Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-08B: Religious revolt?

Good morning to all.  Once more, we seem to have a spat of killer cop reports popping up on line, as well as the usual problems with government gone wild and other manifestations of tyranny and stupidity.  Which makes this comment of great interest.

Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput (Philadelphia): “The more that government mandates evil actions, the more likely civil disobedience becomes.” This thought is remarkable, coming from a man who is rising in the RC heirarchy and has made bold statements before.  I generally hold any Roman clergy in little regard, but have been paying attention to this man for a decade plus, as bishop of the Diocese of Rapid City and then Archbishop of Denver before his promotion to back East.  He is not stupid, and he observes people carefully, and his words here are likely masking a more threatening concern: not “civil disobedience” but outright and open revolt.  It is interesting to look back in history and see how periods of intense religious belief and conflict were almost always preceded by long periods of irreligion and corruption and rejection of “traditional values.”  This has happened whether the rising religious fervor was “good” or “bad.”  That was the case in the Imperium with the rise of Christianity to prominence in the second century AD, the explosion of Islam out of Arabia in the 600s, the Reformation in Europe in the 1500s, and the Great Awakenings in the UK and US in the early 1800s.  Government is pushing – Chaput shies away from “massive persecution” (with logical reasoning) but still points out that things are getting worse.

Of course, not everything is getting worse – perhaps because it CAN’T get worse. Once more, we can all get a chuckle from our crazy Uncle Joe.  Two chuckles, this week:  first he said, ‘There isn’t a Republican Party’ and then he told other Democrats at some retreat/seminar to be optimistic on the state of the nation ‘In Spite of Who’s President’.  Of course, to HIS way of thinking (top-down, tyranny, and mindless marching robots) the GOP ISN’T a political party (except that it IS because the “regular” GOP is top-down, tyrannical, and all about controlling the mindless marching robots).  In the view of the chief minion and his “messiah”, a political party exists to tell the peons what to do, and make it seem like they are important (within limits, of course).  The second gaffe was typical of dear old dotty, shoe-size-IQ Uncle Joe: he misspoke, and a couple hundred other White House minions and Demo operatives slapped their foreheads.  Again.  Once more, just imagine if he were a GOP type like Dan Quayle, and how much fun the press would have – instead of just burying this story like the bone your stupid but lovable dog brings in.

Speaking of stupid politicians, though a whole lot more creepy than Uncle Joe, we have John Kerry.  He is belittling “Climate Questioners” As ‘Flat Earth Society’. Funny, that is what those devout believers in global warming have always made me think of. Of course, John sees himself, even more than Miz Hilary did, as being the “Chief deputy campaigner to the rest of the world” for the Democratic agenda, whether it is “gay” rights or “global warming” or “gee, ain’t Islamist extremists nice?” positions.

I see that Venezuela is accusing the U.S. of lying, and is preparing to expel US embassy officials. This is, of course, the pot calling the kettle black. What in the world are we doing wasting taxpayer money by having any US embassy officials IN Caracas.  Can’t we just subcontract with Canada?

To change the subject:

Women drivers may be better – in the air, according to statistics on helicopter crashes and accidents.  Gee, isn’t that something that Heinlein pointed out about sixty years ago?  And the Army is just admitting it?

The Swiss air force did not respond to the recent highjacked aircraft which flew over its airspace, and the reason given is that the flight crews and ground crews observe banker’s hours: morning, off for lunch, and then afternoon.  No nighttimes or evenings or weekends.  The Blaze and others condemned this as “ridiculous” and touted the USAF for having jets on two-minute standby constantly, and condemned Congress for trying to cut this.  Well, I’ve no problem with condemning Congress, but in general.  And I suspect that the Swiss were being both closed-mouth AND laughing as the reporters wrote this down and reported it.  The truth is, for the Swiss to respond by scrambling interceptors to escort the highjacked airliner would have been a waste of time, money, and energy.  It posed NO threat to anyone in Switzerland, no more than any OTHER aircraft flying over or landing, UNLESS the Swiss were so stupid as to shoot it down or scare the pilot into crashing.  France and Italy wasted them all.  The Swiss (no fools when it comes to defending themselves) realized that the pilot/highjacker would be better dealt with on the ground.  Why joggle his elbow?  Why risk killing hundreds of people on board and many on the ground by shooting when it wasn’t necessary?

Of course, given the stupidity of the American National Command Authority (NCA) [Need I tell you who THAT is?], the USAF would have been ordered to splash the airliner if it came within 500 miles of DC or NYC.  OR where ever that squatter in 1600 Pennsy was.  Not only that, but I would suspect that there were plenty of anti-aircraft weapons on the ground, pulled out of someone’s office closet or home arms locker, to take out the aircraft in a “lesser of two evils” scenario if it turned out he wanted to be a martyr instead of seeking asylum, by shooting it down over farm fields or mountain tops or ski areas instead of letting him crash it into a market square or, what, the League of Nations building?  But the Swiss (I once served with a Swiss officer) can have a nice sense of humor, and I am sure the spokesperson practiced saying this with a straight face.

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