Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-18D: Islam and other wars on religion

By Nathan Barton

The Third World War, by some measures, is already under way.  Depending on how you review the history, the Great War (World War One) was the first phase of a war that in essence lasted until about 1995, and included the four (or six) different wars that we lump together as World War Two.  That Eight-Years-War ended with the tragic wars in the former Yugoslavia.  It did, in the view of some historians, overlap with the first of the wars that have led (or are leading) to World War Three:  the war between Islam (the Ummah) and the rest of the World.  Events in Nigeria, the Philippines and the South China Sea, and in various places around the world, have triggered this new war.  Outright direct military-versus-military conflicts: battles; may not take place for a while:  the wars in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere are mere civil wars, squabbles between various Muslim groups.  They are the equivalent of street gangs engaged in turf wars, or tribal raids and counterraids.  But on a worldwide scale, Islam’s various elements see the West in retreat, and will push and push again.  Which is why we see things like this next story.

In Nigeria, weeks after Islamists attacked and killed hundreds of students and kidnapped more than 200 (current estimate is 273) christian girls:  they have them enslaved and intend to sell them as slaves.  The mainstream media originally reported that the slaves were as young as nine, but recent stories have left that out, as well as the idea that they are to be sold primarily as sex-slaves.  Back in the bad old days, it was NOT Europeans or Americans who went into the interior of Africa to kidnap and capture people to make them slaves, shipping them across the Atlantic.  No, it was OTHER Africans (black people) who did the actual raiding and capturing and hauling, to trading posts on the coast where they would sell their fellow Africans into slavery overseas.

In the 1600s and 1700s, many of those slavers were MUSLIM.  Even while the rest of the world legally and (usually) actually ended slavery in the 1800s, MUSLIM empires and lands and tribes continued to practice slavery.  More than two centuries after the worldwide trade in slaves supposedly ended, Muslims are STILL owning, raping, beating, abusing, and killing slaves.  Will this incident and the admission by Boko Haram FINALLY sink through to the public?  No one seems to care that Boko Haram has killed an estimated 10,000 people for the crime of being christian in the past decade: will the fate of 200 youngsters finally lead to letting the people of Nigeria defend themselves and eliminate this evil organization?

Of course, we must ask whether those in power in the West really want ANYone to be able to defend themselves.  Consider New Jersey (as well as places like Connecticut and California).

May Day was very close to victory for hoploclasts and hoplophobes in New Jersey: the day that “smart guns” nearly went on the market at a Maryland gun shop.  This would have triggered a 2002 New Jersey law mandating that ALL gun sales in the state be ‘smart guns’ within three years of the first date of sale anywhere in the United States, or by May of 2017.  It was a Maryland gun store that almost did, was told what would happen, and publicly repented of almost triggering the law.  Not “an option” but “the only choice,” and based on the wimpy, mealy-mouthed support of our right of self-defense by courts at the state and federal level, an entire state would have made its way a big step down the stairway to damnation.  And others would follow.  But sooner or later, a “smart gun” WILL go on sale, and then…  Will the countdown to overthrowing tyranny in New Jersey begin?  Or will people in Jersey succeed in getting the law repealed?

Meanwhile, the Fuehrer and his minions have more “serious” things to be concerned about.

On Tuesday, the White House released the latest agitprop piece pushing manmade global warming (officially climate change) with a whole raft of outlandish, unsupported, and false claims.  Supposedly the sea levels will rise somewhere between 8 inches and 6.6 feet (2 meters).  Maybe.  If.  And other weather events are going to happen, too: floods and hurricanes and tornadoes and mudslides and such are all the results of global warming (which may have a new euphemism, “climate disruption”) and all the fault of man.  As Mama Liberty pointed out, none of these things ever happened before (sarcasm intended).  Frankly, with this sort of garbage and everything else, I can only HOPE that it rises two meters and gets rid of DC, most of the Left Coast, most of the Atlantic Seaboard (the OTHER Left Coast), and let those of us in the Highlands live free once again.  Of course, that won’t help the idiots in New Hampshire.

In New Hampshire (remember, Free State Project and Porcupines and all that garbage), a parent was arrested for speaking out in a school board meeting against  the school failing to notify parents that an explicitly erotic book had been assigned as mandatory reading for high school students.  Come on, people, where is all the promised results?  It has been more than a decade, but New Hampshire continues to descend into more and more tyranny.  The video is of particular notice because of the way most of the other people in the audience turned away from the father and the cop pulling him out of the room.  If they ignore it, it doesn’t happen?  And the war on religions in the hoped-to-be “Free State” continues with the tacit consent of a majority of its citizens unwilling to stop tyranny.

Of course, it is not just in Nigeria and other countries with either Islamic government or a strong and growing Muslim population attacking other religions. In China, authorities have recently destroyed a church building and are rounding up christians, as well as harassing them in various ways.  As usually happens in such situations, the christians continue to preach and teach and convert others, which causes the government to take more oppressive actions.  Because we tend to forget that China is still, at the core, a Communist regime, we also forget that the regime views any religion as an enemy, but especially the various forms of Christianity.

Of course, that is what China shares with the West’s Tranzis, who consider Christianity to be an enemy but usually are neutral towards Islam.  But that changed, at least in Hollywood, this week (perhaps only for a short time).  Various groups have boycotted the Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the Sultan of Brunei, because of Brunei’s recent adoption of Shari’a law.  Of course, the fact that various groups are pushing the Sultan to divest his ownership stake in the historic hotel indicates that Shari’a’s attitude towards homosexuality may not be the real reason for the boycott.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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