Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-14D: more evil things we aren’t supposed to do

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, everyone.

Remember when all these municipal and other local governments were constantly pushing carpooling?  You can still see signs encouraging it.  But the larger American cities are being pressured by taxi companies (and unions) and other “concerned parties” to discourage or even outlaw carpooling, now that it is ridesharing with connections on internet to help.  Farfetched?  Never underestimate the power of unions and companies that enjoy a monopoly or near monopoly: that is exactly WHY we have licensing and franchises for things like taxis, hairdressing, and barbering.

Well, it seems Americans spend more on taxes than food, clothing and housing COMBINED.  Which, according to the Tranzis, is the way it should be.  And is incredibly stupid.  Of course, there are those trying to fix this situation:  new FDA and other FedGov rules are driving the price of food up quickly (together with some new pig virus and harsh winter weather), and I just read an article a few days ago whinging about how horrible it is that clothing only costs Americans 2-3% of their income and that this is evil on multiple levels, so we MUST start paying more.

China wants the FedGov to know that we (the USA) should think very carefully before we start messing with them.  It has come to this, that our “enemies” are more worried about the stupid things “our” government (the FedGov) will do than we are.

Russia is agitating in Ukraine, seemingly doing their best to cause unrest throughout the nation, or so it is claimed: you can also interpret that as ethnic Russians doing this all on their own, without any prompting (but probably not any dissuasion either) from Moscow. Understandably, the FedGov and NATO are not happy with the way Russia is handling things… but Russia just doesn’t care. And why should they?  They are completely unafraid that we will do anything worse than deprive them of Pepsi.

78% of the Fifty States have been cooler than normal since October 1st. Despite this, NOAA currently has (on their website, a piece of propaganda about how the spring thaw started on 21 March (gee, what an odd date) in the Arctic and that the ice coverage is at its lowest since 1979 FOR THIS DATE.  Is it any wonder that more and more of us believe government less and less.

One of the Fuehrer’s minions, good old SecState John Kerry knows just how to win friends and influence people – so he’s blaming Israel for the failure of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, thus satisfying our “Arab friends.”  This is the, what, the fifty-fifth failure of those talks in sixty-seven years?  Compared to all of maybe ten “successes” and then a couple of years where everyone was too busy fighting to talk?  Which brings up the next point about the Fuehrer and his underlings.

It’s been very, very funny watching the Fuehrer and his minions squirm as even the mainstream media begins noticing the hypocrisy in their double-talk. CBS noted the hypocrisy and that the administration was getting “roughed up” for it. CNN calls the administration’s stance on gender equality in pay a case of “do as I say not as I do.” Shucks, most of us just call it hypocrisy.  And point out that it has been going on for at least five years with the Fuehrer, not to go back to earlier regimes.

More double-talk: The Fuehrer’s shill, Jay Carney says that Republicans can ‘Take politics out of it’ by passing the Democrats’ bill.  Well, he is right.  Abject surrender always simplifies things.  “Our enemies,” thunders the dictator, “are the ones causing this war.  They could end the fighting and the killing immediately by just surrendering.”  How simple life can be!

There are a lot of different stories out today about Holder’s remarks on “gun bracelets” as people respond differently.  One says: Holder: DOJ Considering Forcing Gun Owners to Wear Electronic Bracelets while another says: Holder: We want to explore gun tracking bracelets. I’ve looked at these and several other stories, and I think that the writers are reading in a whole lot more into Holder than they should be:.  We HAVE to be very careful with anything this man does, but he is a criminal and a tyrant and liar, but NOT a fool.  This is nothing new: he and others have been advocating “smart-guns” for a long time, and a couple of states actually had bills introduced to require that.  (As stupid as the microstamping of bullets.)    Holder’s comments here may be intended to do just what it has done, rile up a lot of people (and distract from other things).  His demeanor in front of another congressional committee is obviously that of an arrogant thug who believes he can intimidate anyone he wants to, and fool everyone at least some of the time.  But this bracelet idea is nothing new and should not distract us from other things he (and the other minions of the Fuehrer) are doing.

As Mama Liberty points out, even if this sort of stupidity becomes law, IT WILL NOT WORK: not to stop murders and homicides, AND not to stop Americans from being able to defend ourselves against abusive bureaucrats, politicians, and other criminals.  She figures they couldn’t enforce it in the district of criminals, much less Wyoming or other western states.

On to some other news:
Veterans make up only 3% of Congressional staff–in offices that responded, which makes me feel proud of veterans; at least those who refuse to stomach joining the ranks of the minions of Congress, even if they are too often clientèle of Congress.

Americans on Medicaid exceed the population of the UK, which makes sense when you consider that the population of the Fifty States is five times that of the UK, and both the aging of the population AND the way the governments have been pushing people to join Medicaid.  The advertising in the past several years is pure propaganda, and serves to increase the power and number of workers (and thus, power and money) administering the program.  It is one of many things that have bankrupted the US, yet it is never enough for the Tranzis.

DeMint warns people that ‘Big Business is no friend of conservatism’ nor of any kind of Libertarianism, minarchist or anarchist.  This SHOULD NOT come as news to anyone, but sadly, there are millions of people who confuse free markets and capitalism with Big Business and capitalist-dominated economies (and polities).  Big Business has FAR more in common with Big Government than with either small business or private consumers and producers.  This has been the case since the days of British and Dutch mercantilism, and has really changed very little in the last 400 years.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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