Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-27D: Islamic wars, Home front

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  Tensions rising again, both overseas and here.  Let’s look at a few.

First, a brief look at Canaan and that part of the Islamic world wars. When you look at a map of the Middle East, at least seven (and depending on how you count them, ten) nations are engaged in a single connected war with multiple sides.

As rockets fall, Tel Aviv clings to a sense of normalcy. Barrages fired from Gaza bring the conflict closer, but Israelis in the city remain defiantly blase.  Meanwhile, we can’t get a straight story: every other media outlet (both MSM and the free press) takes an opposite tack as to who is the aggressor in this, both starting from the three dead Israeli teens to the latest attack and counterattack:  are the Israeli raids into Gaza counterattacks or attacks which are triggering the fairly impressive longer-range missile and rocket attacks on Israeli towns?

Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills eight in air strike: officials justify the killings as necessary to punish Arabs in Gaza for killing three Israeli teenagers, while rockets and missiles fly.

Meanwhile, at home:

Reports are that the Chinese hacked into the federal government’s personnel office.  The Office of Personnel Management keeps files on all federal employees, including thousands who have applied for top-secret clearance.  Just great: now the Chicomms have my data and that of millions of other Americans.  Once more we see how WELL the FedGov protects Americans.  Forget Nigerian scams, NOW the Chinese have all the info that they need to directly rob us blind.

Half a century later, the consequences of LBJ’s (and Congress’) “Great Society” are dire. In the 50 years since the onset of the “Great Society,” the United States has spent nearly $22 trillion and implemented 80 welfare programs… And accomplished a vast increase in poverty in this nation, as currently measured and determined.  But today, even the vast majority of the poor, those in poverty, are immensely wealthy compared even to the middle class of 1964.  But government expansion pushed the old New Deal evils to new heights which have continued since, both Demo and GOP.

US unemployment aid applications fall to 304,000.  I guess more people have given up and have been dropped from the rolls.  What will happen to them next?  Sent to internment camps where they can be replaced by border jumpers?  Made slave babysitters for children snuck across the border?  I’m not just whoofing, folks.  The New York News points out the hard data that says that unemployment is getting WORSE and not better, at least in June of 2014.  Despite the lies of the White House and most media. While 2.15 million Americans gained jobs in June, even more — 2.35 million — dropped out of the labor force altogether.  Apparently the administration just doesn’t care.

Seized nuclear material in Iraq ‘low grade’: UN agency.  I guess that they kept the good stuff?  Of course, who trusts a UN agency to even know what is low-grade and what is not?

Six killed, including four children, in Houston-area shooting, as we see what is likely an internal family incident, leaving a 14-year-old girl in serious condition.  And apparently NO one in the home was armed or prepared to defend themselves OR the children.

This is such a disgusting incident that I feel dirty and tainted even discussing it, but it is a sad and shocking example of how much the police and legal authorities have betrayed their oaths and obligations to “protect and serve.”  The police (and the prosecuting attorney) are doing something that is a crime, and forcing this young man (a minor) to do something that SHOULD be considered RAPE on their part, and is also a crime.  Just so that they can charge and convict him of a crime?  What evil we have let loose among us.

More evil.  In New Orleans, a 10-year sentence for Ray Nagin but apparently this piece of garbage won’t pay back a single cent of the half-million dollars he personally gained NOR the millions that his bribes and corruption paid out to corrupt contractors and others: instead, we’ll fund his stay in a country club at $100,000 or so a year: another million stolen from taxpayers. Ten years seems like a joke.

The Federal Reserve’s independence is questioned as Republicans ramp up pressure on the Fed and on the Administration.  This sort of garbage wastes time and stolen money, while allowing the bankers to do whatever they want.

I touched on this in some recent columns, but ISIS is now just “the Islamic State” or “The Caliphate.”  What does that mean?  That their intent and plan and goal is to have EVERY “Muslim” or “Islamic” nation (all of the Ummah) on the planet in their empire, with the head (al-Baghdadi) as the lawful and “true” successor to Mohammad, and then proceed to conquer as much of the rest of the world as possible.  They seem to be quite successful so far. Since many people claim that IS is just a tool of evil Western imperialists (you know, DC, London, and Paris, maybe even Berlin), then this means that they clearly WILL get the force they need to conquer the world.

Reportedly, Mark Twain was once asked if he believed in the “conspiracy theory” of history or the “accidental theory” of history

– are we all living in the midst of massive and centuries-long plots for world power and wealth, or just the cruel victims of accidents and random events.  Twain said (supposedly) “both.” He could not believe that EVERYTHING that happened was the result of a conspiracy, but he also couldn’t believe that many powerful people and families had NOT conspired over the centuries to gain and hold (or regain) power.  That said, consider this “proof” of a massive conspiracy the likes of which novel writers have seldom dreamed up:

In a case before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals (sitting in Denver), Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr. wrote an interesting dissent to the majority opinion in which he said that overriding the will of the people in state banned redefinitions of marriage “turns the notion of a limited national government on its head.”  This seems to be the first time a sitting federal judge has rejected the idea that individual liberty demands that a man be able to “marry” another man and a woman be able to “marry” another woman, thus redefining something that has existed for more than 6,000 years.  His argument is not necessarily about the power of government to redefine marriage, but WHICH GOVERNMENT can do so? He says the Constitution is SILENT on marriage and it is therefore strictly the STATES that have any power, and that DC canNOT ram it down anyone’s throat.

Mama’s Note: And what, pray tell, gives the “states” this power? Why would having something crammed down your throat by the state of Colorado be preferable, or more legitimate, than something crammed down by Washington DC. No state or non-voluntary organization has any legitimate authority to dictate how or why people make arrangements and contracts, trade and agreements between themselves.

Britain moves to keep email, phone data for security, reminding us that Big Brother is growing more bold and powerful all the time.

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