Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-35D: Stupidity

By Nathan Barton

Stupidity in government is ALWAYS a problem, from that first decree of Nimrod and the first Phaoronic bureaucrat who couldn’t count past his toes, right down to that IQ=2 assemblage of Conscript Fathers (and Mothers), the US Senate.  Today, we have a few examples in the news.

What Happens When You Stupidly Tax Junk Food? Health organizations and lawmakers across the country have sought to target junk food and curb obesity by taxing sweets.  Turns out it really doesn’t work:  oh, the governments get more money (and we all know how important THAT is), but people cut their consumption only slightly, mostly by switching to other similar products.  For instance, instead of buying and drinking soda, people buy and drink more beer.  Of course, beer has FAR fewer health and public/social impacts than HFCS sodas AND pay more taxes, so that is a win-win, right?  IF you are as stupid as most people in government are.

Mama’s Note: Any tax is theft, and that’s the whole problem – no matter what the response is of those who are robbed.

Do We Need Male and Female Equality in Health Research? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently (and stupidly) announced it will now require all NIH-funded experiments to use equal numbers of male and female animals when testing new drugs.  To what end?  Sexual equality?  Shall we now demand that equal numbers of male and female cattle be butchered for meat?  Or chickens?  Perhaps government regulations should insist that dairy farmers have equal numbers of “cows” of both sexes, and that egg producers use both male and female layers?

Stupidly  subsidizing “green” power production? Solar Boom Pales in Comparison to Oil and Gas Production. In just one year, the United States increased its oil production by more than twice the energy output of the entire solar sector.  WithOUT the massive government subsidies the solar sector gets.  Yes, oil & gas taxes and related regs do benefit that industry, but the “subsidies”(tax breaks are NOT subsidies) pale when compared to the cash shoveled at solar companies and projects.  Indeed, government actively seeks to PREVENT increased oil and gas production: witness the number of cities and counties banning fracking.  Next we will see these local, idiotic governments trying to ban tilling cropland (allowing only no-till cultivation).

Stupidly subsidizing electronic health records fails to deliver anything significant. (Except of course to all the workers and companies that got the “free” federal money (stolen from taxpayers and the future).) Since 2009, the federal government has sent $26 billion in taxpayer dollars to hospitals and doctors that have installed electronic health records.  But there are no significant improvements OR savings in delivering health care. This is despite the logic that it COULD save both time and money.

Mama’s Note: As with so many other things, there is a time and place for almost any technology, and electronic records are no exception. The problem isn’t the technology, but the fact that government wants to control it all, mandate unproven and outright idiotic things, and most naturally to milk the data it collects. Throw out the government, not the technology, and leave individuals and their doctors decide what is best for them – each and every time.

Don’t Cut Carbon, Just Adapt to Climate Change, says the Wall Street Journal. Even if the United States eliminated all carbon emissions from transport for four years, the world’s carbon dioxide emissions would still increase. Of course this is propaganda: there is less and less evidence supporting the idea of significant climate change as defined as “global warming.”  And the WSJ gives the thugs an excuse for more control.  Both government and media are being stupid here.

Mama’s Note: Would sure love to have me some of that “warming” here in NE Wyoming. It’s been so cool all summer that the tomatoes may never even get pink before the first frost, due in just a few weeks. Warm is good, if you like to eat, and CO2 is plant food, not a pollutant.

Actually, I’m all ready for these “alarmists” to suddenly change gears and begin to scream about the coming ice age – again. We went through this a few decades ago. I wonder if they will decide that CO2 and cow farts are responsible for the ice now, and demand all of the same asinine control for all the same asinine reasons.

Fast-food workers will stupidly stage another day of protests in more than 150 U.S. cities on Thursday as they seek a doubling in hourly pay to $15 and the right to form a union. Organizers expect their biggest protest to date, with fast-food workers from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC restaurants expected to walk off the job. They will be joined by home-care workers.  This is good as it speeds up the automation and off-shore procurement in the fast food industry.  Which in turn  provides an uptick to the home-shore electronics and business IT industry:  these robot cooks and servers require both installation and maintenance.  Oh, by the way, enjoy those $10 Big Macs and $5 tacos, and see how far your $15/hour wage goes, people.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman’s ruling Wednesday broke a string of 20-plus court wins for supporters of so-called same-sex marriage since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act last year. Feldman said homosexual rights supporters failed to prove that Louisiana’s amendment violates equal protection or due process provisions of the Constitution. Feldman agreed with state attorneys who argued that states have the right to define marriage.  This of course has outraged the homosexual activists, and I am sure this Nazgul has already received death threats – that is the way these activists work.  And frankly, the ruling is bogus.  State governments have no more LEGAL authority to redefine common and traditional words or relationships than the FedGov does:  calling a dog’s tail a leg does not mean dogs are five-legged.

Mama’s Note: Governments at any level have zero legitimate authority to define, or enforce the definition of, any kind of personal relationship between consenting people. Marriage, and any other relationship, is just exactly what the participants want and make it to be. Calling something a “marriage” based on other people’s definition and criteria does not make it a marriage at all, just fodder for argument.

When it comes to government official stupidity, the poster child of the second decade of the 21st Century HAS to be dear old dotty Uncle Joe (Biden).  He says this week that ISIS (the Caliphate) will ultimately reside in Hell.  There is so much wrong about this, not least of which he is clearly “establishing” an official state religion(s) because so many religions do not believe in Hell.  And where does HE get off being so judgmental? Stupid is as stupid does.  Have you noticed how much he looks and acts like Forrest Gump?

Of course, any column dealing with  stupidity has to take into account the increasing and horrifying stupidity of the boys in blue.  Take a gander at Paul Robert Craig’s latest column. See how cops treat political activism – even within hearing distance of a rally – in North Carolina. Read Will Grigg’s narrative about one recent cop bullet frenzy in Laredo.  And read how cops treated an innocent homeowner in San Bernadino when he recorded them. (See the video here.) How stupid is stupid?  Is stupidity an excuse for committing a capital crime?  We know that cops are often selected based on testing to show that they are not too smart,but…

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