something so that MORE people will come and HELP our economy?

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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