Baker’s Dozen Reasons to Rebel NOW

By Nathan Barton

These items are just a few of many reasons that we must understand that the counter-revolutionaries are in charge, seeking to eliminate the last vestiges of the liberty won on the battlefields and in the meeting rooms of the War for American Independence.

  1. Forty thousand police raids a year using SWAT teams and what are in essence combat units on American soil against Americans.
  2. Government spying on our everyday means of communications, on virtually ALL Americans.
  3. Use of the IRS by the people in power to punish their political opponents or would-be political opponents, or people that they don’t like.
  4. The “ObummerCare/Abominable Act” destruction of the health care system, accompanied by increased theft of “fees, fines, and taxes” from Americans, and the introduction of what are in essence death panels.
  5. The clearly stated contempt of the people in power (especially in the executive branch) for the Congress and the Federal courts, and the State governments and courts, demonstrated daily.
  6. The attempt to disarm (or at least degrade the combat capability) of the Fifty States, by converting more and more National Guard units to combat support, taking away attack helicopters and other combat units.
  7. The ever-increasing occupation of more and more supposedly free and sovereign nations OUTside the Fifty States, together with more and more attempts to promote war and conflict, all using (and abusing) money stolen from American taxpayers.
  8. The growing concentration of political power in a few select families (dynasties), at the federal level and across state lines, to expand the power of the elite.
  9. The great increase in power of the Environmental Protection Agency, through the use of interpretations and administrative procedures rather than law, together with the outright arrogance of too many of its appointed officials and their minions.
  10. The growing number of incidents in which police (or armed, “badged” government agents) bully, threaten, curse, beat and kill people, most often with the claim of “threat to police safety” and more and more accompanied by perjury (lies) about the circumstances and perceived threat. (Not the 40,00 SWAT attacks, but the “ordinary cop” on the streets and highways.)
  11. The growing contempt of the political elite for the public and their political opponents, as demonstrated by their demonization (example: “domestic terrorists” per Harry Reid), and lip service to comments, complaints, and petitions.  It is acceptable for them to denigrate anyone opposed to their policies or them, and deny them free speech as much as possible.
  12. The constant repetition of scandals and corruption in the FedGov (and many state governments) coupled with claims of transparency and honesty and “good government.”
  13. The day-to-day micromanagement of our daily lives, from what we wear or say (politically correct) to the appliances and fixtures in our homes and workplaces, and our very names.

We could add many more to these thirteen.  The plain truth is that the increasingly illegitimate government in DC is demonstrating a disregard for liberty, whether it is the limited freedom of the Constitution (now a dead letter for anything but procedures, if that) or the true liberty given by God.  Not just abroad, but at home – especially at home.

It is TIME to end this tyranny.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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