Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-35E: Liberty? What’s that?

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! Remember liberty?  Privacy?  Human rights?  Those are so mid-Twentieth Century, aren’t they?  Or should I say mid-Eighteenth Century?  Consider today’s stories.

Bogus cell phone towers dot the landscape and are intercepting your calls- but are far from the only way that your phone and mine can be hacked and traced.  The GPS built in is DESIGNED to be accessed and tracked by government agencies.  The metadata and contents of both phone calls and texts (and e-mails) can be read at central locations.  That is so common and so easily done withOUT these few bogus towers discovered by a complex and expensive cyber-secure phone that I suspect that this is all a red herring to distract from what NSA, FBI, DEA, BATFE. and the local village constable are doing around the clock.

Mama’s Note: Check this out before you get excited about the “towers.” This has been going on for a long time. Simple cure for it? Don’t use a cell phone.

Rumor Check: Those Fake Cellphone ‘Towers’ You’re Hearing About Aren’t Necessarily Towers at All

It doesn’t have to be a large fully built tower,” he added. “So you can have somebody in a hotel room with a laptop that is collecting every phone within half a mile and having it run through there instead of a normal cell tower.

“Think of it as a cellular repeater. You put a cellular repeater in your building to give you better coverage. All your calls pass through the cellular repeater. Well, an interceptor pretends to be a cell tower and passes your call on like a cellular repeater. It just turns encryption off on the way so it can listen.”

It seems that some hacker(s) have found and posted on-line various photos of “celebrities” nude, topless, and involved in various sex acts.  The FBI is apparently investigating.  The press is livid – and getting as much mileage out of the story as possible.  The photos are mostly of women: apparently Jennifer Lawrence, a pretty 24 year old (whom I had to look up to see who she was, although I’ve seen several movies with her in them) is the poster-child.  Various “celebs” are screaming about being abused by this, many fans are screaming about how wrong this is.  Frankly, the whole thing disgusts me.  For one thing, most of these 100 or so people already have MANY pix and vids on-line showing them topless, in highly revealing clothing, naked, and engaged in acts, which if not disgusting, are highly private and properly engaged in only between a husband and wife in private.  As Laissez Faire reports, the celebs are far from the first OR last to have personal photos and data stolen by hackers, and points out that NSA and its partners/confederates in private industry are largely to blame.  Indeed, the FBI itself is known for stealing and broadcasting private data.  But LFB fails to point out what should be obvious: the problem with this hacking is a lack of responsibility – personal responsibility – and NOT that of the hackers or even the fans eager for yet another snap of boobs or more… No, the responsibility of those who are the subjects of the photos and videos: the women  in the pictures.  NO ONE can hack pictures that were not taken.  NO ONE FORCED any of these women to exhibit their bodies (or parts thereof) or to take pictures of them with their husbands or whatever.  NO ONE forced them to post those photos to the cloud or even to the hard drive of a computer connected to the internet.  These people DID IT TO THEMSELVES, and now want our sympathy?  Please!  If you don’t take pictures of yourself naked or doing things that are private, then they cannot be stolen and posted.  The choice is yours!  If you are so mentally warped that you must expose yourself, that you are an exhibitionist (and does that include most actresses, singers, and other performance “artists”?), then perhaps you should get counseling and put that camera down.  And NOT allow “professional photographers” or even your boy-friend or husband to take pictures of you like that.  Look, stealing photos or anything else from someone’s camera, hard drive, cloud account, or phone is WRONG: it is THEFT and action SHOULD be taken.  But there is a big difference between you with your pet kitten or mom and doing something like this.  You are not to blame if someone steals your photos, whatever they may contain.  But why make it lucrative?  Look folks, USE cyber security – protect yourself – even if you are NOT so stupid as to post nude photos of yourself and your loved one on-line.

Free market? Another gun maker has had their credit card processing blocked and blames the FedGov (specifically the Fuehrer’s and Minion Holder’s Operation Choke Point) for the problem, as gun manufacturers, sellers, and gunsmiths are treated worse than border jumpers, murderous police, and the like. Each time this happens, we lose more liberty.

Mama’s Note: Support your local gun store, use only cash…  A pox on the credit card people, for a lot of very good reasons.

Patriotism?  Defending the nation? An Army psychologist with long experience in treating PTSD and other combat-related mental problems is pointing out a direct correlation between the massive spike in military suicides and the psychiatric drugs and chemicals used to treat mental disorders like these. “If you take a look at people who commit suicide, most of those people – I would say as much as 80 percent – are on some type of psychiatric medication where there’s a black box warning that indicates caution for suicidality, poor judgment and reasoning, anger and hostility, which can translate to homicide, depression, etc.,” he said. In 2013, 479 members of the military (259 active duty, 87 Reserve, and 133 National Guard) committed suicide, down from the record high of 522 in 2012. This does NOT include retired or separated military personnel.  For active duty soldiers, suicides soared to 29.7 deaths per 100,000 in 2012, (above a 25.1-per-100,000 rate for civilians of a similar age group during 2010).  That is (to my mind) NOT significant EXCEPT for the fact that normally soldiers should be MORE stable and LESS likely to kill themselves than the general civilian population.  There are many factors, but most lead back to the way Congress uses the military, and the way the FedGov and state governments have made this nation more and more a pit.

Don’t worry – your nation will take care of you?  The Marine with PTSD who got in the wrong lane in San Diego has now been imprisoned for 150+ days, and no indication that the FedGov – or at least the White House – cares whether or not he is release from his unjust imprisonment.  Most recently, vet Montel Williams has written the Mexican government and gotten blown off.

Don’t worry, America supports freedom and liberty? The peoples of the Middle East, the old Central Asian Soviet Republics, and Africa were also blown off, by John Kerry, that piece of rich garbage who is the current Chief Minion for Diplomacy of the Fuehrer, as he proclaimed that the real face of Islam was a peaceful religion full of love and respect for human dignity.  Gee, I guess he doesn’t get through his memos much, taking about executing journalists, bombing meetinghouses, stoning women for not wearing the right clothing, cutting off the hands of children who stole something by driving a big truck over them, and “grooming” young women in the Midlands to be sex slaves.  Kerry has always been a liar, but it seems to have taken over his entire life.

Ironically, given the theme of today’s commentary, I just learned that two men “impersonated” deputies of the Liberty County (Texas) Sheriff on Sunday morning and stole $6,000 in cash and two guns from a home that had been raided previously for drugs by the “real” sheriff’s deputies on the 21st of August.  The black suits with badges and patches and all the right gear and lingo were not resisted by the inhabitants.  And small wonder: anyone who tries to defend themselves against cops, right or wrong, are more likely than not to end up very dead very quickly, in the 21st Century world.  My question is, how do we know that these were NOT real Sheriff’s deputies?  Thugs are thugs.

Mama’s Note: All too often there’s not enough difference to bother with…

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