The Fire of Statism

By MamaLiberty

If your home was burning, how would you put out the fire? Would you stand on the edge and attempt to smother the sparks jumping out, hoping that you might keep it from spreading? Would you entertain any certainty that you would thereby put out the whole fire soon, or merely hope it would eventually die down and go out on its own?

If the fire was large, and your ability to fight it small, the last course would seem to be the wisest thing to do. If you can’t put out the fire, you prevent its spread and wait until the embers cool before you start to build anew.

But what if your neighbors were hauling in logs and throwing them on the fire? What if your neighbors refused to believe you, and ignored the danger to their own houses, preventing you from even putting out the sparks from the fire that was growing and spreading due to all the fresh fuel being added?

If you called the fire department, and they came to spray gasoline on the flames instead of water or foam, what would you do? What could you do?

I solemnly swear to you that your house IS on fire. The neighborhood is on fire. The entire country, maybe the entire world, is going up in flames right now. The “fire department” is not only spraying gasoline on it, they are seriously preventing anyone from putting out sparks, and demand all the neighbors bring bigger and bigger logs to toss into the conflagration. They get paid to be there, but if the fire went out they would not have any justification to stay and force you to do their bidding.

What would happen if you and your neighbors refused to fuel the fire? If you all refused to be ordered around and even went so far as to chase the bogus firemen away? You might not have all the shiny equipment and tools they had, but you could contain the fire simply by not feeding it anymore.

The fire is the current economic and political chaos and insanity going on all around us. The “firemen” are the politicians, bureaucrats and “law enforcement” people who presume to own (control) everyone and everything. They not only fuel the fire and prevent anyone from fighting it, they spend a great deal of time and effort looting the smoldering homes and businesses everywhere.

The neighbors hauling in logs to feed that fire are the people around us who have been indoctrinated (for many generations) to believe that these “firemen” have a legitimate authority to do what they do, and only complain if they “do it” to them, or “too much,” not willing or maybe not even able to see that the destruction of their own homes and lives, their own growing inability to care for their families and communities, is a direct result of believing in that “authority,” and allowing that looting to continue.

The logs being tossed on the fire are the misplaced belief in government “authority.” The belief that they can continue to toss on the logs, ignoring the burning buildings all around them, yet somehow “control” the fire by choosing different firemen, or a different kind of logs… requires a special level of wishful thinking. And, of course, some of the neighbors are very happy to get some of the loot, and at least a pretense of participation in the control of everyone else.

Any government, even one that is strictly voluntary, is a very dangerous servant. It is indeed a fearful, and deadly master.

Are you ready to stop feeding the fire?

Read “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose.

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