Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-41E: Cannibals virtual and actual

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.

This is a horrible tale of how the arrogance of cops (specifically, game wardens) has virtually destroyed a family and their friends and efforts to help others.  And this is in Idaho, which reminds us that NONE of the Fifty States are free from the evils of law enforcement, and that local tyranny is a problem everywhere.  When combined with the capability of private enemies and haters to twist and use government agencies to attack us, it reminds us that no place is safe.  The blog’s title “Cannibals with Cutlery” is fitting.

Speaking of cannibals… Although it is definitely NOT news, an article in Godfather Politics reminds us that today we have many people – including many with significant influence and power – who are busy not just rewriting but recreating history.  As people celebrated (or not) Columbus Day earlier this week, many of the old stories and tales about the evils of the Spanish (and Portuguese and English) explorers and conquerors were trotted out, together with the tall tales about how peaceful and advanced the ancient civilizations (and even barbarians) of the Americas were – before the evil Europeans came and destroyed them.  The truth is (truths which continue to be hidden or denied) is that at least TWO of the “most-advanced” civilizations included religions in which human sacrifice was not just a part but a CENTRAL part and essential to the religion, culture, and empires built:  not just the Azteca in central Mexico, but the Inca Empire of Peru, Bolivia, and Equator, used human sacrifice to placate their gods and control their subjects.  And other societies, including several in North America, practiced cannibalism, sometimes on a fairly large scale.  Those who condemn the Spanish for their “ethnic cleansing” need to remember that they found conditions so evil that it was no surprise that they would respond in the same bloody way as they had done for 800 years fighting against the Moors and other Muslims.

We cannot justify their murderous actions, but we can understand, and realize that BOTH sides can be evil in any conflict.  Just as we see happening today with the Caliphate, Syria, Turkey, and the rest.  Another point made by Godfather Politics is that more and more, in Latin America and right here in the Fifty States, the worship of these old gods is being revived, including some cases of documented human sacrifice.  This is bad, but as the earlier story points out, it is not worshipping these old gods that creates cannibals and human sacrifice today as much as it is the worship of men and nature/the planet as “gods.”  The worship of the State, of rulers, of political philosophies has led to the sacrifice of millions and tens of millions, and that is going on in the world today.

For once I can say something almost nice about cops, specifically the head of the Nashville (Tennessee) Metropolitan Police Department, which refused to assist the Secret Service in an illegal search of the residence of a critic of the Fuehrer, who refused to talk to the Secret Service agents and refused to let them in because – gasp – they didn’t have a warrant.  One of the agents wanted a Nashville police sergeant to pretend that he had a warrant, and he refused.  And the boss of the department backed him up.  Not that the NMPD doesn’t have all the usual problems and evils of local law enforcement these days.  But for once they did the right thing.

I can also say something almost nice about law professors at Harvard.  They have come out in opposition to the way Harvard (following perceived Federal guidelines) has joined many other universities in creating a Star Chamber type injustice system to go after students accused of sexual assault and harassment, in which there are few if any standards of proof and a single office (sometimes a single person) is judge and jury and prosecutor and investigator all in one). The professors are screaming about it, and that is good.  But THEY are still part of the problem: Harvard, if ANY school does, does not need federal dollars – with their billions of endowments and the tuition and fees that they charge.  Without the money, the strings would not be there.  But it is also NOT as though Harvard is being forced into creating and enforcing policies like this: they were very happy to be mandated to do things like this because it pushes the school’s administrators and faculty’s own political agenda. They WANT to be able to accuse and condemn male students for anything that smacks of traditional ethical and moral behavior.

One of the Fuehrer’s chief minions, Secretary of State Kerry, demonstrates that he is even more of an idiot than he appears, or an even bigger liar than he has been so far: he is now claiming that manmade global warming will end human life on this planet – or at least end most human life.  Given that the lies pile up more and more, as we now see that even using THEIR data and THEIR processes, there has been no “global warming” for nearly two decades, even though the production of greenhouse gases has NOT been cut.

It is almost impossible NOT to talk about Ebola, as we see that yet another person has been exposed and may have Ebola, now two persons away from the now-dead Patient Zero in Dallas:  the second nurse diagnosed with Ebola apparently has gifted the virus to her boyfriend. It now seems, also, that the nurse asked CDC if she could travel to Ohio with a low-grade fever and they let her, and of course the CDC is now saying that she lied to them.  Following the Fuehrer’s “press briefing” yesterday, the head of the CDC said that you can GIVE Ebola to someone in a bus if you are infected, but that you can’t GET Ebola in a bus if you aren’t infected.  How does that work?  The Fuehrer is also talking about sending National Guard troops, not just regulars, to help in West Africa. And after sending one sick nurse to Atlanta yesterday, they are sending the other one to Maryland.  Honestly, it is as if they are seeking to spread the disease more across the US.

Mama’s Note: Even though the author is much too trusting of government, of course, the article has many very valid points.

This Is How Ebola and ISIS Could Kill Us All
Irrational fears encourage policies that are more dangerous than the threats they are supposed to defuse.

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