Problem solving: Responding to tyranny in 2014

by Nathan Barton

Daily I read of more obvious, more common tyranny and oppression around the world, and of how people agonize over how to end it: how to respond.  Many offer answers.  Will they work? They have not, so far, at least in recent memory.

Let me restate the problem in the time-honored and effective “task training outline:”

Task:  Respond effectively

Conditions:  Given tyranny as expressed through military or paramilitary (“police”) occupation, wicked judges without justice, bureaucratic abuse, executive action, legislative corruption and cowardice, political and economic cronyism, and other symptoms of a collapsing and evil society

Standards:  to restore liberty for individuals, families, businesses and local communities, removing power from the tyrants of all types, while restoring prosperity, domestic peace and tranquility, and defending our communities from foreign and domestic aggression and terror.

Normally, the above task statement would be followed by a list of “performance measures,” things to be done to achieve the stated standards under the conditions given.  Instead, let us make this a multiple choice game:  which of these suggested measures will help us perform to standard, and respond effectively to restore liberty?

1.q Write a letter to your congressman, legislator, county commissioner and/or town board member.

2. q Complain to family and neighbors.

3. q  Complain to government employees such as inspectors, cops, office receptionists, etc.

4.  q  Complain to other elected officials (president, governor, board members, mayors, clerks, etc.)

5.  q  Register to vote.

6.  q  Join or form a political party.

7.  q  Join or form a labor union.

8.  q  Join or form a protest movement and protest.

9.  q  Complain or provide an expose to the media.

10. q  Vote or threaten to vote for a non-incumbent.

11. q  Threaten to join a militia.

12. q  Attack a gunowner.

13. q  Defend yourself: fight back.

Kinda silly, huh? But I think that all of these have been suggested as serious “responses” by politicians and political activists, including libertarians, in recent years.

Except for #13, NONE of these are effective.   And that, in the mind of millions, is an evil choice.  There is, that I can see, no reconciliation between those who choose #13 and any other choice.

Mama’s Note: I’d add that before anyone can “fight back,” they must have done all they can to take personal responsibility for their own life and property, take care of their own children and family, and dedicate themselves to living without theft or other aggresson against their neighbor. And then, they’ll truly have something to fight for.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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