Islamic wars come to Canada

By Nathan Barton

The Islamic War has come to Canada.

On Wednesday morning, the Canadian Forces soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa was shot and killed by a gunman who then ran into the Parliament Building shooting, before he was killed.  For most of the day, a second gunman was believed to be involved and at large.  Following the killing of one soldier and injury of another in a vehicular homicide in Quebec, in which the driver of the killer was also killed, the region is in a panic.

Soldiers have been ordered to remain indoors and away from windows, as have civilians in Ottawa.  (If soldiers DO venture out, you will be able to distinguish them from Mounties and Provincial Police because although both sets are in uniform, the soldiers are disarmed and not wearing protective armor, unlike the “domestic occupation force” called “police.”) Of course, I do have to wonder about whether enough Canadian soldiers are still warriors or not. Based on photos of the War Memorial in better times, the ceremonial guard at the War Memorial (similar to the Fifty States’ Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers) is armed, but perhaps the Canadian Forces have become so politically correct that the soldier didn’t have any ammo in the weapon – or so unobservant as to not notice someone lining up a shot on him?

No motives have yet been revealed, or at least not made public.  It turns out (according to news reports) that the man was both a felon and a recent convert to Islam.  But surely that has nothing to do with this action!  Islam is, after all, a “religion of peace” ™.

(There is some speculation that the killer today was so shocked and traumatized by the mere sight of the ceremonial rifle carried by the soldier guarding the memorial, that he flipped out and started shooting in clear “preventative self-defense.” This, therefore, would be obvious proof that even wearing tee-shirts with guns printed on them, or pointing fingers like guns, is enough to trigger mass shootings in American (and Canadian) schools.) [/sarc]

Canada is, of course, not really a stranger to war involving Muslim countries and Islam: Canadian troops have fought in recent years together with other Commonwealth, NATO, and US allies in Mesopotamia and Afghanistan, but have fought in the past with Commonwealth and Imperial forces around the world. Canadian soldiers have killed many Muslims, and some Canadian soldiers were killed and more wounded in Muslim lands.  At the same time, because of those Commonwealth ties, many Muslims have immigrated to Canada. And some have become Canadians.  Others just live there, as their coreligionists just live in the United Kingdom and France and Spain, but keep their own culture – and its evils.

In the past, “Canadian” Muslims have done such things as honor killings and run off to join jihadists and generally behaved like savages; these two incidents may just be more of the same.  Or it could be that the war is coming to Canada on a long-term and a big scale, as it has to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain, to say nothing of places like Nigeria and the Philippines, which have been the scene of this warfare continuously for centuries.

Canadians have fought wars on their own soil, but it has been a very long time: clear back to 1885 (the Metis Rebellion).  Canadians have forgotten and have mostly (not completely) disarmed themselves, and have grown far too dependent on government – and far too trusting of government to “protect” them.  Will this wake them up?  I think it might wake up a few more people SOUTH of the border.  Enough?  We shall see.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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