Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-43D: Problems with the economy?

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!  Economic problems have been pushed to the back burner because of Ebola and the Caliphate, but they are not going away, especially not as long as the FedGov (and other governments) continue to mess it up.

The Fifty States’ economy and abuse of business: Wyoming ranks best, New Jersey worst, for business taxes. The Tax Foundation has released its annual business tax climate index, ranking the fifty states for the strength of their tax systems for business.

Mama’s Note: We knew that. Too bad taxes aren’t the only thing worst in NJ. But it is interesting how they do correlate. Every state that is bad on freedom in general, and especially KABA, is also a tax hellhole. Of course, you and I don’t find that at all strange…

Nathan: Frankly, I find that Wyoming taxes on business are a royal pain: not so much for the amount (which IS lower than even neighboring states for many things) but for the bureaucracy and paperwork that infest every state, even Wyoming.  New Jersey and the other states near it in the list must be really ghastly.  Why not go Galt, people?  ANY tax is too much, especially when it is then wasted on so many stupid things.

Report: Man brutally beheads woman in New York before jumping in front of train. Apparently the man murdered his mother, a college professor, before offing himself.

Mama’s Note: Seems this sort of thing is becoming more common…

Nathan: Popular fads.  Death by train is very common in Japan: so much so that families are billed for the cost of cleanup and repair.  And of course, ISIS is making beheading a daily news item.  And there is something about beheading that seems to resonate with people.

Mama’s Note: And I’m sure she was totally defenseless.

Nathan: Of course: college professors have mystical protectors and don’t need weapons.  But I suppose she must have offended Mother Gaia and so…

Don’t think it is related to the above murder-suicide, but today it seems that the White House boosts security around Federal buildings in response to terror threats.

Mama’s Note: So, of course it is the overlords who believe themselves at risk and beef up their own “security.” But the peons are still forbidden to defend themselves.

Nathan: Of course, the FedGov is taking advantage of news items to support their claims to need MORE security, MORE money, and more power.  Apparently the attacks in Canada are the excuse for the “heightened security,” which as usual will create problems for tens of thousands of people each day but will not really secure much of anything against a serious attack, organized OR lone-wolf.

White House tries to ease flare-up over Netanyahu insults.  Staffers are using some pretty nasty language.

Mama’s Note: And these pre-adolescents are supposedly running the world? Oy vey.

Nathan: Yes, of course.  Remember the Clinton minions and stealing the “W” key off keyboards?  Or for that matter, (DON’T) watch any of a dozen TV political ads this month.

The new Deputy Fuehrer for Ebola (excuse me, Czar or Caesar) tells us that overpopulation and climate change are the biggest problems the planet and the FedGov face. Maybe this is what the Czar is supposed to do: help SPREAD Ebola to deal with the more serious issues?  A billion fewer people on the planet supposedly will cut carbon emissions immediately (provided they are buried and not cremated or allowed to just rot)  and long-term.  I am sure that they figure the Fifty States could do with 150 million or so fewer people.  Which is why they can’t leave Ebola alone: it is the panic that will kill most, not Ebola itself.  And unlike nukes or EMP, Ebola won’t destroy the infrastructure. Is this why we have the next problem?

The Fuehrer rejects the idea of state-level quarantines: The squatter in 1600 PA did not explicitly criticize governors for imposing quarantines on health workers returning from Ebola-stricken countries but said that the U.S. should not “react based on our fears.”  Funny, isn’t that EXACTLY what they advocate when it comes to guns?  Perhaps someone can enlighten me on exactly WHERE in that venerable document, the US Constitution, the White House (or even Congress) can supersede state governments on this sort of thing?  And compare this with what DoD is doing (at the insistence of the local commanders and the Joint Chiefs of Staff): Hagel orders 21-Day quarantine for U.S. Troops serving in West Africa.  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Wednesday that U.S. troops returning from Ebola missions in West Africa will be quarantined — kept in supervised isolation — for 21 days, even though they won’t have any direct contact with Ebola patients. Overreaction? Probably, but logical and sure to rile the Fuehrer even more with the military.  AND create more panic as people will be sure that the military knows something and is hiding it from us.

A couple of science items worth discussing today.

The Antares supply rocket which exploded a few seconds after launch in a spectacular fireball seen in several videos, from the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at Wallop Island is a setback for a lot of people.  Although still under investigation,  NASA, Orbital Sciences (the NASA contractor that provided the rocket), Russia (which sold old Soviet rocket engines to Orbital), MARS itself (it only has two launch pads, or rather, now one), and of course the folks on the International Space Station who were going to get 5,000 pounds of supplies on the Cygnus freighter the Antares was carrying.  I don’t know if they are drawing straws to see who is going to become meals for everyone else: it brings back memories of old pulp science fiction stories thinking space exploration would include periods of starvation like the Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay colonies.  After all, what can possibly be wrong with cannibalism if we are all just animals that evolved from the primordial ooze?

Mama’s Note: Seems to me that any space station or long term expedition is going to have to be serious about producing their own food and supplies. And such things are standard fare in almost every SF story I’ve read that involved space travel. They have unlimited sunshine, for one thing, and just about everything else can be recycled.

USA Today and certain “libertarian atheists” and “scientists” are crowing this week because they claim that the “Pope gets with the Science”.  USA Today says, “Pope Francis has waded into the controversial debate over the origins of human life, saying the big bang theory did not contradict the role of a divine creator, but even required it. The pope was addressing the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which gathered Monday at the Vatican to discuss ‘Evolving Concepts of Nature.’ … Giovanni Bignami, a professor and president of Italy’s National Institute for Astrophysics, welcomed Francis’ comments, saying he had buried the ‘pseudo theories’ of creationists.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but when you look at what the head of the Catholic Church REALLY said, ‘taint that at all: an article at The Last Resistance analyses Francis’ actual words and finds that, if anything, the Pope is challenging the Catholic Church’s dogma for the past century or so and saying that the Bible teaches the universe was created in seven actual days.  There are many problems with what this man is teaching and preaching and practicing, and I am not sure just why atheists and others are so eager to claim that he is accepting their view.

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