Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-43C: Around the world.

By Nathan Barton

Good morning!

Around the world, government and too many organizations that have partnered with government, or become all BUT governments, continue to make a hash of matters, not carrying out the tasks that people assume that they are, and causing, frankly, more problems than they are worth.  Of course, it is hard to make people see that.

The U.S. military has started isolating soldiers returning from an Ebola response mission in West Africa (even a general!), and Australia became the first rich nation to impose a visa ban on the affected countries amid global anxiety about the spread of the disease.  Meanwhile, here in the Fifty States, the CDC says returning Ebola medical workers should not be quarantined as a nurse hides out in Maine after escaping from custody in New York.  But a Vermonter returning home via a New York airport was met by Vermont State Police and taken into custody, excuse me, quarantine, at an unknown rural location.  FEMA camp?  We don’t need those: the states are just fine running their own police states and gulags.  At the same time, we need even LESS the FedGov usurping still MORE power from the states, and overriding the decisions of local people on how best to care for themselves and their neighbors.

Neat! Toronto elects moderate conservative as mayor, ending scandal-ridden Ford era, or so they hope.  They will almost certainly find out that, conservative or liberal, all politicians are corrupt and cause trouble.

In Syria, Assyria, and other parts of Mesopotamia, the fighting triggered by the conquests of the Caliphate continue.  Increasingly, women are volunteering for combat duty in various Kurdish militia units.  And they are, of course, dying.  A while ago, a trapped Kurdish infantrywoman set off explosives she was wearing, killing ten ISIS thugs and herself.  By avoiding capture, she no doubt avoided a worse fate: at a minimum rape and beheading, but probably torture and other mutilation.  This week, ISIS executed nine captured Kurdish troopers, including three women, beheading all of them.  And a lovely woman made into a poster child for the Kurdish defense of their homeland, including the city of Kobane, was reported as captured and executed: a video and photo posted shows a bare-faced ISIS savagely waving her head around in glee. (Most recent reports say that it was not Rehana but another Kurdish girl who was beheaded.)  Women are both willing and able to go out and fight to defend their families: elders and children, and also able to do so with a relatively small amount of training.  One Kurdish commander pointed out that his women fighters are the best snipers because of their attention to detail and patience. These are all lessons we must learn and be willing to apply in the future in defending ourselves and our communities against ANY kind of terrorism.

Meanwhile, back in America, our own Muslim state (Michigan) is very protective of its automotive industry and dealerships, so they are banning sales of Tesla automobiles in their state, since Tesla sells directly to drivers and NOT through dealerships.  Of course, it is consumers who will suffer, at least those who can’t have their Tesla cars delivered to Indiana or Ohio or Ontario.  As usual, government stupidity – especially that of politicians – causes harm.

Why is it that people who get so upset that others don’t believe in evolution (macro-evolution) are so unwilling to let evolution work by letting the improper handling of guns to get rid of the stupid, like this gangbanger? (Well, he comes close, as Mama Liberty pointed out.) Hopefully, his wounds will prevent (further) reproduction.  If government spent as much time protecting honest and peaceful citizens from sick, cruel, criminals like this guy as they do treating, caring for, and then incarcerating thugs AND trying to take away weapons from those honest and peaceful people, we’d be better off.

Can you believe this?  The New York Times has printed a column claiming that ObummerCare is ripping off consumers!  Who do they think ObummerCare is, some private, for-profit company that they can attack with impunity? Sure, their websites look like the kind of shoddy work you expect from for-profit private business out to fleece consumers, but they really ARE the government.  If the Times isn’t careful, they’d find themselves visited by a DHS SWAT team with baseball bats for their computers and flash-bangs for their staffers, accused of violating copyright or trademark of some sports team, or perhaps accused of racism for using “Redskins” and such.

Even while government, especially the FedGov, wastes time and money in addressing such burning issues as sports team names, the Dineh (Navajo) high school not far from the Four Corners in Arizona – about as far as you can get from DC – has emerged as a defender of the Washington Redskins.  (I noticed that Fox News this morning did not even use the team name in announcing the Redskins’ defeat of the Dallas Cowboys.) Most of the people in Red Mesa not only reject claims that their team’s nickname is a slur, they take pride in it. Clean water is a more pressing problem, and they wish someone would focus on that.  Believe me, so do a LOT of other people.  And all the other breath, ink, and electrons wasted on all the other AmerInd-related sports team names.

North Dakota to decide whether to put oil revenue into conservation. North Dakota has a $450 million budget surplus and the nation’s lowest unemployment rate, but only about 725,000 people to enjoy it. The state, a long-neglected backwater, is becoming the Saudi Arabia of North America, growing into one of the nation’s most affluent societies, or so the media claims.  The reality is much different, but never let that deter the media.  Sadly, even in ND, the politicians find that the money burns holes in their pockets.  I expect them to waste it completely.

This from Tim, thanks! American Red Cross’ secret disaster in 2012; the ARC’s  Sandy, Isaac response was pitiful, harmful and useless. According to NPR, money and assets were diverted for public relations purposes, including meaningless driving of near-empty trucks around just to be seen, while children and handicapped victims of disasters were put into more danger by poor procedures or procedures NOT followed.  ARC is one of those organizations that has become nothing more than a parasite on the Fifty States, a partner with government in ripping people off and lying to them.

Mama’s Note: No surprise that ARC is doing this… I suspect it’s been going on for along time. I think I told you folks why I wouldn’t have anything to do with the Red Cross, regardless. Very typical of an organization that has become much too large and political. sigh

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