Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-17E: Home Front

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  We all are living our day to day lives, dealing with family and work and friends and our brothers and sisters in our faith, enjoying pets, growing things in our gardens, cooking and eating and taking pleasure in the little things of life.  But we also live in the Home Front, putting up with the state and the occupying forces and big business and the Tranzis who seek to make our lives miserable).  Doing this constantly has a serious impact on our enjoyment: specifically our pursuit of happiness.  Even ignoring its impact on the liberty and lives of so many.  We need to see and identify and then work around those things.

Here are a few for today:

Men are sexually assaulted almost as often as women, according to last year’s National Crime Victimization Survey.  38% of all incidents of rape and sexual violence were committed against men, and of those, 45% are committed BY women.   And the data may still be low and incomplete.  It is not just in prisons. (Although in prisons it is claimed that sexual assaults were most commonly committed AGAINST prisoners BY guards and staff!)  Like the continuing decline in job participation, it is a strong indicator of the decline and collapse of society itself.  And points out, AGAIN, the need to be able to defend yourself: not just armed but trained and with the courage of your convictions.

Mama’s Note: I have no doubt at all that both men and women are committing violence against each other, but female on male “sexual assault” might be stretching it a bit. How in the world can a woman “rape” a man?

A Humbolt County, Nevada deputy has been taken to task at last for extorting $50,000 from a driver stopped for doing 3 miles over the speed limit.  Thanks to a dashcam and the decision of the man to fight the theft, this story points out something that apparently happens every day somewhere in the US. Motorists need to be aware and need to be prepared to defend themselves, not just with weapons but with knowledge, and with the courage to stand up for themselves.

A Black Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an “Uncle Tom,” Mitch McConnell is a “racist,” and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because the Fuehrer is black. Rep. Bennie Thompson made the comments on a New Nation of Islam radio show. Thompson said “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.”   Thompson can say anything he wants, but apparently a majority of his 900,00 or so constituents agree with him. (Otherwise, they’d get rid of him, right?)  The problem is, we give the Fuehrer and his minions (like this guy) too much power and too much of a platform to spew their hatred.  We need to ignore them, yes, and to mock them and their pretensions as well.

What is going on?  The economy seems to be dying a slow, lingering death.  Despite claims of new job creation and a decline in the official (and bogus) unemployment rate, the same reports state that there are 92,594,000 Americans NOT in the labor force, a record number, which matches a 36-year low. Not only that, but the number of women not in the labor force has also hit a record high.  The Crash of 2009 continues, while the probability of a NEW depression looms ever larger and closer.  The way around this?  Work around both government and the big businesses who instigate and facilitate and back it, by doing things off-record, off-line, and voluntarily.

New Crowdsourcing Tool Lets People Send Photos, Video From Smartphones to Police, which is being touted as a great benefit, but which I see as just another way to get cheap or free informants that will use this to hammer on those people they hate or that they are opposed to. An informer on every block?  On every county road?  We need to encourage people to NOT use this, and to GENTLY encourage those who do to get a life.  Failing that, we need to make it worthless to the cops by drowning them in reports:  the vague and blurred video of unleashed dogs, the illegally parked police car, the municipal or county vehicle in poor repair or with mud on the license plates, all kinds of little things to make life miserable for the statists.  Of course, there is a limit, as the next story tells.

Two Alaska State Troopers were killed in shooting in a small, subsistance farming/hunting village, an  official says.  The troopers had gone to Tanana to follow up on a Wednesday night report that someone “had brandished a firearm in the village,” Peters said, adding she didn’t immediately have any further details of what happened. As Mama Liberty said, it sounds as if they really should have let the community take care of this one… And I’d love to know how the lady got the drop on two troopers!! And how insane to call in a bunch of SWAT idiots. We’ll never hear the rest of the story, of course.  Or at least not the whole story. I wonder how the entire village will be made to pay for this “insurrection.”  We can hope that this was truly in self-defense, and not someone high on something or seeking “suicide by cop.”

ObummerCare – The Abominable Act – continues to get a lot of press, but very little action.  The New York Post (sometimes a pleasure to read for their bluntness) says the GOP is being foolish if they think they can “fix” Obamacare.  Of course, they make the assumption that the GOP WANTS to fix it, instead of just profiting from it.  The Wall Street Journal tells us to be afraid, be very afraid… there is a coming two-tier healthcare system.  As if we didn’t see THAT coming.  (An AmerInd nation is suing the Indian Health Service for refusing to honor treaty obligations, in a related story, picked up by no one but a tiny local, rural weekly.)  Meanwhile, it seems that the White House now claims they don’t know how many people have signed up for Obamacare, despite all the grand claims (to vast applause) made by the Fuehrer.  Why is this?  Because they “don’t have those numbers.” But they know that the numbers being pulled from the government (websites and claims made by others) must be wrong.  Nope, makes no sense to me, either.  More than ever, we need to work around and develop alternatives.

Although for a century, the KKK was allied with (or a tool of) the Democrat Party, this week, Wisconsin Democrats are handing out KKK hoods to Republican supporters. Why? Because Republicans are racist.  Wonder what they are going to give the Libertarians in Wisconsin?  Again, we need to mock and ridicule and then ignore these activities.  Threat them like the childish creatures they are: both Dems and GOP.

Just in case I haven’t gored enough people’s oxen today, let me report this bizarre business, to again encourage anyone and everyone to GET your children OUT of government-run, tax-funded schools: A Houston, Texas, area school district released this statement decrying the actions of one of their school teachers: “A criminal charge of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student has been filed against a Stovall Middle School teacher. The charge was filed by Aldine Independent School District Police, who investigated the case along with the campus administration,” the school district told KHOU in a statement. “The teacher was removed from the campus during the investigation and has not returned. The district takes this allegation seriously and is fully cooperating with prosecutors. The safety and security of our students will continue to be a top priority in Aldine ISD.” What was this “inappropriate behavior?  Giving one of her male students a four-minute lap dance for his birthday, while watched by the rest of the students in her class -during class.  There is a growing lack of ANY value to the public schools.  What is next?

Mama’s Note: I never knew what a “lap dance” was before… Had to go look it up. Good grief… I’ve led a sheltered life, evidently. Sixty three years ago, when I was in kindergarten, lap time with the teacher involved her holding a handkerchief so I could blow my nose… Can’t remember another incident myself.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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