Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-17C: The cold age cometh

By Nathan Barton

Is it really still winter?  Good morning – a good morning to stay warm and snug inside as the wind whips around and ice cold rain drops splatter in your face. No, make that SNOW slashes your face – nasty day indeed.  Those two or three days of summer last week were nice, huh?

It is getting cold in the world, again, too.  The cold of the fires of civilization going out, of a cold war triggered not by the communist-imperialist ambitions of Russian autocrats but rather the plutocratic, transnational greed and ambitions of even more evil men and women.  The cold of people forced into a new slavery that is called anything but.

So read these stories and comments keeping in mind that although, physically, Spring is here in the northern hemisphere, spiritually, we are slipping into the short, dark, cold days of deep winter.

The issues and news show this:  the FedGov is pushing for more and more war abroad.  They are creating more and more tyranny at home, in every sense of the word: war on religious people, war on landowners, war on states and local governments, war on political opponents, war on children, war on women, war on veterans, war on families, war on businesses.  Oh, there are exceptions:  Muslims do not have to worry, here at home (but if they are in Pakistan or Yemen, look out!).  Veterans who become cops (especially in federal agencies) get a bye.  If you are the Chinese government (or a company) and a landowner, you get a pass.  But otherwise, it is ever-expanding tyranny.

Rep. Gohmert speaks out on veteran deaths at VA (in Arizona): ‘This Is where Obamacare Is going.’ No, this is where government health care has ALREADY gone.  It should be NO SURPRISE that more people die of medical mistakes in hospitals, than are murdered (with guns or anything else) or die in highway accidents – COMBINED.  Why?  Because government actions have totally trashed our medical system.  Health care is more concerned about following government regulations and staying out of trouble with the government while sucking on the government’s teat than caring for people, no matter WHAT the direct care givers try to do.

Boehner: ‘I’ve Got a Stack of Better Ideas’ for whom?  The Fuehrer?  The GOP’s puppetmasters?  If he does, let us hear him! The truth is, the GOP is sliding faster and further back into its origin as a socialist, statist organization that is not “conservative” or in favor of freedom or liberty in any way, and Boehner’s time in power has greatly furthered this process.  Until the Tea Party movement and others in the Republican Party realize that the GOP is no better – and indeed often worse – than the Democrat Party, they will continue to support and encourage the growth of the megastate.

Sensitivity: DOD’s ‘Human Goals’ Updated to Include LGBTs.  Fine, so why not for severely handicapped people: quadriplegics and severely mentally-handicapped people should be allowed to be soldiers and airmen, too.  Shouldn’t they?  And for that matter, criminals: murderers and hold-up artists and rapists should also be able to serve, shouldn’t they?  And why should the elderly be denied an opportunity to serve?  Let’s do this right, DoD!

In Tennessee, in a shocking move, the Knox County Sheriff has fired a deputy who needlessly choked a man, and has turned the former deputy over for prosecution.  The GIF made from photos taken during the incident is pretty damning.  THIS is the face of modern American police – a standing and OCCUPYING army.  Good for this sheriff, but he is one in a thousand.  This fat thug will no doubt go get a job in some other state as a cop.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey is ​bugging people —it ​claims that it found that 53% of Americans do not believe either major political party represents America. ​Neat! At least 53% of Americans are apparently finally catching on ​ (if we can believe the poll). Not only that, but 52% of Republicans and 44% of Democrats agree that neither major political party is the party of the American people. ​And 65% of voters not affiliated with either party feel that way (and just a few of those are libertarians). Which is, of course, the problem: that some statist demagogue will ​enlist these people in a new populist movement that will appear to replace the two old parties and instead continue to promote a monster in DC and the States.

Mama’s Note: Hopefully, the final outcome of this will be for people to understand the absolute fact that nobody is capable of representing the “American people,” or any subset of them, simply because that body of people have INDIVIDUAL wants, needs and goals. Regardless of the intentions, integrity or willingness of the supposed “representatives,” they can only do one thing at a time, and their primary goal is preservation of the “state,” and their own reelection.

The Fuehrer tours a mosque in Malaysia but does not meet with persecuted Christians there: they apparently are not part of the the good people of Malaysia.

Congress in action against liberty: Senator Ed Markley’s (D-MA) proposal would put the FedGov in charge of defining, finding and prosecuting ‘Hate Speech’ but only with it being “crystal clear that any recommendations must be consistent with the First Amendment’s free speech protections.”  Yeah, right… This would ONLY apply to television, radio, and online communication; apparently snail-mail, newspapers and magazines are (for now) exempt. As if our “private” conversation, as long as NSA and the Feebs and such aren’t listening in or reading our mail.  For years we have been throwing the First Amendment in the face of hoplophobes and hoploclasts, and it appears that Markley and buddies are going to take it seriously!

Government science (stupid government tricks): CDC: Women Twice As Likely to Get Severe Headaches, Migraines. Wait, how can this be?  Women and men are just the same, interchangeable and unable to have any differences? That is what the Mainstream Media and government at all levels claims.  That is what the feminists claim. My oh my, do you suppose the media and government might be WRONG?

Theft by government indeed: A Pennsylvania woman who lost her $280,000 home over a $6.30 property tax bill lost her appeal in court. Although the house was sold for $116,000, she is still living in it while she appeals.  This sort of criminal behavior by a county and courts is sickening, and we do indeed NEED TO REVOLT as Justice Scalia has said.

World wars:  A new poll has results that “stun” our “leaders”: Americans want iess Involvement Abroad, to step back from the world stage, and say that they disapprove of the President’s foreign policy and believe the country in general is headed in the wrong direction.  Well, to do that, they need to stop funding these idiots (the Fuehrer and his minions like Kerry and Clinton and Reid), and stop voting for them, and call for their removal from office – and think twice about the WAY in which they “support our troops.”

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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