Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-47D: It is a cold day!

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! It is a cold, cold day! It is cold outside. All 50 U.S. states feel freezing temperatures this week as another “polar vortex” brings winter home.  Sorry, but this HAS happened before and WILL happen again, no matter how much the FedGov claims otherwise.

It is cold in the hearts and pockets of those who would benefit from building a way to get Alberta oil to consumers. Despite support from several Democrats, the Fuehrer will not have to use that precious veto power, as Senate narrowly rejected the Keystone XL energy pipeline.  In a victory for environmental activists (and the Fuehrer), Democrats blocked legislation by ONE vote: 59 to 41, to compel [a decision by the Executive Branch] on construction of the oil pipeline, but the vote leaves Republicans itching to return to the fight when they take over next year.

I’ve already answered a bunch of questions from people on this entire project, which I may post as one or more articles in the near future, since it will be on the agenda in January.  But the REAL key to remember here is that the FedGov has no business doing anything to expedite or prohibit this.  And that refusing to allow this to proceed will damage relations with Canadians and will NOT stop Americans (or anyone else) from using petroleum products.  Nor is there ANY way that people can seriously claim that the KXL is “racist” or a plot to destroy the environment or poison people.

It is cold in the heart of one Tranzi, and she is getting the cold shoulder from everybody. One of those Dems that voted FOR the KXL had more than most on the line, One commenter called it Landrieu’s final indignity: One vote shy on Keystone.  After financially abandoning the three-term senator in her runoff campaign to hold on to her seat, Democrats have now abandoned her in spirit, too.  After Keystone, Landrieu faces tougher re-election.  I find it hard to be sympathetic with any of them, and don’t think the GOP guy that replaces her after a runoff election in a couple of weeks will change anything much, if at all.

It is a cold comfort to the families and friends of those killed, of course. After the Jerusalem synagogue attacks kill five Israeli Jews (3 with American background), Israel goes on the offensive, Israel demolished a Palestinian’s home (the home of a man who killed several people several days before by using a car as a weapon).

Mama’s Note: The gun blog world had mention of steps by the Israeli government to “loosen gun laws” after this latest attack. Smoke and mirrors, folks. People who live there were quick to say that ordinary folks have no more hope of being “allowed” to carry a gun than the sad inmates of New Jersey.

Of course, a lot of people consider anything Israel does to be “offensive” in nature.  Frankly, the idea that the Israelis have been plotting since 1947 (or some will claim since 1917) to spend seven decades to “wipe out” a small part of the world’s Arabs – those now called “Palestinians” – seems absurd and very far-fetched.  In fact, there is just as much if not more evidence that Arabs have been trying to wipe out a fairly sizable part of the world’s Jews – regardless of ethnicity – than of the nefarious intentions of the Israelis.  Every day, and this has probably been the case for several decades, Arabs have been killing other Arabs (both of their own religion and of other religions) and demolishing the homes and businesses of other Arabs with bombs and dozers and shelling.  None of this means that the FedGov (nor state governments) should be involved on ANY level in the Arab-Israeli or any Arab-Arab conflict.

Cold shoulder towards liberty, too.  The generally acknowledged worthless and lying bill on surveillance reform fails to advance in Senate.  The legislation would put have supposedly put limits on the so-called bulk collection of Americans’ records by the NSA.  Even though it would put little restriction on the NSA, Republican senators failed to support it.  Both parties in Congress figure that the NSA is a valuable tool for THEIR power, and believe their own hype about “security.”

Cold hope for liberty in the UK, too. Is prime minister the next step for London’s livewire, moptop mayor? This is what the WaPo is asking, talking about outgoing and departing London Mayor Boris Johnson,  who is a natural-born U.S. citizen, author of a new Winston Churchill biography and the most popular politician in Britain. In the U.K., all eyes are on his next move. Labourites hope (and some still pray) that he will restore them to 10 Downing Street.  As in the US and Russia, the Cult of Personality is strong and with us!

Don’t get a cold: got health care? Have you been confused by this so-called Gruber-gate? What did Gruber mean when he said ‘if CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies’ “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies.” In other words, exactly what he said!  Should not people be upset?  The government (and a man proven to be both a key adviser and author of the bill) LIED to get it passed, and worked to deceive everyone.

Mama’s Note: He lied? Oh, I am shocked. (/sarc)

Coming in out of the cold?  Don’t count on it.  On Thursday evening, the Fuehrer is to act unilaterally on immigration, irking Republicans, and many others, while for some the partying has already begun! Immigration lawyers say they are being flooded with calls from people in-country illegally, asking if they will qualify under this yet-to-be-announced plan to shield as many as 5 million immigrants from deportation.

Mama’s Note: This item is a bit late… The turd in the White House punch bowl did exactly what he promised, for once. Of course, the congress could stop it any time they wanted to… but I seriously doubt they will. Either too spineless or complicit, take your pick.

As the weather gets cold, we can see that US consumer prices supposedly remain unchanged in October as gasoline pump prices fall for fourth month, which means that like unemployment and new job statistics, someone is lying: go look at the price of hamburger, which has hit another, new high of $4.15/pound. And everything else in the store…

But the cold weather will go away, come Spring.  Other things won’t, however. Taxpayers pay $9 billion in crop insurance subsidies, in yet another rob Peter to pay Paul scheme. Crop insurance was a scheme developed by the federal government in the first half of the twentieth century to protect farmers against losses. It was expanded in 1980 when the federal government started paying one-third of the cost of premiums for farmers.  More than ever, this scheme is a killing joke that destroys communities and helps aggravate economic woes and poverty.

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