Trust Your Gut

By MamaLiberty

Did you ever walk down a street and have the strong sensation that someone was watching you? Ever enter a room and just KNOW someone else was there (or recently had been), even if you could not see or hear them? Have you locked the door, walked to your car, and then decided to go back into the house because you knew you forgot something, even if you didn’t know what it was until later? Ever meet someone who just struck you wrong, whom you instinctively distrusted without any overt signs of hostility or malevolence from that person?

What did you do then? Did you pay attention and take evasive or defensive action? Or did you discount your own unease and continue into the situation without further thought or caution? Nine times out of ten you might be lucky enough to avoid trouble anyway, but the consequences could be serious, or even fatal. Once is too many, especially since your own body and mind work constantly to evaluate your surroundings, read the emotions and actions of people and animals, and give you early warning of danger. If you let it…

That’s how humans have managed to survive from the beginning. Your natural instincts are seriously important, and you can do a lot to improve and make good use of them. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, women especially are systematically taught to ignore their instincts and, instead, concern themselves with political correctness and various emotions, “feelings” – which are not the same as their survival instincts by any means. Even worse, they are conditioned now, more and more, to ignore their surroundings almost completely, giving their attention to things like cell phones and media of all kinds. I see people all the time walking or running along the road with earphones on… unable to hear anything else, and usually oblivious to everything around them.

So, when they get hit by a car, or someone grabs them in a dark parking lot, or a group of gang members surround them in broad daylight on the street, they are shocked, stunned, surprised and completely unprepared to deal with it. They walk blindly into danger, get into a vehicle with a stranger they have no good reason to trust, or walk out to the car without their purse, leave a fire under a pot, or a million other things that would not likely be a problem if they simply paid attention to their surroundings and listened to their own inner signals.

They can become truly helpless victims. And that can so easily happen to someone even if they carry a gun! Having a gun with you is no guarantee of anything. It’s about 10% of the tools you need to successfully defend yourself and your loved ones.

So, how can you overcome this conditioning to be unaware, to ignore your own natural instincts? That depends a lot on how much adverse conditioning you have already had, of course, which relates somewhat to how old you are and where you were raised. You have much less to overcome if you grew up in the country and have any experience with outdoor sports or activities. You have a long row to hoe if you were raised in the suburbs, cushioned from much of the world and its real dangers. Interestingly enough, those who were born and raised in a big city, especially living in a tough neighborhood, probably have those instincts honed rather well. They simply may not be trusting themselves now for some reason.

Your ability to further develop and use your natural instincts also depends a lot on how you view yourself. Do you trust your own judgment generally? Do you actually like yourself? Much of the self loathing and distrust people experience is also a product of the PC conditioning, and you might want to explore exactly how that attitude might hamper your ability to use your instincts for self preservation. Why don’t you love and respect yourself? What can you do to change that if it is true?

First, of course, is to recognize that your life has real worth, that your respect and reverence for human life does not logically include disdain or hate for your own. If someone attempts to harm you, or end your life, that person has already decided that he/she is willing to risk their life to damage or kill you. You do not owe them the sacrifice of your own life to save theirs. False “altruism” serves no honest purpose.

So, understanding that, you can accept the importance of this natural gift and determine to nurture it. Most of the building blocks for that can be found in the practice of situational awareness described here. And you can take it even farther by extending that awareness to every waking moment of your life, especially any time you are outside your home or a secure building.

No, we’re not at all talking about fearful paranoia or fourteen locks on the doors. Just listen to your inner self, trust yourself to act on that knowledge, and don’t allow things like a cell phone or text message to distract you in any vulnerable situation.

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