Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-26D: 4th of July and government fireworks

By Nathan Barton

Hope that you have a great Independence Day.  Today is the 4th of July, a national holiday celebrated by parties, picnics, and fireworks (where they are legal, at least, and where people can afford them).  Enjoy the long weekend!

It is claimed that Drought won’t stop fireworks in dry western states as we try to celebrate the liberty we once had on Independence Day.  Actually, a day of sorrow, mourning, and repentance would be more appropriate.  I celebrated the past and liberty lost yesterday by buying a 99-cent 44-ounce soda at my local Common Cents store.  Actually, in some areas that are MORE than wet enough, we aren’t having fireworks: No fireworks on Mount Rushmore this year, or for the “foreseeable” future as the “forest around the Memorial is too fragile.” It isn’t the forests that are too fragile, it is our economy, our culture, our families, and everything else we hold dear.  But as with the forest around Rushmore, it is government that we can blame for the damage and injury that creates our modern problems.

Some interesting items, reminding us that government and political issues create a LOT of fireworks, and that freedom just isn’t free, it is way past the expiration date:

Not a gun-free zone (like Target wants to be), a Rifle, Colorado restaurant actually encourages guns on their premises, for patrons AND staff. Wow. Just what you’d expect in a city named Rifle, which is more than 100 miles (and light-years) away from Denver and its hoplophobic rulers.  This is in the same state where sheriffs and others were told that the insane gun laws passed by the General Assembly were NOT unconstitutional, by a federal appeals Nazgul.  But Weld County Sheriff John Cooke and others are not giving up: an appeal will be filed within weeks.

The cost of higher education has been rising by 1.6 percentage points more than inflation every year over the past two decades. And the Economist therefore talks about the coming college revolution.  This doesn’t even take into account that the QUALITY and VALUE of a college education in 95% of degree programs has DROPPED in value at a rate that makes the price increase look small.

That does NOT, of course, deter demagogues like the Fuehrer’s consort from stating that ALL young people should go to college. (I KNOW it is not because she is seeking to drive costs down OR because she recognizes that a B.A. degree today is about equal to an eighth-grade diploma a century (or even HALF century) ago.  Actually, SHE is proof that a college education, even one ending with a J.D. degree, is pretty worthless these days: she couldn’t even (can’t?) figure out how to plan, prepare, and serve nutritious meals for her two children with a college degree.  35 years ago, even ENGINEERS in engineering school could learn how to feed people. (Of course, most of us learned how in elementary or secondary school…)

Sadly, the educrats listen to this bigoted, egotistical, arrogant woman, and even go one farther.  The relatively new (and unconstitutional) federal laws and regs on public schools and what they can feed students (and anyone else) in their federally-subsidized food programs are not enough for some schools.  The latest?  A school district that forbids students from bringing ANY food at all to celebrate birthdays.  This is at the same time as I hear stories from schools in Indian Country (not reported by any media, of course) about how seconds on lunches are prohibited by federal guidelines, even for children who only get that one meal a day.  After all, they might get FAT.  Right.

Does your holiday experience including drinking beer?  Be warned.  Governments are hurting brewers with regulations, with Virginia as an example.  There are a dozen different regulatory steps in Virginia that a brewer must complete before he can sell beer.  This makes PERFECT sense: beer is EVIL and DANGEROUS for people, especially small children, pets, and the environment, UNLESS it is blessed and tracked and taxed and milked for every possible amount of control and revenue by a GOVERNMENT – then it is great stuff provided you don’t drink too much of it and make sure that every ounce, nay, every milliliter is approved by at least a dozen bureaucrats.  Expect MORE – like an individual serial number for every can and every on-tap mug served, credited to your social security number AND the brewer’s license as well as the store or saloon:  just like texting and cell phones:  “Mr. Smith, John Robert SSN 818-55-5523, DL DC 87439156, consumed three sixteen ounce servings of Smith’s Microbrew #3, SN 20151118899121, 20151118899122, and 20151118899123, between 2130 and 2250 hours, then inserted his electronic key, SN CHEV9811003331 into his automobile, VIN 433GK83300012X93VH, License DC XYT8901 at 2255 hours, proceeded along Route 2015120322552351ATA (see map, attached) to his home at 119548 Grand Street 26634-2314-22 thereby driving 7.52 miles while under the influence of alcohol, thereby endangering 27 other moving vehicles, 183 stationary vehicles, and 16 pedestrians.  Prosecution asks for death penalty, Mr. Smith to be broken up for parts.”

Global food prices fall as cereal supply outlook improves: U.N. claims.  Sure they did:  go to your local Safeway or Dillions and you tell me.  Maybe the price of their fancy expense account meals on Manhattan and in Geneva dropped (or remained the same), or maybe their salaries went up enough that they didn’t notice the prices increased.  How stupid do they think we are?  (Actually, pretty stupid, given that we haven’t strung them all up on traffic lights and lamp posts along the East River.)

More Central American migrants sent to California despite backlash (the protesters from a town to be used as a dumping ground so that the border jumpers could vanish into the mass of people, who kept the buses from being unloaded so that the buses diverted to another facility in San Diego).  This time, the Border Patrol and other occupation troops (“cops”) will be out in force, heavily armed, to “disperse” or even round up the protesters.  They will get jailed for trying to protect their community and families; the border jumpers will go free.  Yes, I know that a number of lovers of liberty (or so they claim) condemn these people as “know-nothings” and demand totally open borders (no fences) and free access to the welfare state by any and all.  Therefore, the people of this smaller California city are more evil than the government dumping the migrants, and (in the eyes of these advocates) must be forced to accept them.  How wrong can someone be?

Of course, the question must be asked, how come all these migrants are suddenly swarming into the US?  Economic news is NOT good here in the US: here are some recent stories:

And when you read further into the story, you find out how the Administration is gaming the numbers: a polite word for LYING about how employment is improving.  (And the media (like the NY Times) is buying it.  It is also reported that since 2000, most new jobs SEEM to be getting snapped up by, guess what?  Border jumpers, either legal or illegal.  Certainly they are an engine of economic growth, but the side effects seem to be significant and often negative.) Of course, things are much worse in Central America, so any port in a storm.

One last item:

A tropical storm threatens the East Coast and July 4th plans.  Can we hope that “threats” include washing DC out to sea?  Not just 4th of July plans, but ALL future plans?  I know that sounds callous and cruel, but it is very hard to treat people as human when they refuse to recognize that we are human.  (Notice, the “4th of July” headline is in the original:  virtually ALL of the East Coast has rejected the idea of Independence Day and so it might as well be called “bank holiday.”)

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