Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-14E: Soviet-style FedGov control

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and welcome to the end of the week.  Fun and games in DC, while lack of self-defense results in more and more injuries under very odd circumstances, and polls that show our modern political problems are NOT just a 21st Century phenomenon, but go back decades (as if we didn’t know that already).

On to news commentary:

The FedGov and the state governments seem to have learned a “valuable” lesson from the Soviet Union of the 1940s-1980s: the use of “mental illness” and related problems as an excuse to control and imprison people – even before they become “dissidents.” While there are several ways the FedGov is using this, perhaps the most hideous is the “epidemic” of ADD and ADHD in American school children. It seems to be, indeed, a effort to eradicate masculinity; and what is worse, it seems to be succeeding.  The Centers for Disease Control first attempted to tally ADHD cases in 1997 and found that about 3 percent of American schoolchildren had received the diagnosis, a number that seemed roughly in line with past estimates. But after that year, the number of diagnosed cases began to increase by at least 3 percent every year. Then, between 2003 and 2007, cases increased at a rate of 5.5 percent each year. In 2013, the CDC released data revealing that 11 percent of American schoolchildren had been diagnosed with ADHD, which amounts to 6.4 million children between the ages of four and seventeen—a 16 percent increase since 2007 and a 42 percent increase since 2003. Boys are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed as girls—15.1 percent to 6.7 percent. By high school, even more boys are diagnosed—nearly one in five.  It appears that it is a disease to be a boy, to be masculine, and thus tendencies to be that way MUST be rooted out and banished by use of drugs and other punishment.  This fits right in with “he’s making gun motions” and finger guns and eating Poptarts to look like guns and being charged with sexual harassment for pulling a girl’s pigtails or (shocking) kissing her.  Or telling a teacher she looks pretty (now, a boy telling a male teacher he looks pretty is apparently okay).  So, do we add “war on male childhood” to “war on some drugs” and “war on those who don’t believe in evolution” and “war on those who don’t believe in global warming” and all the others?

A similar technique of controlling the masses (or rather, those who try to do go) is found in Alabama, where a new law intended to protect  brick-and-mortar food service places (restaurants, cafes, imbisses, kiosks, etc. against the evils of mobile food vendors and push-cart types is keeping Good Samaritans from providing food to the needy and homeless.  The fixed food places decided that the only way that they could “compete” with the mobile places is to cheat and have government be bullies.  And now a lot more people suffer.  Supposedly this is an unintended consequence, but I wonder (as do several of the people commenting on it).

I’ve been watching as the rhetoric ramped up on both sides on the latest standoff in extreme southeastern Nevada. A cattleman is challenging what he describes as an overbearing federal government… and the government, claiming that they have been patient for twenty years with his trespassing and lawbreaking, has responded by sending out a small army to deal with him. Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is watching his cattle being rounded up and sold (all supposed to be paid for by him from prison, apparently).  Some onlookers are worried that they may be watching another Ruby Ridge, and actually encouraging hundreds of “militia” to show up to face off with the BLM and other agencies. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) and Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV) have both been very critical of what they say has been an overreaching federal government.  The Clark County Sheriff seems to be siding with the feds.  Name calling and worse, including insanely stupid “First Amendment Zone” actions, seem to be riling everyone still more, and the claims of a “new American revolution” are bouncing around.  I’m watching and listening.

In the government-run, tax-funded “public schools” the threats keep ramping up, as 22 (or more) people were injured in a Chinese-style  mass stabbing rampage in Murraysville, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) yesterday.  The same day, another man went wild with a knife in gun-safe Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been told that already, at least one prominent Tranzi black leader has called for a ban on knives, but couldn’t find this reported.  Certainly we can expect even MORE panic over the occasional forgotten pocket knife or multi-tool, even though this “blank-faced” boy was using kitchen knives.  The fact that not even the school “police resource officer” was armed once again shows the horrors of gun-free zones: there appear to have been several heroes during the horror, but none armed and able to do anything more than the disarmed soldiers at Fort Hood did a few days ago.

These folks weren’t the only ones disarmed, apparently: protesters at a speech by Mrs. Clinton in Las Vegas at a metal recycling conference had only a shoe to throw at the would-be tyrant.  The woman was arrested and charged; clearly not a Muslim.  I want to know why the recycling industry is wasting money paying Clinton to speak.  Of course, she usually demonstrates a lot of brass, so maybe they are hoping…

Investors Business Daily has released an interesting poll that shows that single women are much more liberal than married women.  Meanwhile the WaPo tells us that a new study reports that US policy has slanted in the direction of liberalism for the last 70 years, with only 10 percent of the major government policy shifts being “conservative.”  Is it safe to say in the last CENTURY that nearly 100 percent of major government policy decisions have been opposed to personal freedom and liberty?  (I can’t think of any that are really on the side of liberty, even things like the Heller decision or all the “civil rights” legislation. Maybe readers can?)

In DC, the long-raucous dispute over the IRS targeting of Republican and “conservative” political groups took a new turn, with Congressman Elijah Cummings (who last summer sought release of documents to “prove” that there was no IRS conspiracy) being accused of conspiring with the IRS against specific groups, while Holder (“Don’t go there, buddy.”) was also involved: yet the GOP thinks that Holder is willing to prosecute the former IRS chief?

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