Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-16C: Religions

By Nathan Barton

Good morning/Guten Morgan.  Earth Day is past for another year, a frustrating and evil day that should remind us that our daily lives are damaged by the tyranny – instituted by Congress and supposed “conservative” Republican president – of the EPA and its state-level surrogates and gang-members.  I am not saying that there are NOT many good and sincere employees of agencies like Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, New Mexico Environment Department, or Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.  There are even some good and sincere and knowledgeable employees of US EPA and the dozen other FedGov agencies that rule over us with an iron rod “for our own good” and “for Mother Earth.”

But our day-to-day, even minute-to-minute lives are impacted both significantly and negatively by the laws and the regulations and the permits and the conditions and the interpretations and the rulings that together make up a trillion-dollar impact on our Fifty States and every community.  It is time, past time, to end the EPA.

Actually, if for no other reason than the Bill of Rights, the EPA is an illegal organization, since it is indeed very much an establishment of religion: the new religion of environism is being taught and preached and practiced by government agencies from the local animal control district to DC.  Enough IS enough.

On to news:

Actually the first news item IS about the EPA.  The EPA Chief  is Flying to 5 Cities to Urge Carbon Reduction, instead of “setting the example” by telecommuting to these five cities (and hundreds more).  Of course, we don’t dare deny any of the Fuehrer’s senior minions their perks.  These religious festivals, like the Earth Day worship, have to end.

Too bad!  A Connecticut senator almost got hit by a passing commuter train as he prepared to speak at a “commuter safety press conference” on Saturday, because HE ignored the “paramount” issue of safety- by standing on the yellow line and on a painted notice on the floor of the platform to “watch out.”  All caught on video, and a PERFECT illustration of the insane and incredible hubris and stupidity of these idiots in Congress.  Watch the video!  Too bad he avoided the actual strike!

Corker: Obama Foreign Policy ‘A Day Late and A Dollar Short’, which of course has been a chronic problem with American diplomacy for about 230 years or so, if not longer.  And as the next story reminds us, we need to remember just what braindead cretin is “in charge” right now.

As Ukraine Crisis Deepens, Cracks Emerge in Kerry’s Geneva Deal and we are again moving closer to war.  Is this stupid or what?  Of course, the man IS stupid. And egotistical, as the next story illustrates.

John Kerry’s Easter Message: I’m ‘First Catholic Secretary of State in 33 Years’ – what self-serving hypocrisy and egotism!  Of course, it helps to have him remind us that he is Catholic: there are few other indicators that he is, or even religious (except towards the State as God and humanism and Tranzi religion).  So.  Why hasn’t his local bishop excommunicated him?  Same question to ask about Pelosi and Reid and others.  Especially since the PRIMARY thrust of American diplomacy (well, FedGov diplomacy) is apparently the promotion of same-sex “marriage” and homosexual behavior both condemned by the Roman Catholic church with (for once) biblical backing.  Have I mentioned that Kerry is stupid?

Speaking of scummy, bogus/apostate Catholics, not only did Pelosi say that her mom wanted her to be a nun but that SHE wanted to be a priest (for the power), but Bozell points out that to REAL Roman Catholics, Pelosi’s Mimicry of Pope Is ‘Sickening and Shameful,’ ‘Sacrilegious’.  (And probably to a lot of other folks, too.)

One of the more pitiable of Democrats, Wasserman-Schultz tells us Midterm Election ‘Absolutely Not’ A Referendum on the Fuehrer.  Just on his policies and the denizens of those two wings of the Capitol and all those big office buildings.  The only way this could be a “referendum” on the man is if there were enough seats in the Senate that went to people with courage to convict after impeachment in the House.  And we KNOW that is a pipe dream.

Nigerian Terrorist Leader Tells Obama to Go ‘To Hell’, thereby joining millions of (but not enough) citizens of the Fifty States (“Americans”).  I don’t want him to do that, I want him to repent and turn from his wicked ways, or failing that, just GO AWAY.  Like the EPA.

Man Attempts to Fight Elderly Couple on Bus, But Nearby PassengersWeren’t Going to Let That Happen even in Boston.  “As the individual approaches the couple and begins threatening the woman, her partner stands up to defend her. That’s when the irate individual threw a punch at the elderly man.  Immediately following the punch, multiple passengers jump in to the elderly couple’s defense, striking the profane man repeatedly.” As MamaLiberty pointed out, it is encouraging to see bystanders starting to get involved like this.  Sadly, to most people, what these passengers did was wrong, evil, and illegal.  They SHOULD have called 911, carefully observed the man’s appearance and actions, MAYBE provided first aid (only if certified and trained to do so, of course), and then provided the information to the police when they showed up.  People who defend other members of their community from attackers are threats to the state.  They might have to join the people supposedly addressed in the next story.

A Democratic Congressman claims that the Fuehrer has been forced to deport a “huge number of Americans” in a conference call pushing immigration “reform” legislation in Congress.  [No wonder we need to have so many additional immigrants!] This matches Biden’s statement that the eleven million [sic] “undocumented” immigrants are “already Americans” in his eyes, but fails to do basic things like follow the law or the Constitution.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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