Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-18C: Solutions? Symbols?

By Nathan Barton

National Review has discovered something a lot of us have realized for years: the multiple generations of politically prominent families in the US is getting worse.  We’ve all known about the Kennedys and the Rockefellers and the Bushes, but too many people overlook the Udalls, the Browns, the Gores, and even more forget about the Sibelius family and many others.  They are the new nobility of the Fifty States, and are a danger to liberty and life and limb.  I don’t know what the immediate solution is, but the long term solution is simple: reduce the power of government to nil, so that we don’t care if it is the fifth generation of Kennedys or the fourth of Bushes any more than we care whether it is the third generation of Presleys or the four generation of Crosbys or (ugh) the granddaughter of Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake.  Short term?  I tend to favor castration or spaying, preferably of ALL candidates of the two old parties BEFORE they get elected to office, just to be safe.  If they want the power and prestige and hero-worship, they should have to sacrifice something: ovaries and testicles of them, AND their children, seems reasonable.

Mama’s Note: Have you been reading the Sispey Street Irregulars again?

Almost 70 years after the defeat of the Japanese Empire, the nation-state of Japan is fast running out of people.  And they don’t seem to care or want to do anything about it.  A quarter of the population is over age 60 and there are fewer children (age 15 and younger) every year.  The retired population may have no one to support them AND the children in the near future.  Like Russia and much of Europe (when you take away the burgeoning population of Muslim invaders and the growing number of Sub-Saharan African guest-workers), there is no OVER-population problem.  Like Japan which at one point dominated or directly controlled most of eastern Asia, Europe’s days of ruling most of the world are far behind them, and it will take a massive change in custom and worldview for them to retain what they have, much less regain anything.

Meanwhile, some of the United States is eagerly following the same path.  Yesterday, for Cinco de Mayo (a holiday celebrated FAR more in the Fifty States than in Mexico, no doubt in part because of contempt for the French), California again prostrated itself to Third World (so-called) sensitivities, as expressed by the massive unintegrated MEXICAN hordes, and poured contempt on those who wore clothing with US flags and waved US flags in front of schools which have BANNED wearing or carrying US flags, while the Legislature forwarded legislation to make it illegal for ANY state agency (including history museums and schools) for displaying, showing, or selling products with the Southern Cross.  Both the US Flag and the CSA Flags are “racist” according to California government: supposedly representing millions of Americans beaten, tortured and “murdered” by Southerners and other Americans. I don’t know whether the ban also includes ALL flags of the CSA, and of CSA military units, or not, and whether it applies to the flags of some of the fellow Fifty States which still have vestiges of the Southern Cross or Stars and Bars in them.  I suppose that anyone foolish enough to try and work for the State of California who has such a tattoo is also toast.  Another commentator suggested that the only flag left that California can have (other than the Mexican Tricolor) is the Soviet flag or the red flag of Socialism or Communism.  Actually, the California Republic “Bear Flag” has, with its red star, BECOME a symbol of socialism and Tranzi ideals.  (And actually, the Red Star has been a symbol of California a decade longer than the bear – and the bear used as the model for the modern flag was in captivity for most of its life. Symbols and more symbols.)

Mama’s Note: All of this flag and symbol stuff is a sad distraction from the real problems we all face.

Alex Jones and his groupies (his gang?) spent 2,000+ words announcing that the US is a “post-constitutional” nation and that we are no longer a nation ruled by law. Got news for Mr. Jones and crew, we have been “post-constitutional” for a long time: various people can suggest different points in history where that happened, but it wasn’t because of this latest Supreme Court decision about the NDAA: it wasn’t even when the Senate and House rolled over for the Fuehrer and PASSED the NDAA.  I am willing to say that the final tipping point was the PPACA (the Abominable Act, or ObummerCare) with all its evil, but wouldn’t fuss to much if the point was years before that.

Go through a copy of the Constitution and run a black marker across every point that has been invalidated, and it will look like one of those joke censored letters from WW2.  And if we are post-constitutional, then by definition we are NOT a nation ruled by law, but by whim and passion and power lust and “who you know.”  We see that EVERY day now, and have for half a decade: from the very local level (who gets the ticket for uncut grass or a car parked too long in front of the house) to every statehouse, where state agents are more fearful of federal agents than we can possibly understand.  There is a hollow shell – even worse than an egg shell where the yolk and white have been sucked out: but one in which part of the yolk and white have been left to ROT.

Bad Cops or Just Cops as Normal?  (Four stories)

We have a report of a cop running a stop sign, tee-boning another vehicle, and then arresting the sober woman driving the other car for DUI.  All recorded on video.

Then in New York City, we have TWO NYPD cops, drunk and off-duty, shooting people.  Again, with lots of witnesses and information.  One shooting should constitute an invasion of New Jersey.

A Miami, Florida cop arrested a witness to his “interaction” with another citizen for interfering, because he was videoing the “interaction.” The video and the cop’s own video show the cop lied.

After Border Patrol agents found a woman taking her children to school to be uncooperative (by their definition), they expressed their anger and frustration when they slashed her tire leaving her and her kids stranded in the desert.

How much longer are we going to put up with this kind of thing?  The occupation must end: enough is enough.

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