Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-17B:

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and welcome to Spring weather: snow in the north and tornadoes in the south!  Over the past three days, I’ve watched the local NOAA forecast swing wildly from a winter storm warning of six inches or more to warming rains and everything in between.  Those who think that government can run our economy and our society and our education just do not have a clue.

At least seventeen people (others claim 33) died in tornadoes on Sunday, in Arkansas and Oklahoma, wiping out entire neighborhoods.  Emergency response, mostly volunteers and neighbors and family, responded.  I am sure that again this year we will see the “authorities” trying to keep volunteers away from these scenes, with the excuse being looters are a problem.  Too many people still do not see arms and ammo as being as essential to take into a storm shelter as water, food, and emergency radios.  It is interesting to watch as both FEMA and volunteer, non-governmental groups respond.  Who will do better?

We often hear how the US is so horrible because we execute more people than any other “civilized” country.  But in Egypt, a court handed down the death penalty for a Muslim Brotherhood leader and 682 of his followers. Wait! Egypt has been “civilized” for at least 4,000 years, and they are going to kill this many people after ONE trial? Am I missing something here?

The FedGov has turned on Microsoft, urging all of us to use something OTHER than Microsoft Internet Explorer, at least until a vulnerability discovered over the weekend is fixed.  Apparently, NSA can’t use it anymore, now that it has been announced.  Hiya, there, all you NSA perverts…

Even as it turns out that, once again, the New York Times lied about news (this time, about Russian agents/special operations forces operating in Ukraine), the Fuehrer announces NEW sanctions against Russia.  This time, they are not only announcing them, but they are doing it in Russian, and will have video so that Mr. Putin can see how hard the hand slapping will be.  And the voice over will be by Chuck Norris, to show the FedGov really means business. (Sarcasm alert)

According to Keystone XL Pipeline protesters in DC: ‘Man camps’ could lead to sexual assaults of “Native Americans‘ [sic].  One woman, in particular, whom I once respected as a elder of a tribe, flat out lied, claiming that the 1 in 3 AmerInd women who are raped are raped ONLY by non-Indians.  Although the rest of the stories did not go into detail, I am sure that the information being provided about ‘man camps’ (campgrounds with temporary trailer and modular and RV housing for workers on pipeline construction and other projects, mostly men) is as full of lies as the information provided about the so-called catastrophic environmental damage caused by construction and operation of pipelines for the oil, some of which must be heated in order to be pumped.  People, especially in the Lakota nations and including the leaders, have been fed a line of lies and made into shills for the Tranzis and environists opposed to the pipeline for ideological reasons.

The DHS Secretary says that immigration law should respect the ‘sanctity of the family unit’; yes, the same family unit which the Fuehrer and his minions together with the other Tranzis are trashing.  Hypocrisy has never been so obvious in DC.

Obama The Fuehrer has requested a plan to “Teach the Teachers” which appears to be yet another Federal grab for power:  the power to regulate how teachers are taught and certified, something which has been the States’ power until now, and is NOT, I say again, NOT a power the states gave to the FedGov, or for that matter, a power which the States themselves have except by custom.  It is no longer a matter of needing to separate school and state, as church and state have been separated.  It is a matter of the “FedGov” becoming an unitary government like that so despised in France.  Back in the 1960s, when DeGaulle was President of the Republic, it is said that he had a book case in his office, to which he could go, consult a schedule, and pull out a textbook so that he could see what every child in France of a particular age in school was studying at that very hour.  Is THIS what we want in our land?  It is time to END the public schools before they are totally controlled by DC.

Speaking of control by DC, apparently the Fuehrer wants MORE control of more countries, as well. Jeh Johnson: ‘Syria has become a matter of Homeland Security’ which is utter nonsense.  But apparently they think both voters and those in Congress are stupid enough to believe this lie:  and the track record argues that they are.  Right now, Syria is so messed up that they don’t even pose a threat to the homeland security of ISRAEL (except for a few raids and flight by refugees), much less us, 5,000 miles away.  Unless, of course, the Fuehrer is afraid of indirect threats, like Americans waking up to the fact that he and his minions are trying to get into (or already are in) another war.

Agreement Gives U.S. a Military Presence in Philippines, But No Bases, which is an example to the Fifty States here at home.  The solution to the Bundy problem and the problem in Texas along the Red River is to allow NO federal ownership if a square yard of soil.  Let States or private people/organizations lease land for post offices, military installations, and courthouses.  End federal occupation not just of the 150+ nations around the world, but the Fifty States (nations) here at home.  This is twenty-three years since the US military was kicked out of the Philippines, ending the century-long military occupation and use of installations like Clark Air Base and Fort Stotsenberg and other installations (like on Bataan) where thousands of American military fought and died alongside Filipino soldiers.  Today, as happened 115 years ago, Muslim insurgents (Islamists) threaten the Philippines, just as they do the Nigerians and Ghanans and Kurds and others.  And today, China is viewed as a threat.  Frankly, the Philippines and its neighbors should be able to deal with the threats without the US again going back to someplace and doing the same mistakes over and over again.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-17B:

  1. rkshanny says:

    Re: the car-basher bank-robber-stopping loon. This nitwit has the makings of a Praetorian Sow. She’s been watching too many moronic cop shows. Besides, don’t banks that are victimized by robbers get the money refunded back to them by the Feds simply printing off a sack full. Her potentially deadly “heroics” were completely stupid and unnecessary.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Lots of that stupidity going around these days. It’s usually the cops being stupid and ramming into other people, so this was a bit of a change. But yes, the bank isn’t out anything, and she could so easily have hurt herself or other innocents… so I would hope she doesn’t try it again. Maybe she could take up gardening, or target shooting, and give up watching so much TV. 🙂


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