Let’s Try That Again

By MamaLiberty

Last week I wrote, Bloomberg and MDA to Empower Women. I was a bit surprised at some of the comments I got, both on the blog and elsewhere, so it seemed like a good idea to come back and clarify what I was thinking, as well as to expand on some of it.

I probably should have anticipated a strong reaction to the abortion reference, and I’m sorry that became the focus instead of the point I was actually trying to make. Most of those who follow people like Bloomberg say they want “equality” and “safety,” yet demand to dictate to everyone the terms they will accept while they refuse to take responsibility for themselves or much of anything. I can’t think of any better way to say that right now, but I’ll probably try again many times. It is that important.

Not all fit this pattern, obviously, and I’m glad beyond measure to see more and more people, men and women, starting to think for themselves and measure the lies they have been told against the reality around them; question the goals and preferences they have been taught to value, and take steps to regain control of their own lives and property. Still a sad minority, but growing daily as the lies and perverse incentives reveal the true agenda of people like Bloomberg.

And what is Bloomberg’s agenda? The same as every other politician (whether in public or in private): Control of the lives and property of every human being. They are aided and encouraged by all those who think they can live without being responsible for their choices and actions and make “other people” pay for the consequences; people who think they can actually live by controlling, and plundering, all of those around them. The fact that the would be controllers who follow such politicians are also being plundered, controlled and ultimately will be disposed of, seems to be just dawning on at least some of them. Will they take the next step to self ownership, self responsibility? Only time will tell.

Just a few more words about abortion.

I’m not in the least proposing to send the government goons to your door to haul you away for anything, but it does seem that this question needs to be looked at and considered from many angles.

Take the “blob of protoplasm” argument; that this clump of rapidly dividing cells is somehow not a human being. I wonder at what magical point in the process that happens, if not at conception. What number of living cells make the blob suddenly “human?” I’d really like to know. If it is wrong to kill an innocent human being at any time… No, a fetus is not yet fully formed, nor able to survive on its own, but then neither is a two year old.

And then, I’m always amazed at some of the “animal rights” proponents who can become hysterical at the thought of turtle, fish or wild duck eggs being deliberately destroyed (or destroyed for any reason). After all, they are not yet turtles, fish or ducks, so why should anyone care? I have no idea how many of these animal people think abortion is acceptable, but I wonder if they ever see the inconsistency of their thinking if so.

In any case, I’m grateful that YOU are here to share these thoughts with me, and very happy that your blob of protoplasm wasn’t sucked into a sink when you were a helpless zygote. Think about that for a moment…

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