Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-18B: Stupid government at home and abroad

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  What are the first words popping up in your head when you think of politicians and bureaucrats?  Mine are increasingly “brain-dead.”  This especially applies to cops.  How much of a mess are we in because people are acting as stupid AS the bureaucrats?  And especially, politicians, who are permanently in campaign mode.

Liberty anyone?  Stupid guvmint ideas: It seems that some Democrats in Washington are trying to write legislation that would change the First Amendment to make it harder for people to complain about the job politicians are doing.   Of course, this is not the only attack on free speech, not even at the DC level.  But it is getting blatant.  Of course, that poster boy for stupid Senators, Charles Schumer, is a part of this.

Amazing how Bengazi jumped back into the news the last week. Jake Tapper explains to liberals that the recently “discovered” (what, they found them under a rock?) emails from Ben Rhodes to the rest of the White House prove that the Obama administration knowingly lied to the entire nation when they tried to pass off the YouTube video story.  (As if the White House lying is anything new.) White House spokesman Jay Carney stops trying to spin the news and decides it’s just easier to lie when reporters ask him questions… even if they know he is LYING.

Home front: A writer (Erick Erickson) says that a recent botched execution in Oklahoma should have us thinking about the victim of the crime committed, not the criminal whose execution went wrong.  Agreed, but we know that is not going to happen: instead, this will be just another excuse to totally end the death penalty, probably by illegal and unconstitutional action on the federal level.

World wars: Should Republicans be focusing on Obama’s foreign policy in their drive to dominate the 2014 midterms?  That is a question several commenters are asking, but they miss the point.  First, the GOP has an absolutely shattering case of “Attention-Deficit Disorder” that means that they resemble butterflies more than anyone we should take seriously.  Second, does the GOP really WANT to change the Fuehrer’s foreign policy, and if so, in a good way?  I don’t think so.  We don’t need more wars. Or enemies.

USGS says that strong earthquake registering magnitude 6.0 shakes Myanmar, northern Thai region, no doubt creating further problems for that war-torn, statist-ridden region.

Warren Buffett praises General Motors’ new CEO, which these days means there are some serious problems with the CEO, sure to continue the hideous relationship between GM and the FedGov.

Ukraine moving special forces to control Odessa, following up to dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded people, as the Kiev government’s increasingly tight grip squeezes more and more people out between the fingers.

Philippines, U.S. begin war games focusing on maritime threats, which means, specifically China.  But don’t be fooled, this is as much about the Islamist threat in the southern part of the archipelago and from Indonesia and beyond as it is about China.

US teachers nowhere as diverse as their students: supposedly 83% are Anglo (White) and only 8% Hispanic and 7% black.  Sadly (though not reported) about 95% are Liberal, of which many are Tranzi.  Which is exactly what we should expect in government-ruined, theft-funded schools.  I can see affirmative action in the future, can’t you?

In New York City, people have gotten so frustrated with various stupid and confusing signs regarding when you can and can’t park, and regarding how fast you can drive on streets, that they are now creating and posting their own signs. This is, of course, evil incarnate for the City of New York to allow the slaves (or inmates) to do this, so they are torn down constantly and people are arrested if caught putting them up.  Still, people keep trying to make sense of their lives.  I think it is a good sign when even in NYC people are taking the law into their own hands.

Everyone KNOWS, of course, that the Clintons have ALWAYS supported “full equality” for perverts (excuse me, homosexuals), including the “right” to redefine marriage so that a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, can be “married” to each other.  They are, of course, the grandparents of liberalism and populism and the Democrat Party.  So when college students are shown a video of Hillary Clinton making it perfectly clear that she is OPPOSED to “homosexual marriage” in 2000, they are stunned and even scared.  Of course, these kids (age 18-22) were only 4 to 8 years old way back in those ancient days:  they don’t remember when a postage stamp cost less than 40 cents, or that you could buy a can of Coke for 50 cents, much less REALLY ancient things like bag phones and music cassettes and freedom.

How stupid can government get? A woman born in the UK was identified in records (but not on her birth certificate) as being a man.  Sixty years later, she has been deported from Australia because she is obviously involved in an illegal same-sex marriage to her husband of 40 years (who is also the father of her five children).  The UK refuses to change the record, which apparently also makes her ineligible to get medical treatment (she is obviously engaged in fraud passing herself off as a woman, when the government knows best and KNOWS that she is a man).  Even the Queen and the Prime Minister cannot fix this…

Mama’s Note: One of the actual benefits of a worldwide economic and political crash would be a diversion from this obsession with everyone else’s sex lives.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-18B: Stupid government at home and abroad

  1. rkshanny says:

    Funny all this endless blabber about altering various Amendments, the 1st and 2nd being the usual targets. The problem for the would-be ‘alterers’ is that, not only is their progressivist, statist stupidity showing, their stupidity regarding the nature of these Amendments is glaring. The Bill Of Rights does NOT GRANT rights; they merely restate and reaffirm inalienable and unalterable and PRE-EXISTING BIRTHRIGHTS and natural rights. The Bill Of Rights does not consist of granting REVOCABLE PRIVILEGES. Natural rights are one’s birth heritage and consist of a bundle of rights too numerous to quantify, and encompass the prerogative to live in total and unfettered liberty as long as one does not aggress against others and their property. In reality, these fools can alter or completely trash-can these Amendments until the sun stops shining, and it would make NOT ONE whit of difference to the continuing and enduring nature of the RIGHTS that are merely restated and reaffirmed by these Amendments. One of the many problems with this parchment document is that by the writers’ putting these Amendments in writing, and not also the myriad other pre-existing rights, it tends to create the false belief that the rights expressed in writing are somehow different from the innumerable other rights not specifically restated in writing, which gives the false impression that they then somehow are being granted, not simply reaffirmed for clarification purposes. This, due to the fact that these federal-leviathan-creating parchments, devised and passed under devious and cover-of-darkness methods, were from the outset distrusted, and for good cause. They were merely creating america’s new mercantilist oligarchy with centralized powers, in place of the kings of England. As English historian Thomas B. Macaulay (1800 – 1859) said: “Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor.” Keen observers at the time saw through the constitution-scam and demanded the Bill Of Rights be attached, knowing full well the new State would soon do what all States do, usurp. Problem is: once the State is created out thin air, no amount of parchment tomes are allowed to stand in its way.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      “Natural rights are one’s birth heritage and consist of a bundle of rights…”

      Rather than talk about “rights,” enumerated or otherwise, I’ve turned the whole thing around to ask “By What Legitimate Authority?”

      No person or group of persons has any legitimate authority to control the lives or property of another person, except in the narrow confines of family relationships with the very young and incompetent elders or invalids. Each human being who is capable of doing so has complete and inalienable authority over their own life and property. They may delegate that authority if they wish, but the responsibility is still theirs.

      So, the problem is that most people have been indoctrinated for centuries to believe that a king, governor, or government of some sort actually has legitimate authority, and they simply don’t understand their own authority and responsibility – even when they don’t like what the government is doing. That seems to be changing somewhat, and people are waking up to the fact that the nanny state is not a benevolent baby sitter, but a raging, murderous idiot.


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