Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-14C: Free speech bans, secession

By Nathan Barton

Midweek good morning!

The Quebec Liberal party sailed to an astonishing victory, getting a majority provincial government by the defeat Parti Quebecois, the party on track for its worse election since 1970, six years before they first took power in Quebec.  This will no doubt be viewed by most as a defeat for secession, running contrary to elections and expectations in Europe, but I suspect that the far-left economic and social policies of the PQ are more to blame.  To be blunt, an independent Quebec would see massive flight of Anglophiles and would soon resemble Haiti or French Guiana more than the rest of Canada, at least in the eyes of many people tired of the French-only policies and growing socialism.

Mozilla firing of their two-week-old CEO because he donated to the campaign for California Prop 8 has resulted in significant blowback, with many of the “Mozillans” (94%) being unhappy.  So unhappy, apparently, that Firefox has turned off its feedback system (as of Monday).  This reverse-boycott probably won’t result in Mozilla rehiring the man who DARED to exercise his free speech rights, because donating $1000 six years ago to support “traditional” marriage is a hate-crime in the eyes of people who promote Astro-turf “grassroots” opposition and boycotts.

Mama’s Note: My ONLY problem with his donation is the fact that it was done to promote a political goal, to further enable the state to limit the liberty and free choice of some people. Whether or not their choices are good or bad (and no person has any right to decide that for another) is immaterial to the fact that some people wish to control their private lives. Nobody has any legitimate authority to do that.

American service members are joining Australian Forces in growing numbers, according to The Last Resistance.  I find this quite baffling, for Americans (no matter how frustrated and angry and hurt by the continuing decay of US military forces and their abuse by Congress and White House) to switch allegiance, and swear an oath to the Queen.  Certainly isn’t like Brit or Aussie or Kiwi governments really have much better records about liberty and freedom than DC does.

Mama’s Note: Now that IS strange. I hadn’t heard about this before. What are they thinking?

Of course, the track record of the regime in DC grows more stained all the time. Miriam Carey, the woman gunned down in front of the US Capitol by police, was shot five times, including one shot to the back of the head.  It was, indeed, an execution, by cops protecting the “leaders of the Free World” from a distraught woman, killed with her infant child in the car with her.  Of course, the Capitol Police had no response to the autopsy.  NO one has adequately explained why deadly force should have been used.  No one.

The Nazgul have turned down an appeal from the New Mexico photographer convicted of refusing to take pictures for a homosexual couple.  Thus, one more nail is driven into the coffin of the First Amendment: there is no free speech for photographers, cake bakers, or anyone else who does not affirm the wonders of “homosexual marriage.”  Including me. I guess the photographer should be “grateful” that the Albuquerque or other NM police didn’t decide to just kill them to avoid the court case, as they have done to so many other people.  Sure, they are trying to train their police cadets better: but what about the tens of thousands of uniformed thugs who won’t be in the academy?

Mama’s Note: Just what makes you think that anyone is actually even interested in “training” the cadets better? Better in what? Lying, covering up and protecting their masters better? Yep, I’ll buy that one.

As for business owners and the homosexual mess, my guess is that there will be far fewer photographers, wedding cake bakers, etc. as time goes on. Add this trampling of the right of association to all of the other injustice, taxes, stupid regulations and outright violence at the drop of a hat… why would anyone stay in business? Why would anyone start a new one? They’ll have to bake their own damned cakes and take selfies for photos, I guess.

Sometimes I just HAVE to report good news. With the enactment of Senate Bill 38, Alabama law now expressly recognizes home instruction by someone other than a state-certified private tutor as an option for complying with the compulsory school attendance requirements.  Government should have NO say on how parents decide to teach their children, but the current reality is that children and families can be destroyed by ‘public schools” and Alabama was a strong enemy of homeschooling.  This changes a lot.

Of course, the reasons for getting children OUT of “public” (government-run, tax-funded) schools grow almost daily.  The latest is a 13-year-old New Jersey boy accused by a classmate of “making gun motions” when twirling a traditional pencil in his hands: to be subjected to a strip search, blood and urine testing, and four hours of interrogation before being suspended from school.  The justification of the school superintendent for the abuse would sound right coming from a Nazi or Communist apparatchik: Tranzi to the core.

A bill that passed the Vermont House without controversy is now in doubt after gun-rights advocates exposed provisions allowing police to take guns during domestic disputes. People have a hard time waking up to the reality: even in the HOME of “Vermont Carry” there are many, MANY politicians and people who want everyone disarmed and are willing to go to great lengths to disarm a few here and a few there.  Good for the Vermont activists.

Mama’s Note: This is the next serious and very dangerous battleground. Just as with the soviets, the US government is working hard to use the hysteria about “mental illness” to include absolutely anyone and everyone they wish to disarm. And beyond disarming us, of course. They want control, total control, total compliance. Anyone at all, including politicians who have freedom leanings, will be marginalized and targeted with the mental illness label as much as possible. What remains to be seen is how widely this nonsense is accepted. There is hope…

On the other hand, thanks to Steve, I’ve heard good news from Tennessee where open carry (without permit) may again be recognized as the right of every citizen.  As a border state, Tennessee is often very schizophrenic about liberty, but has been gradually swinging more towards freedom in the last few years, bucking the national trend.  Good for the Volunteer State workers.

That sort of situation is needed, if evil incidents like the white man being beaten beyond recognition by a Detroit mob after getting out to help a child who had run out into the street and he had struck.  As the article points out, the beating is racist; except that the FedGov and Nazgul don’t recognize black on white violence as racist.  Far better to have a weapon with which to defend yourself than this.

Of course that gang of thugs may have learned (or not learned) from the example of one of the most powerful men of their race and the way he behaves in formal public hearings.  The man should have been called to account long ago, but instead, puts on public displays of temper and sly digs.

The Spanish Parliament has rejected Catalonia’s request to conduct a referendum on secession.  They claim that since this affects “all of Spain” that all of Spain should vote on it, except that it is prohibited by the constitution.  Like many observers, I believe this will just lead to more of a desire on the part of the Catlans to leave Spain.  Especially since Spain’s central government refuses to allow much internal autonomy, except in lip service.  I also expect Spain to emulate Italy and declare those in  favor of secession to be terrorists and criminals.

Which brings us full circle to the ever more obvious death of the First Amendment here in the Fifty States.  When you are punished by government, or by private entities with the support of government, for having politically incorrect opinions on what is sin, what is defined as marriage, what team names are used, and all the other things that are now, not illegal, but “unforgivable,” there is no real free speech left.  Every person must look over their shoulder for the ubiquitous spy or informer or block warden when they say anything that someone might take offense at.  It will take a long time to heal that wound to our society, if indeed it can be healed at all.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-14C: Free speech bans, secession

  1. My two cents on the “why are GIs going to the Australian military?” question:

    Remember that the American military has been composed of mercenaries – soldiers for hire – for decades now. The vast majority of people who enlist do it for the job and the training, not out of any particular sense of patriotic duty. So, as the American military reduces in size, they’re taking their skills (and desire for a paycheck) off to foreign shores where the jobs are available. That’s what mercenaries do – they go where the work is.


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