The “Do Nothing Congress”

By MamaLiberty

We only have one “representative” in the US Congress for all of Wyoming, and I’m on her website mailing list.

This week she’s writing to complain about Harry Reid, a frequent theme:

Harry Reid is desperately trying to sell the “do nothing Congress” as republicans’ fault but it was his own decision to keep the Senate from coming to the table to work on these critical issues.  We have sent the Senate many different solutions and ideas.  Harry Reid’s Response? Still nothing but crickets.

Her focus, however, is really on the latest bill to be sidelined by Reid’s tactics.

H.R. 4: the Jobs for America Act.

H.R. 4 is a jobs package that would: restrain the recent explosion of federal regulations; make permanent the ban on internet access taxes; restore the 40 hour work week that has been undermined by Obamacare; encourage the hiring of veterans; and repeal the medical device tax.  It would also require the Forest Service to actively manage for healthier forests and sustainable timber revenues for local communities, streamline the permitting process to expand America’s supply of rare earth minerals, and give small businesses much needed relief so they can hire more employees.

All that sounds like a good idea at first glance, but if you are truly interested in individual liberty and self ownership, it’s easy to spot the big flaw here.

By what legitimate authority does the US government, any part or person, have anything to say about any of it? Why do so many people assume that these things can only be decided, managed, paid for and organized by some non-voluntary government entity or personality? Why should any one person, such as Mr Reid, or any group of people, such as the congress, senate, president, etc… be able to block others from doing what is best for them and for their own property, in voluntary association and cooperation with their neighbors?

I suspect that H.R. 4 would be a very good thing. I know that the elimination of the 900 lb gorilla of government, sitting front and center in every home and business across the country, would be 100% better. I’d very much rather the “congress” did absolutely nothing at all. I’d rather it did not exist.

How about you?

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One Response to The “Do Nothing Congress”

  1. rkshanny says:

    Yah Mama L, that was my 1st thot when I saw your title . . . “do nothing” . . . we can only wish!! The only thing better, as you said, is NO congress!


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