Media: When truth counts, error and inconsistency abound

by Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Readers know that I have very little respect for the mainstream media, whether radio or television or “print” (newspapers and the leading magazines).  While I do have much respect for the alternative news media, including such folks as Drudge, Breitbart, WND,, and the many commentators out there, I am prone to call them out on issues of error, exaggeration, and over-reaction.  This commentary addresses both MSM and ANM, and once more I find myself disgusted with them.

So I am poking fun at the Mainstream Media, AGAIN.  The WaPo had these two headlines and blurbs, one above the other, in their morning news e-mail.  See anything funny?

Hong Kong protest sees biggest crowds yet on holiday

Officials were quick to tamp down any hysteria, emphasizing that the U.S. is equipped to contain the virus.

First U.S. case of Ebola fever is diagnosed in Texas

Officials were quick to tamp down any hysteria, emphasizing that the U.S. is equipped to contain the virus.

Actually, the two really sorta fit – if you know little or nothing about what is really going on in the world.  People ARE getting hysterical over Ebola, as I’ve mentioned more than once.  And people are also starting to get into a panic over the events in Hong Kong, where apparently more people than ever (17 years after they lost their liberty and their Queen) have finally decided enough is enough, and are praying that someone from overseas will help them resist the ChiComm regime.  Sadly, I suspect that the FedGov is more willing to “contain the virus” of rebellion and support the regime in Beijing than to encourage the people of Hong Kong to fight for their liberties. But clearly, the WaPo is no longer able to hire capable workers, as it slides downhill into oblivion.  Writers, techs, and editors all seem to be lacking in quality as well as ethics.

On to the Alternative News Media:

It is with sadness that I report that the site/newsletter “Godfather Politics” has shifted significantly towards the dark side of the police state.

In a recent article, “Chicago Detective: Apple will become the pedophile’s phone of choice,” we are asked to debate the value of liberty versus catching and punishing pedophiles.  Although Dave Jolly caveats his words, he speaks glowingly of the need for cops to hack into anyone’s phone.  Apparently this is necessary since we dare not let a single pedophile get away.

I attempted to comment as follows:  I am sorry, but you are wrong in this.  “Innocent until proven guilty” is a fundamental element of our legal system, and means that some times, guilty people get off. So also is a limit on the power of the courts and police and other government agencies, which you have frequently recognized in your articles. Those principles have been violated, time and time again in recent years. The consequences of this are already all about us: government is stealing all our liberties, and the excuses are many. You are using one of them: “it’s for the children” has been used again and again and the consequences are dire.  This year it is child porn, next year it is ‘homophobes’ and then “Islamophobes” and then “anti-government” and then “anti-abortion” and “anti-evolution” and eventually, we are under surveillance not just by NSA but by two hundred government agencies right down to the water department (so we can make sure that they aren’t using too much water) and the sanitation department (so we can make sure that they aren’t throwing away too much food or not recycling properly) and the child welfare department and the humane agency and the public health department and everything else.  And guess where the pedophiles will be working?

I am really disappointed in Mr. Jolly, as this follows another story from a few days ago, in which he sided firmly with the grand jury which approved the gunning down by cops of a man carrying a toy gun in a WalMart.  That time, I was able to comment: This story is dead wrong: looking at the video of the dead man’s time in Wal-Mart shows that the people who panicked and called the cops were wrong, and that the cops were ALSO wrong in the way they gunned the man down. There is no indication at ALL that he was ordered to put down the gun or that he heard the commands. Nearly every day, more than 400 times a year, murdering cops kill innocent people under circumstances that demonstrate a lack of training, too much fear, and too much of a combat mentality on the part of people who are SUPPOSED to keep the peace and “protect and serve.” The jury was simply wrong.” I guess I wasn’t tactful enough, as the only response to me (and not from Dave) was an innuendo-laced ad hominum attack accusing me of being a shill.

I don’t know if that may be why my passcode no longer works to comment on Dave’s articles, as I was unable to comment on the Apple phone article.

But why do people suddenly do this?  That is, appear to sell out the cause of liberty and support the growing police state?  Is it some particular button-issue that is pushed, or is it old age?  Or are they just revealing what they have always believed and were just hypocrites in the past?  I’ve many times commented favorably on Dave Jolly’s comments and reporting, but now…  I wish I knew.

There IS no perfect reporter or writer, and I am far from perfect myself – just to be clear.  But I hope that I am sticking to the basic principles of godliness and liberty, as well as common courtesy and fair play.  Please tell me (and Mama Liberty!) if I am straying.

Mama’s Note: Rest assured, Mama’s watching. 🙂 I hope plenty of others will comment in any case.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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