Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-28B: This and that

By Nathan Barton

Good morning. Congressional Democrats have unveiled a bill to override the Nine Nazgul’s ruling on the Hobby Lobby case.  Everyone says this bill has absolutely no chance of passing.  But we can expect this to be a constant issue and it is intended to help election-year fundraising and vote getting (and cheating) among the Dems’ loyalists.  Certainly it has led to certain Democratic cretin-stars to openly say what they have believed for years: that the First Amendment is as unacceptable to them as the 2nd, that religion must be suppressed and subordinate in ALL ways to government, and that refusing to pay for something that is wrong for someone IS stealing their “right” to be a parasite and live off you in every way that they can.  It should make it easier to show people how wicked and evil government is, once they get past the whinging give-me attitude.

It appears that the Nine Nazgul are ready to make a decision in a subsidy challenge that (according to some) could unravel ObummerCare. We all know that the success (as defined by the Fuehrer and his handlers and followers) of ObummerCare is critically dependent on getting young, healthy people (known in the trade as “suckers”) to sign up. If the subsidies are stripped and prices skyrocket, it’s unlikely that many younger people will want to sign up.  Stupidity only goes so far, after all.  Anyway, in April, Cover Oregon became ObamaCare’s first state-run casualty. The decision to close up shop and sign on to the federal exchange came after the state spent millions of dollars.  What they had for all that stolen money was a barely functioning website that failed to sign up a single person.  (But it hasn’t been all good news. New York’s roll-out for its state-run exchange went smoothly by comparison. By the end of its open enrollment period, nearly 1 million people had signed up. But then again, they ARE N’Yorkers.)

Mama’s Note: One million, out of how many millions? New York, or NYC? Not clear, but in any case it’s a drop in the bucket. I don’t think there is anything that could actually prevent this insane “law” from self destruction. The bad part is how many people it will take with it down the drain.

Nathan: And of course, many people think that this cockamammy scheme was INTENDED to fail from the gitgo to force a one-payer system.  So we shall see.  Mama Liberty and I are both betting that more and more health care people will not submit to slavery, which is what it would amount to.

Even the thugs are turning against the Fuehrer and his border games. Apparently, Border Patrol agents have been told to shut up after whinging about getting diseases from the border-jumping children (and others) in their “care.”  The truth seems to be more ugly by the day.’s Juan Cole presented a summary of the “Top 7 really disturbing bits of news” from Mesopotamia (he calls it Iraq).   The last is pretty serious:  “The so-called Islamic State stole some low grade nuclear material from a university in northern Iraq. They can’t do much with it of a practical sort (it cannot be used for a nuclear bomb).  But still, it points further to how much the Iraqi state has collapsed.”  It is too bad that he doesn’t take it seriously.  Even low grade nuclear material can be used in a “dirty” conventional bomb that can contaminate a fairly large area: perhaps even more than the significant fallout from a fission bomb.  And that takes very little engineering or scientific smarts, and not too much of a willingness to sacrifice the lives of those who grind up the stuff and pack it around a fair amount of explosive in an IED or put it into a seed dispenser on a drone. And drones the Islamic nutcases have, as demonstrated in Canaan this week (unless you believe that the drone, too, was a Mossad false flag to give them more excuses of invading Gaza and killing Arabs).

Everyone wants to reform: either themselves or someone/thing else.  Now it appears that even the Fuehrer, that “noted funnyman” (according to, perhaps tired of trying to reform America and the world, is reforming himself, and reverted to “telling the truth” in Austin, Texas today, informing a crowd of easily-amused young people (judging from the backdrop in this video) that he could finally relax on all the lying because he doesn’t have to worry about campaigning – or all the lying that accompanies it – anymore.  Of course, he is lying: he didn’t worry about lying during his campaigns or all his time squatting at 1600 PA. Like so many people dedicated to a cause, he surely figures that lying for the cause is a brownie point, not a demerit.

In North Carolina, police have arrested an eleven-year-old who shot and killed his grandfather (with a shotgun) AFTER the grandfather shot the boy’s father.  I assume that the father, once he recovers, will be charged with corrupting and endangering a minor.  After all, an eleven-year-old should ONLY know how to shoot himself or a playmate with any gun.  Good thing the boy didn’t use a handgun, or he’d also be a criminal for illegally having it, and it would be one more charge on the father, that he provided a handgun to someone under 18.  Of course, based on the way teens are now being charged with creating and distributing child porn for taking pictures of themselves, the kid could also be charged with endangerment to a minor, since he discharged the shotgun in his own presence.

Mama’s Note: What a tragedy, quite aside from all of the legal nonsense. What a thing to have to live with, no matter what the circumstances. As with all “news” stories these days, however, I have a few questions not covered in the story. Must be a very husky 11 year old to be able to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun, for one thing. And, if there are no other material facts, why would the police arrest the kid for protecting his father? We’ll never hear the rest of the story, of course, but I suspect there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Antimissile system has changed war for Israelis, as Iron Dome has allowed residents of southern Israel to live with a measure of normality, despite rocket barrage.  Americans, who don’t see the results of war closeup except for a very few wounded coming home, and some closed caskets, have less incentive to try and solve the problems without war.  However, for the common people of Gaza (NOT the Hamas and foreign fighters which infest the place), war HAS been the normal condition in that pitiful strip of sand and surf for decades.

A new study says that friends are often genetically like fourth cousins, and this goes beyond superficial appearance: Your buddies share your sense of smell.  That is awful.  Except in some small rural towns and segregated urban neighborhoods, and most Muslim societies.  If your best friend is your first or second cousin, then this change in genetics would reduce the incest and inbreeding, right?

Army “Sergeant” Bowe Bergdahl to return to active duty. He was held “in captivity” for five years, and returned to active duty Monday.  With bodyguards, I assume.  Don’t you feel safer already?

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