Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-11E: Fuehrerprincip and nasty news

Good morning!  Or is it?  Lots of nasty news out there today…

First, apparently the ‘messiah’ – now better known as “our beloved Fuehrer” has apparently written/signed a new imperial decree (or is that “Fuehrer-Befehl” instead) that allows him (and his minions the Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary of State (Finanzminister und Assenminister)) to seize the assets: land, money, animals, underage children, etc.) of any American “person” who “undermines” or “threatens” Ukraine, directly or indirectly. Which apparently would include me, since I’ve spoken very badly of the stupid actions of the FedGov regarding Ukraine and the Crimea.  And Mama Liberty, at least indirectly.  I suppose the goons will be coming sooner than later.  Sure, they will claim it doesn’t relate to free speech, but we know how THAT works.

Adding insult and compounding stupidity, the American Fuehrer announced MORE sanctions on Thursday against prominent Russians including close allies of President Vladimir Putin, as Moscow raced to complete its annexation of Crimea and built up its forces in the region. Of course, Moscow retaliated as they geared up for any impact and even an economic downturn.  Is this yet another slip down the slide to war?

Do you or your family own ivory?  You are now a criminal thanks to the American Fuehrer and his Fueher-Befehl ban on selling even antique ivory (if less than 100 years old) legally obtained. Never mind little archaic concepts like making things crimes AFTER you did them, or outdated ideas like Congress passing laws: he can do whatever he decides is right, because der Volk are “behind him” – or at least somewhere between 30 and 49% are, according to the latest polls. What is next to be banned or made illegal?  Wooden furniture?  The list grows longer with time.

FedGov study is paying Mexican male prostitutes for not getting STDs while Hawai’i undercover police get paid for having sex with prostitutes.  Who says government isn’t consistent (sometimes?)? It is so GOOD for the USGov to help out poor countries like Mexico who can’t offer this important social safety net. (sarcasm, please.)

The Fueher wants to make sure His daughters don’t have to quit their jobs when they have children, Hmm.  That makes a LOT of assumptions.  First, that these two women will ever need to work a day of their lives after they inherit the fortune that almost all presidents (since Truman, at least) have accumulated during and after they leave office.  Second, that these daughters of Tranzis are going to HAVE children and contribute to destroying the planet.  Third, that IF they do, that the FedGov won’t make all children enroll in creches (ala Brave New World) within months of birth.  (Of course, all bets are off, come the revolution.)

Federal ‘Motor Voter’ forms In Kansas and Arizona must include proof of citizenship, at least until the Fuehrer’s flunkies (especially that Himmler wannabe Holder) close the states’ efforts down.  And of course, ignore the court decisions that say these states CAN do that.  (Like the Fuehrer’s flunkies do so much of.)

There are those who urge Mrs. Obama the Fueher’s consort to speak out against Chinese rights abuses, as her “predecesors” did. I would like to assume that they are suggesting this for the humor value, as it is clear that her ideal of a perfect society is much closer to China than even the accelerating police state conditions in many of the Fifty States.

According to KOAT-TV, four US Forest Service police officers and a drug-sniffing dog recently performed the search at the Taos Ski Valley Resort, and cited several people for possessing marijuana, driving recklessly and having cracked windshields.  New Mexico already looks and smells like a police state much of the time: this just adds to the stench.  We need to have USFS citing people for cracked windshield?  Please.  There is NO justification for this sort of insanity.

Researchers say that Terra got a lucky pass early in 2012, when a massive solar flare missed us and space around us.  They claim it was as bad as the 1859 Carrington event, largest magnetic storm to ever hit the planet, which knocked out the nation’s telegraph system.  Although this is a lot like another “crying wolf” or “Chicken Little” incident, it does remind us that NOTHING human-made is forever, and that things can and do go badly wrong, usually on a less than planetary scale, of course.  It is a good idea to plan for many contingencies, even things like this: can we continue to live without electrical power or electronic communications?  Of course, if we are prepared.

Mama’s Note: “Live without electricity (or an equivalent)?” At least some of us can survive that, but a great many would not. A lot of babies who survive now would die, same for many elderly and disabled. A great deal of modern food preparation and preservation would not be possible. There is almost no substitute for safe and clean lighting of homes and businesses, though I’d love to see far less of outdoor lighting myself. Most home heating requires electricity for some part of its function, even if the actual heat is obtained from other things. And very little widespread communication would be possible without it either. Many human beings could survive without electricity, but they would have to embrace a 19th century lifestyle most likely. I’m prepared to do that for short periods, but I wouldn’t want to live that way for very long.

Apparently Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is an evil, evil man.  No, not because he is a statist, but because he uses his (presumably government-issued) cell phone to text or tweet a Scriptural citation: Philippians 4:13.  (That should be a familiar verse to those readers who read the Bible:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)  Our wonderful “non-religionist” atheists are attacking him for – get this – lending governmental and gubernatorial cachet to a religious Book (other than Origin of the Species or any of Carl Sagan’s holy writings, of course).  Do I need to point out that they are therefore “anticonstitutional” since the Wisconsin State Constitution states in part: ““We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, form a more perfect government, insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare, do establish this constitution.”  I am not fond of Walker or his quasi-conservative statist agenda, but even he has a right to speak his piece and even quote the Apostle Paul.

As did this man: Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died on Wednesday.  I use the media term “founder” of course, hopefully in a way which even Mr. Phelps would have objected to.  Phelps could (and did) say whatever he wanted to, whatever he believed, and he believed that all of America’s woes were because of the decay of society and specifically because of so many of the States and people accepting homosexuality as “normal.”  But he chose to do so in a way which angered many people who were as disgusted with the perversions of homosexuality as he was, and in a way which made homosexuality mainstream  at least, easier to accept as such.  In this, he imitated many historical Baptist leaders, dating back to the establishment of the denomination in the 1650s.  (I say “denomination” but there are MANY Baptist denominations, of course: each with their own headquarters and organization and name and particular beliefs.)  Westboro could have adopted almost ANY so-called fundamentalist denominational uniform: Wesleyan, Assemblies, Church of God, whatever, or been “interdenominational” or “multidenominational” or “independent.”  I honestly don’t know how close they were to “standard” Baptist doctrine, because you never heard about what else they preached or did: nothing about benevolence or evangelism or worship or fundamental world view except that by their actions, the first and greatest of great commandments seems to have been “God Hates Fags” [sic].  This is, of course, a perversion of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, but then, much of what “typical” Baptist churches teach is a perversion: they still adhere (despite their history) the concept of the “national church” and an unholy alliance of church and state still seen in the history books, as well as errors in church organization, understanding of the Tanakh (Old Testament), and much else.  BUT IT WAS HIS GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO BE WRONG.  To say what he wanted to. No matter how wrong or distasteful or disgusting it was.  And too many people would use “law” to crush Fred, his fellow church members, and anyone who would speak out for their right to say what they believed.

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