Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-16B: Schools and the evil thereof

By Nathan Barton

Good morning to all.

Here are some general news items before I get down to the main business today: the continuing damage of government-run, tax-funded “education” bureaucracies on our children, our communities, and our society.

First (and added late), I remember that today is “Earth Day:” that false new religion holy day of environism that gives us pause to consider that a large part of our modern tyranny has the supposed purpose of “taking care of Mother Earth.”  It has reached the breaking point.  Byron reminds us: “Who would be free themselves must strike the blow.”  There is none of the Fifty States where the EPA and its state-level surrogates have not draped us in chains, and it is not reform but repeal that must be our goal.  Enough said, for now.

Detroit Gunman Points Gun at Driver, Pulls the Trigger Twice — He Couldn’t Have Expected What Happened Next:  “The trigger was pulled twice. “And it misfired,” one of the brothers said.  MamaLiberty had a lot to say about this one:  Poor reporting, or none of them really understand how guns operate. I suspect this was not a revolver, since there is little likelihood of two consecutive cartridges being duds. And, rather than misfire – though that’s certainly possible – the gun may not have fired because the safety was on. And, of course, with an auto, pulling the trigger again after a misfire accomplishes nothing. Anyway, glad the intended victims are OK. This is one incident where they’d be hard pressed to defend themselves, even if they had a gun. But nice touch that the criminal left his wallet behind. Wonder how that happened. 🙂 It would be hard to defend themselves, which is why places like Detroit should be ABANDONED by anyone with a bit of common sense and ANY love for freedom for themselves and their family.

The US is sending ground troops to Poland and Estonia.  This story showed up this weekend, but it so surprised me that, when I considered the sources, I had to look it up.  I found it in the web edition of Stars & Stripes, the worldwide daily newspaper published for US troops.  It IS true, and the reason given makes sense but sets off alarm bells: supposedly a company-sized unit (about 150 troops) is being deployed for joint training.  That excuse smells, given the insane way the US and NATO has been about Ukraine and Russia.  They seem to WANT to start a war.

Mama’s Note: This just might be the war they gave and nobody came… I’m reminded of the stories of poor recruitment, increasing troop dissatisfaction and suicide, officers resigning in shame… all seeming to indicate the deterioration of the military at all levels. Will they be sending the lady soldiers to the front lines in Ukraine? That ought to be a spectacular success.

The is presenting an analysis of how “defense” bureaucracy and insider-trading blocked the acquisition and deployment  of a badly needed software system that would have saved the lives, not just of US and NATO troops, but of local people in Afghanistan, starting on Wednesday.  An introduction to that can be found here.  This is FAR from the first time and will NOT be the LAST time that the bureaucrats and lickspittles in the Pentagon and the idiots in the Capitol and the White House have done something like this:  causing men and women to be killed needlessly, both in our own forces, among our civilians, and in enemy forces and civilians in war zones and occupied lands.

Mama’s Note: It seems to me that ALL of the deaths associated with US involvement outside of the American continent are “needless” and could easily have been avoided without any software. The fact that so many in the Middle east are bound and determined to kill each other is their own business.

Salon, like Slate and many other on-line/hard print publications, is very liberal and Tranzi (despite claims of the DNC), and anything they publish must be looked at carefully (not that conservative and libertarian media gets a bye from me).  They are, at best, condescending to people whom they deem “conservative” (especially in religion), and generally rude to libertarians (minarchists or anarchists).  So it is no surprise to find them joining in castigating the way the former CEO of Mozilla, and the Robertsons (Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander) and Chik-fil-A has been treated by the media and other supporters of so-called “gay marriage.”  Now they have launched a fresh attack against those who dare to believe in the Bible, claiming that the Bible does not teach what it clearly DOES teach.  Apparently their goal is to further fracture the religious community (which is, frankly, not that hard to do).  Several people answer this ably, including the good folks at Godfather Politics.  But expect the Salon article to be used time and again to attack those who follow the Christ.  And expect the persecution of those who do to grow quickly more strong.

Mama’s Note: The only real issue as far as I’m concerned is the effort of any of these people to use the power of government to force their own beliefs and morals on other people. Trash talk on TV is just silly, but promoting “laws” to limit the choices and actions of others is seriously wrong. Otherwise, everyone should simply mind their own business and leave everyone else to do the same.

Nathan: That is indeed the point. Salon is pushing for laws that in the near term (as in Canada and the UK) will turn people like the owners of Chik-fil-A and Duck Commander into criminals merely for speaking their mind.

The entire stupidity of zero-tolerance in the “public” schools continues to take on more and more sinister implications, and become more and more restrictive.  Latest victim is a teacher, who has been convicted of having household tools in a tool box to teach his students how to use them, accepted by a judge as “weapons.” A New Jersey college professor was suspended for eight days for having a picture of his 7-year-old daughter wearing a Game of Thrones tee-shirt posted in his office, claiming that the words “Fire & Blood” were a threat and referred to someone showing up with an AK-47 and shooting people on campus.  The insanity grows each month, it seems.  Again, there is NO reason to have a single child in a government-ruined, theft-funded school.  NONE.

Public schools have MORE to face than just Game of Thrones and attacks by dragons, it seems.  The consort of the Fuehrer is going to Topeka, Kansas, to speak at the graduation of FIVE high schools, thus ruining it for most of them. If I were a parent of anyone graduating from those schools, I’d simply opt out: tell the school to mail my child’s diploma to our home, and have a graduation celebration and party at home.  WITHOUT a tape recording of the disbarred lawyer who has spent so many millions (150 at last estimate) of the taxpayer’s money on her and her children’s trips around the world.

Mama’s Note: Don’t forget that she takes her mother along… and probably 50 or 60 other people, hairdressers and such, as well as all of the “secret service” goons to provide “security.” Expensive globe trotting indeed. I’m not sure even the Queen of England has such a large entourage. Of course, Moooochelle thinks she is the queen.

That is not the only problem we find in the government-ruined, theft-funded schools this week or last: apparently parents in Georgia who showed up for a scheduled meeting with a grade school principal to discuss why their children were not going to be taking the standardized state tests were instead met by a police officer who informed them that they were “trespassing.” People, why do we not only put up with this, but continue to pay more and more to the education bureaucracy and give them MORE power and MORE time with children?  Do we hate our neighbor’s children so much?  Do we hate our own?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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